Video title: Translates “SKAM” to Chinese 

OK, so I just saw this and had to post it, because it is completely ridiculous but also verrryy cute. Here is what they say summarised: 

  • Kai Joseph Xu studies Norwegian and is translating SKAM to Chinese
  • For some reason this lead to him getting to meet our prime minister, Erna Solberg???
  • He asks her if they can please watch SKAM in China! Cute!!
    • she replies that she heard the reason it was blocked was the music rights, but that they are working on it and next season will be open internationally
      • liar!! ( typical politician) 
  • He says that over 6 million chinese people have seen SKAM !!!
  • And that 120 million follow SKAM on Weibo?? Can this possibly be true though??!!
  • He thinks Sana’s season will be exciting and that she is very beautiful (samee!) 
  • And he says the hardest part is translating the slang, and when characters speak “Kebabnorsk”
    • “Kebabnorsk” = norwegian multi-ethnolect commonly used amongst immigrant youth/ children of immigrants (particularly in oslo)
      • (just pointing out that kebab-norsk is not a name that the speakers coined though? it more likely comes from those who criticise it as “bad language”, i think?)
    • he points out mahdi as a difficult character to translate.. soo. rip him translating the balloon squad, particularly elias haha! 
Austrian German for Beginners

Please note, I have three friends all from different regions of this country, so the list may be a little jumbled with regional words. Oh well!

Here are some Austrian words and phrases for you guys. From personal experience, the Austrians love when you attempt their dialect, they get very impressed!


  • servas → hello / goodbye (like ‘ciao’)
  • seas → hey
  • grias di → friendly greeting
  • auf Wiedaschaun → goodbye
  • pfiat di → bye
  • baba → bye
  • dere → bye (really slangy)
  • bis speda → see you later
  • schen Tog nu → have a good day
  • guade Nocht → good night
  • wie gehts dia → how are you
  • mia gehts ____ → I’m ____
  • (gaunz) guad / schlecht → (really) good / bad
  • miad → tired
  • i a → me too
  • und dia? → and you?
  • wos mochsd grod? → what are you doing?
  • nix → nothing
  • i a ned → me neither
  • jo → yes
  • na → no
  • vülleicht → maybe
  • i was ned → I don’t know
  • wos mansd? → what do you mean?
  • danke → thanks
  • daunksche → thank you very much
  • bitte → you’re welcome
  • imma wieda gern → you’re welcome
  • tschuldigung → excuse me
  • es duad ma lad → I’m sorry
  • ka Problem → no problem


[Austrian first]

  • i, mi, mia → ich, mich, mir
  • du, di, dia → du, dich, dir
  • er, erm, erm → er, ihn, ihm
  • sie, sie, ia → sie, sie, ihr
  • es, es, erm → es, es, ihm
  • mia, uns, uns → wir, uns, uns
  • sie, sie, erna → sie, sie, ihnen
  • ia, eich, eich → ihr, euch, euch


[Austrian first]

  • da → der
  • de → die
  • des → das
  • a → ein / eine
  • an → einen
  • ana → einer


  • hiaza → now
  • gestan → yesterday
  • heid → today
  • moang → tomorrow
  • boid → soon
  • speda → later
  • nexte Woche → next week
  • nexts Joa → next year


  • ans 1
  • zwa 2
  • drei 3
  • via 4
  • fünf 5
  • sex 6
  • siem 7
  • ocht 8
  • nei 9
  • zehn 10

If you wanna update this with more, please do! I may update this in the future.

Jamaican Author among eight who won Yale University Windham-Campbell Prize

Congratulations to Dr. Erna Brodber CD on receiving a 2017 Windham-Campbell Prize for Fiction!

In an announcement made yesterday by Yale University, it was revealed that Dr. Brodber has been named among eight writers who will each receive US$165,000 to support their writing.
Brodber is recognized for her invaluable contribution to Caribbean literature over the course of her four-decade career.
She is the author of several novels, including ‘Nothings Mat’ (2014) and ‘Jane and Louisa Will Soon Come Home’ (1980).

The prizes will be awarded at the Windham-Campbell Festival on September 13-15 at Yale University.