ernie rodriguez

rosa diaz deserves a gf and gina rodriguez volunteered so here we go.

gina rodriguez plays lucy (short for lucía), a journalist and wannabe-writer, who was the recent victim of a burglary and thus comes in to report it. rosa is instantly smitten; gina and boyle notice this and convince jake to give/work the case with rosa. rosa and lucy grow closer over the course of the case. when lucy confesses that she’s afraid to be alone in her apartment, rosa offers to stay on lookout until the criminal is caught. instead, lucy invites rosa to stay in the apartment with her; saying she’d feel more safe that way and definitely wasn’t a ploy to get them to have dinner together. after the robber is caught, rosa asks lucy out on an actual date.

BUT that’s not all folks!! a few days before their first date, rosa finds out that lucy is a journalist and worries that she’s actually just using her for information on ongoing cases; this causes rosa to cancel their date, much to lucy’s disappointment. when lucy’s unable to reach rosa over the phone, she comes to the precinct to confront her. after rosa accuses her of trying to get information out of her, lucy explains her how being a journalist isn’t what she really wants to do and she’s only working as one until she gets her first book published.