ernest bear


1. We Exist - Arcade Fire

2. Mind Mischief - Tame Impala

3. Lights Out, Words Gone - Bombay Bicycle Club

4. Hannah Hunt - Vampire Weekend

5. Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey

6. Something Good - alt-J

7. Wait for Me - King of Leon

8. Wake Up - Arcade Fire

9. Without You - Lana Del Rey

10. Foreground - Grizzly Bear

11. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel

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Monarch, the Big Bear of Tallac. Written and illustrated by Ernest Thompson Seton. Cover Design by Grace Gallatin Seton. London: Constable & Co. Ltd., 1911.

“She was a singular old Bear. She had a large patch of white on her breast, white cheeks and shoulders, graded into the brown elsewhere, and Lan from this remembered her afterward as the “Pinto.” She had almost caught him that time, and the hunter was ready to believe that he owed her a grudge.”