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Nami dressing Sanji's clothes are so cute!! <3 Nami-san, what are your favorite Sanji-outfits and what are mun's favorites or which ones would she choose to wear? (ᵔᴥᵔ)

“Thank you so much!! ♡  Sanji-kun is usually stylish (when he’s not wearing crocs), so it’s difficult to pick out my favorite outfit of his…  Hmm…”

“Although I don’t like the circumstances under which he’s wearing it, I have to admit that his groom’s outfit is nice, ne. ♡”

//Kyaa〜!!  That’s such a difficult question because I really like most of Sanji’s outfits. ^^  His suits in the manga are always nice.  That’s a given.  But as far as other outfits, I like several of them in the color spreads.  I would have to say that some of my favorites are the Halloween striped suit (with pumpkin hat):

“Date” Sanji from color spread 618: 

“Fast food” Sanji in color spread 622:

And 20th anniversary Sanji:

It’s the gloves, I think… *laughs*  As far as Nami wearing Sanji’s clothes, I have a headcanon that she likes to wear his dress shirts.  Thankfully I have a ship partner that didn’t mind when she stole one [x]. ♡

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I completely understand on not wanting to see any spoilers. I'm the same way too. ^.^ Can I request than Zoros s/o being taken to Enies Lobby w/ Robin and how he would react and all that ^_^

Ah, sorry for the wait! Again, I apologize for the decline of your last request. I really hope this makes up for it. :D

Zoro grunted with annoyance, jumping from roof to roof. He was lost. Again. It was really getting on his nerves, and he began to curse his ability to understand directions.

After a while of wandering around trying to find the others, he took a seat on one of the roofs. Resting his forearms on his knees, he craned his neck to stare up at the sky.

It was so ironic, really. It was such a beautiful day, and yet an awful event was occurring. Robin left the crew. It was so sudden, and it confused everyone. But Luffy insisted they go after her anyway; he knew she wasn’t happy with her choice, and he was going to get to the bottom of it.

The swordsman recalled you eager to get her back as well, pushing the crew on to rescue her. You were so strong looking when helping to lead everyone forward. So beautiful, and majestic. He’d never admit that though. It just wasn’t in his nature. However, deep inside, he felt it with every ounce of his beating heart.

In fact, speaking of you, where were you? Even when he wasn’t lost, he hadn’t seen you in a while. A rush of anxiety swept through him, and even though he knew you probably weren’t there, he shifted his head around for your form. Who he found instead was someone he’d rather see last.

But the man sprinting towards him looked panicked; something the swordsman would never expect to see in him. Zoro leaped down from the roof, and waited for him to halt.

“What do you want, ero cook?” He scoffed. Sanji panted, sweat beading down his face. Why was he running to him out of all people in such a hurry?

“Shut up, mosshead. Since you were so busy being a dumbass and getting lost, you didn’t hear the news.” Sanji straightened up, fixing his tie. Zoro glared daggers at the blonde in return, taking a step forward.

“What news?” He growled. Sanji sighed, and looked the the other, panic stricken.

“They took (F/n)!”

Zoro’s heart must have stopped beating altogether, because he immediately felt flushed. Dread struck him like a bolt of lightning, sending his emotional state to it’s knees. There was a strong silence; only the sound of the occasional bird chirping, and the soft wind. But Zoro could hear nothing but the rapid beating of his heart.

“What?” He said, his voice small, but laced with the beginning of a rage that would never be fulfilled without revenge.

Sanji tried to regain his composure. “Before they left with Robin, they snatched (F/n) up along with them. Luffy told me to find you. We need to leave now! There won’t be much time before that train leaves!”

Zoro said nothing, his eyes shaded from view completely. A neutral look was across the rest of his face that was visible, but there was no mistake of the anger that was boiling inside of him. Sanji furrowed his eyebrows, and took a step forward towards the swordsman.

“Oi, marimo! Are you even listening?! We need to-”

“Let’s go.” Zoro interrupted firmly, clenching his fists at his sides. They itched to grab at the hilts of his swords, but he knew that they’d get a chance to be used. Oh, there was no doubt they’d be used.

The cook stared, clearly shocked at his change of personality. “Huh?”

“I said let’s go. We need to catch up with that train,” he replied, voice darkening.

Your voice. Your smile. You. He needed you back. Never in his life did he think that you’d be taken from him.

And oh, when he gets his hands on the bastards that stole you, he’d make sure they’d never even think to lay a finger on you once more.

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Although he enjoys the game when he could almost see her naked (as well as everyone would like to get her happiness punch once again like in Arabasta), he steps near to cover her body with his jacket before she take off her panties for any last question and carries her away from people's sight. "Nami-san, I save you from those bastards, you don't have to finish it if you aren't comfortable." But just in few seconds, he gets heart eye & slightly nosebleed. "Are you in love with me now & then?"

