Alex Ernst Headcanon I: Secret Relationship

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  • rare pda due to fear of being exposed
  • not even the vs knows
  • mainly alex knows they can’t keep a secret and tbh he doesn’t want to deal with david’s teasing just yet
  • when you two are alone, though, it’s much different
  • when the apartment was empty, you’d listen to him play the piano, your arms wrapped around his neck as you laid your head softly on his shoulder
  • constantly holding hands as you snuggle on the couch
  • yanking away from each other when you hear the door open
  • even without your relationship being public, dom and david still tease the two of you
  • from your messy (H/C) hair, to your shared blushing faces
  • it was even worse when david was vlogging and alex took off is shirt for a bit
  • you’d be so shy at that point you would have to stare at the ground
  • “why are you so nervous, (Y/N)?” david would tease, shoving his camera in your face. “you and alex got a thing?”
  • you’d both deny it immediately
  • of course, that may of been worse cause dom would try to test it by wrapping his arms around you, kissing your cheek
  • you’d of course struggle out of his grasp, alex pushing him off of you before telling them to “fuck off”
  • finally, you’d bashfully hide your head in alex’s chest before admitting you two were together
  • and dom and david had a bet on it??
  • and david won???
  • but ultimately, they would respect your privacy, and with time, you’d gradually reveal your relationship to everyone

Hanschen: Think of the future as a web of spiders. One man sweats and spins-threading it into a web- like Otto, for example. Another man frets, and drops the spiders, and cries all night. Like Georg. But me, well, I’m like a pussy cat, I just eat the spiders…

Ernst: just eat the spiders?

Hanschen: right

Alex Ernst Blurb I: Life Worth Living

Summary: Prompt #6: “You make every day worth living.”

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“You know, you can be a real- a real goofball, sometimes.” Alex said bluntly, staring into your (E/C) eyes.

You let out a small laugh, poking his forehead lightly, a small blush rising on your (S/C) cheeks at his bashful smile.

“A goofball? Is that your best insult, Ernst?” You teased, averting your eyes to the dark sky above you.

“It was never to insult you.” He said seriously. “I could never insult you, (Y/N).”

“You know, you’re lucky David isn’t here right now.” You sighed, blowing a piece of hair away from your face. You turned to look at Alex before speaking again. “He’d be making fun of you lots right now.”

He moved closer to you, your hands brushing.

“Why?” He mumbled, his hot breath warming your face. “I’m not being that sappy, am I?”

You held your breath as you screamed internally, but you did not allow your internal emotions to show, besides the large blush coating your cheeks. Instead, you smirked.

“Just go ahead and say it, Al.” You stuck your tongue out at him. “Say that you have a crush on me!”

“Fuck, you act like this is middle school!” He laughed alongside you. “But I won’t say that,” you felt your heart plummet at his words. “Instead, all I’ll say for now is that,” he paused.

You make every day worth living.