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I kept finding more and more posts on this, so it was time to compile them all in one place, so here ya go!

The first five were taken by @cumberfoil with the text:
“Found the base. Quiet there. Trailers say “Bert” and “Ernie”. I wonder who is who ;)”  and the original post is here.

The second two come from the Twitter feed of @rioroth(aka Jen) from setlock on June 13th, 2016.

And the last two came from a post by @constancecream, here.

For those who might not be familiar with it, Bert and Ernie are from the kids show Sesame Street, and live together.  They share a bedroom (though different beds) and Ernie is always driving poor Bert up the wall in a very long-suffering much-married way.  There’s been speculation since back in the 1970s that they might be a gay couple.  When people are referred to as Bert and Ernie, this is almost certainly what they mean.

The Bert and Ernie characters are pretty obviously based on “The Odd Couple”  1965 Neil Simon Broadway play1968 film by the same name, and 1970s television show, which also had quite a lot of speculation about its bachelor-roomie characters (and still does!)

@detectivesinsuits had this to say about it:

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And they even got their own fan art,  done by the lovely @cutteroo  :) 

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Raunchy [Instrumental]
Ernie Freeman

Ernie Freeman - Raunchy [Instrumental] [1957]

i know this is a good instrumental track because i can picture myself doing all kinds of things while listening to it, including but not limited to: dancing, driving, cooking, laughing, kissing, drinking, talking, swaggering, smiling, charming, loving, living, noticing, being, giving, getting.


The sexiest version of “Raunchy”