Truth or clothes meme [x] | @chefalier, anon

Desperately clinging to her removed blouse, Nami felt like she was in front of a firing squad.  Death probably would have been more merciful than waiting for the question that determined if she would have to remove the last of her clothes.  She would rather keep her underwear on.  

One of the observers finally spoke up and Nami felt her breath catch in her throat.  D-Don’t ask that! Before she could respond, the navigator felt a heavy fabric with the scent of tobacco come around her shoulders.

“Huh?  Sanji-kun?”  Although she had always been grateful to the cook whenever he lent her his jacket in the past, this was the first time it left her astonished.  Next she gasped as she was picked up.  Clinging to the blond while he carried her away from the others, Nami tried to think of a way to thank him for his chivalry.  He had rescued her and he actually looked really cool while doing so….  Until the familiar heart-eyed ero-cook returned.

“Yeah, yeah, I love you,” she replied with little enthusiasm.  Despite her attitude, it was the truth.  It had been an exhausting day and she didn’t feel like playing the game anymore.  “Just get me out of here, please.”

Clothes remaining: ー / 7 (終わり!^^)

I don’t need your opinion

Fandom: One Piece

Ship: ZoSan

Prompt: “I called the wrong number and started talking about my life and you only interrupted me after a few a few minutes of me revealing some pretty personal stuff and now youre invested in my life troubles” AU.
When Sanji thinks he’s calling Usopp (… but we all know it’s not Usopp.)

Warning: AU, Humor, Romance, Relationship Troubles, Rivalry, Stupidity, Dealing with different pictures of love, Bored!Zoro, Sanji being Sanji, Ero-cook, Mention of Sanji/Conis, Bet, Foolish behaviors, They are children seriously.

Chapter 1/3 - chapter 2

A/N: You can also find it on AO3 or! This is a gift for my friend @junko-chan !

Sanji looked at his phone, sitting on his bed, thoughtful.

Should he call Nami? Should he tell her what was currently happening? He knew she had said she wouldn’t mind a phone call from him, as long as it wasn’t for flirting. Of course, the latter would always fail when Sanji did call her – using tons of excuses, by the way. Just hearing Nami-swan’s voice was so great and such an honour for him! But… right now, he wouldn’t call for that.

He’d been thinking about it for weeks, even months.

Things weren’t getting better with Conis, and he couldn’t let this relationship fade away just like this, without even trying to fix it. But talking about personal problems to Nami? Bothering her? Taking her time and patience for insignificant relationship issues? No, it wasn’t that important. Plus, Conis and him weren’t even in a relationship. Or were they? He didn’t know. They’d been dating for a while, yes, but were they together? As a couple?

Maybe he was overthinking it. Conis, in love with him? Damn, she was a true angel, no way he could deserve her! (But that would be Heaven if she actually felt something for him)… though that wasn’t what he needed to talk about. Was it? No need to talk to Nami about it. Actually, that would be a wrong path, as Nami was a Saint and a woman, and he, was only a man. For that, he needed to talk to another man, who had experience with women. Not that women were hard to understand or anything, not at all. On the contrary, they were flawless – actually, Sanji needed help for himself.

That was it. He couldn’t bother Nami. Luffy wasn’t even an option, he knew his answer would be something about meat or going on an adventure and then everything would be okay. Last option was Usopp. After all, Usopp was in relationship with Kaya, and everything seemed to go perfectly well.

Yes, he should definitely call Usopp for this kind of matter.

The young cook reached his phone, and dialed Usopp’s number. When he heard his friend answering his call, he just couldn’t help but let go of his feelings immediately. As in a “Now or never”.

“Hey Usopp, it’s- well you know it’s me. And before you ask-”


“-Before you ask,” he repeated nervously, “yes, I need your help. Well, not exactly your help, but your opinion- about something. Alright, this is about Conis-chan and I. I know that between you and Kaya-san, everything’s going fine and I am glad for you – Kaya-san deserves everything in the world and you know it. Every women deserve the world. That’s also what I want for Conis-chan. I’ve…”


“I’ve noticed Conis-chan was being quite distant lately. Of course, this is not her fault. As you know, we’ve been on several dates for weeks, I cooked for her, I sang for her, I offered her flowers, serenades on the balcony – the perfect scene of Romeo and Juliet, even Shakespeare would have been jealous! I’m trying to be the gentleman she needs every single day. I’ve been in love the moment I met her. I’m only a man, and she’s an angel, fallen from Heaven…! Usopp, I need your advice, now. Wh- What should I do to please her?”

After this long speech, Sanji paused for a moment, waiting for his friend’s answer.

“Have you tried talking to her about this, in the first place?”

The young man’s heart froze, and he opened his mouth, and closed it very slowly.

