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K characters in Yuri on Ice characters' skating costumes? *wink*

Please enjoy my humble doodles:

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I am soooooo looking forward to seeing how you're going to show Eros yuuri in this AU!!!!!Perhaps he has to go undercover where he has to be flirty? Or maybe he gets drunk, who knows~ (well obviously you but you know what I mean)

I don’t have a concrete story thing for Eros Yuri P:
We kinda see parts of him in Eros mode when he’s doing his usual cop work? : D
Like when he thrashes Mickey and Emil ^w^

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It's gonna be great to see Victor taking back his world records in the movie, and then Yuuri takes them back in the same competition- Like if you agree.

victor does still have the overall score record, and this is definitely what i want to see happen with the short program record. i’d like victor to take it back and then for yuuri to smash it with eros while he lands the quad axel :P (give eros a world record…. give it…..)

the free skate on the other hand has so much narrative significance i never want to be broken by anyone except for yuuri himself

Eros Choreography ep. 2 &3

Ok so after re-watching Yuri!!! on Ice again cause I have no life I noticed that in episode 2 Viktor was skating moves from “On Love: Eros” Yuri P. saw Viktor practice and said that Viktor was already thinking of  a choreography for his skating. 

 Once I re-watched episode 2 many times I thought it was interesting to see that some moves Viktor was practicing he gave them to Yuuri for his Eros Routine 

It makes sense that Viktor would give some moves of the choreography to both Yuris since he doesn’t have to make up new moves for both their programs. But again I just thought this was a nice foreshadow of what Viktor would had used for his program was instead given to Yuuri for Eros 

But it makes me have some questions like Did Victor already plan what Yuri’s skate routine was going to be? Did he plan for Yuuri to skate Eros from the beginning? 

we may never know but I just thought it was interesting the show foreshadowed this. Plus we have been watching the Eros performance so much I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise. I’m not analyzing anything but I just though how interesting that from episode 2 we were given a choreography that we thought it was random and later on it turned out to be the Eros skating routine. 

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O mio dio ti adoro già, sei la prima persona che non prende in giro Miraculous😘 Te lo consiglio, quando hai tempo guardalo; è molto bello💖💖 P.s: ero io che ti ha fatto la domanda in anonimo 🐾🐞🐾🐞🐾🐞🐾🐞🐾🐞🐾🐞🐾🐞🐾

Mi fa piacere che hai tolto l'anonimo😍
Non c'è nulla da prendere in giro, lo guarderò❤