Heyyyyyyy acafans

And everyone else! A friend just pointed me to this super cool paper being presented at this year’s CHI (Computer-Human Interaction, basically THE huge Computer Science conference):

An Archive of Their Own: A Case Study of Feminist HCI and Values in Design


Rarely are computing systems developed entirely by members of the communities they serve, particularly when that community is underrepresented in computing. Archive of Our Own (AO3), a fan fiction archive with nearly 750,000 users and over 2 million individual works, was designed and coded primarily by women to meet the needs of the online fandom community. Their design decisions were informed by existing values and norms around issues such as accessibility, inclusivity, and identity. We conducted interviews with 28 users and developers, and with this data we detail the history and design of AO3 using the framework of feminist HCI and focusing on the successful incorporation of values into design. We conclude with considering examples of complexity in values in design work: the use of design to mitigate tensions in values and to influence value formation or change.

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Has anything happened today and yesterday??


  • louis tweeted about pancake day and posted a pic of some burnt ass pancakes on ig


  • louis posted a pic of his family on ig with a caption about how he wished he could be with them for ernie and doris’ birthday
  • another birth certificate was released, with visible signatures and a different doctor than the other one (robert levin…. suspiciously shares names with harvey ROBERT LEVIN of tmz lmao)
  • harry tweeted “preaching to the convinced”
  • louis was papped in a grocery store lol
  • harry was spotted by fans in malibu

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♣️ heck me up (toontown-trash-can)

Alias: Ernie
Cog build: Head Hunter, Bossbot
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 6 (mentally 24)

Bio: Guess who had an incident and fell into a downsizing machine? This daft melon. He’s angry because not only his hands and head shrunk but he was demoted to a level 9. Good job, you fool. Anyways, he’s not “feeling the ern” as his pay also got cut, so it’s just a big misfortune (literally). When he’s not being grumpy at work, he can get a high score on DDR, and is a fantastic dancer.