“Who are you?”

“Oh so you noticed?”

“You’re not Usopp,” he whispered.

The stranger – as it appeared, he was absolutely not Usopp, his voice was far too deep.

“Yeah, you probably got the wrong number dude, sorry.”

Speechless. He was speechless. Had he- had he talked about his whole sentimental life to this man? Oh, merde.

“Fuck, I’m- damn, I didn’t know, I’m really sorry, you should have said so-”

“No worries, it’s okay. I was bored anyway.”

Bored? Sanji frowned. He had put his feelings down here, that wasn’t supposed to be an entertaining discussion for some ‘bored’ guy, but a very important and serious one! Was he- was he mocking him?

“Anyway, I’m gonna leave you now,” he declared drily, slightly vexed.

“Wait,” the voice said calmly. “Before you hang up, what are you going to do?”

Curious, uh? Even though Sanji wanted to hang up right away with all his heart, his manners prevented him from doing so. This man – whoever he was – had listened to him. And he could have hanged up in the middle of his monologue, but he hadn’t. Maybe it was to avoid boredom for some time, yes, but still. He had said he needed someone’s opinion. Even from a stranger. Conis was worth it, he could forget his pride for this time.

“What should I do?”

He instantly regretted his question.

“What about you start considering women as they are and not as you think they are?”

Damn, yes. He regretted his question so bad now. This guy was a jerk, and Sanji wouldn’t mind kicking his ass for being so rude.

“That’s actually what I do,” he still replied, patient.

“That’s actually not what you’re doing. Not right now.”

That was it. This man was pissing him off.

“I know you’re messing with me just to kill your boredom man, but if you actually knew me, you’d know I treat women better than anyone and would die for them any day, any time.”

“No need to know you, mate. You certainly see yourself as a gentleman… but from what you said? You’ve only depicted aesthetics, romantic stuff nobody cares about, superficial stuff. Basically, you’re not loving your girlfriend for who she is, but what she looks like.”

“The fuck makes you believe this?!”

“Do you even know her?”

“Are you kidding me?”

“You didn’t talk about her personality or feelings, not even once. You just said 'I’ all along, on a genuine 'me, myself and I’ novel.”

“Not true!” Sanji spat out. “What about everything I’ve done to make her happy, to please her?!”

“Oh, you mean the 'I cooked her something’, 'I gave her flowers’ and all that crap?”

“That’s not crap. I’m a cook.”

Unimportant information, but nevermind. One couldn’t just say 'cooking’ and 'crap’ in the same sentence, especially if that was about him.

“That’s what you like to do to women, Dom Juan,” the man continued. “I might be wrong, but have you ever had a real discussion with her, deep and profound, not about one those stupid subjects like the weather or a dress, but more like a debate?”

A debate? With Conis-chan? Not really. Hell yeah he discussed stuff with her, but did you have to have a debate with someone to prove that you loved them?

“Your vision of love completely sucks,” he let out.

Surprisingly, the other genuinely laughed on the other end of the phone.

“I’ll kick your ass, shithead!”

“Well bring it on. Maybe then you’ll realize how much of a jerk you are.”

Jerk? He was the jerk? Consumed by raged, and completely vexed, Sanji pressed the red button of his phone and hung up. In a gesture as simple as this. He then threw his phone on the mattress, and stared into the void.

What was this man taking him for? Why the fuck had he even asked for his opinion? He didn’t need his opinion. Conis was worth more than a stupid stranger’s advice. He could deal with his situation himself. He didn’t even know if Conis and he were a couple. Were they? Were they a couple? They didn’t talk about it. They had dates, yes. Several, even. But were they dates, too? He personally considered them as dates. What about her? He never thought about that.

Damn. That was it.

The stupid wrong-number man was right. And now that he did think about it, Nami had talked about this “problem” of his too. How had that stranger pictured him so easily?

Fuck. He hated him.

His phone vibrated twice for a new text, startling him.

“Keep going like this and you will ruin your relationship, ero-cook.”

What was the guy thinking about to send him a text ? They were friends now? What was he, a psychologist? A very bored man?

He hesitated two seconds before replying. But damn, he couldn’t let him have the last word. Childish, maybe, but he couldn’t resist the urge.

“It will not.”

“Oh well, we shall see.”

“I’ll prove you wrong.”

“Will you? How?”

Sanji looked at this conversation, thinking carefully about what he should say to this guy. This discussion was nonsense. Where was this going? Putain ! He couldn’t help it. The man was challenging him, and he couldn’t run away from it.

“In one week, it’ll get better. You’re bored? How about we get a drink so you’ll see by yourself?”

… And so he could see the face of incarnated stupidity to kick his ass? He honestly had nothing to lose.

Ten seconds later, the answer arrived:


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