Jamaican Author among eight who won Yale University Windham-Campbell Prize

Congratulations to Dr. Erna Brodber CD on receiving a 2017 Windham-Campbell Prize for Fiction!

In an announcement made yesterday by Yale University, it was revealed that Dr. Brodber has been named among eight writers who will each receive US$165,000 to support their writing.
Brodber is recognized for her invaluable contribution to Caribbean literature over the course of her four-decade career.
She is the author of several novels, including ‘Nothings Mat’ (2014) and ‘Jane and Louisa Will Soon Come Home’ (1980).

The prizes will be awarded at the Windham-Campbell Festival on September 13-15 at Yale University.



        ↳ “Risttuules” 2014 (In the Crosswind)

“Risttuules” is Estonian drama film about the mass deportation of Estonians to Siberia by Soviet Russia in June 1941 and is based on real-life diaries, pictures, letters and drawings from the period. The movie centres around the story of Erna and her family during the course of 12 years.

“How to survive hunger, cold, humiliation, losing friends and freedom, but still keep living on, when almost all hope is lost?”       

Throughout the movie, the emphasis is on time being frozen, from which the audiovisual solution (so-called tableau vivant) was born: the atmosphere of the time was recreated from the pictures, however, both actors and extras are frozen, so the “3-dimensional pictures” receive a substantive dimension from the actors dialogue, sound design and music. 

The actors in the movie were Laura Peterson (as Erna), Tarmo Song (as Heldur), Mirt Preegel (as Eliide), Ingrid Isotamm (as Hermiine) and Einar Hillep (as chairman of kolkhoz).

weather - ett väder (vädret)
sun - Sol (-en, -ar, -arna)
sunny - solig
wind - en vind (-en, -ar, -arna)
windy - blåsig
cloud - ett moln (-et, - , -en)
cloudy - molnig
rain - ett regn (-et, - , -en)
rainy - regnig
to rain - att regna (-r, -de, -t)
fog / mist - dimma (-n,-or, -orna)
foggy / misty - dimmig
ice - is (-en, -ar, -arna)
to melt - smälta (-er, -te, smultit)
snow - snö (snön)
snowy - snöig
snowflake - en snöflinga (-n, -or, -orna)
to snow - snöa (-r, -de, -t)
hail - en hagel (hageln)
hailstone - ett hagel (-let, - , -len)
hot / warm - varm
cold - kall
wet - våt
dry - torr
natural disaster - en naturkatastrof (en, er, erna)
thunderstorm - ett åskväder (-ret, - , -ren)
thunder - åska (åskan)
lightning bolt - en blixt (-en, -ar, -arna)
storm - en storm (-en, -ar, -arna)
stormy - stormig
tornado - en tromb (-en, -er, -erna)
hurricane - en orkan (-en, -er, -erna)
cyclone - en cyklon (-en, -er, -erna)
tsunami - en tsunami (-n, -er, -erna)
wave - en våg (-en, -or, orna)
earthquake - en jordbävning (-en, -ar, -arna)
amplitude - en amplitud (-en, -er, -erna)
flood - en översvämning (-en, -ar, -arna)
landslide - ett jordskred (-et, - , -en)
fire - en brand (-en, bränder, bränderna)
volcanic eruption - ett vulkanutbrott (-et, - , -en)
volcano - en vulkan (-en, -er, -erna)
avalanche - en lavin (-en, -er, -erna)
drought - en torka (-n, -or, -orna)
monsoon - monsun (-en, -er, -erna)