ernie ball guitar


Guitars Used By Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) - as requested! 

From Top to Bottom: 
G&L Rampage (from the 80s)  
Dean USA Michael Schenker Standard V 
G&L Rampage (again from the 80s)  
Music Man Axis/EVH Gold Top 


The Making of St. Vincent’s Ernie Ball Music Man Signature Guitar


Hi guys,
Say hello to my beautiful new navy blue metallic 1993 original Sterling. This is the first one! Original year of release. This thing was absolutely covered in DNA. Took me a few hours to clean it up and get all the dead skin and sweat off the thing, but it shines now.

It has Cubic Zirconia’s inlayed in the pickguard. Rather fancy I know, but as you guys know, when it comes to basses, I’m all about bling.

Hope you guys like!


-Chazz (CJ)