ernie ball musicman


Took some photos of my lovely Ernie Ball USA Musicman Sterling from 1993 for you guys. This was bought in August 1993 the release date of the Musicman Sterling! This is one of the first, (notice the original bridge with mutes)

Only changes that have been done are an adjustable Warwick nut has been installed as well as genuine Swarovski Cubic Zirconia crystals inlayed into the pickguard. *blingy *sparkly

This however is for sale! For £800 you could own a beautiful vintage USA piece of win! If interested inbox me!



Hi guys,
Say hello to my beautiful new navy blue metallic 1993 original Sterling. This is the first one! Original year of release. This thing was absolutely covered in DNA. Took me a few hours to clean it up and get all the dead skin and sweat off the thing, but it shines now.

It has Cubic Zirconia’s inlayed in the pickguard. Rather fancy I know, but as you guys know, when it comes to basses, I’m all about bling.

Hope you guys like!


-Chazz (CJ)



St Vincent explains why she teamed with Ernie Ball for he signature Musicman Guitar


Hey guys!
Chazz here, thought you’d appreciate some pics of me and ma boys!

Ever sat outside on a warm sunny day, with grass underneath your feet just playing bass? There is no other feeling quite like it. It’s one of my favourite things to do to relax.

Thought I’d snap a few selfies to share with my lovely community of bassists here on Tumblr :)

Take it easy, stay low!