Happy 1st Anniversary Strange Magic!

This movie was released on 23rd of Jan 2015 and look how quickly time flies! My life has definitely improved because of the fandom! You guys inspire me to draw, and I’m so happy that my art skills have improved because of it! Case in point, check out my very first Butterfly Bog fanart here:

What a huge difference!

Anyway, my thoughts and ramblings under the cut:

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littlepinky82 asked:

With tao kris is still following him on social media from what I understand....

Kris is still following all his members on weibo and instagram.

Thing is, for all the people saying Kris has turned his back on the members, when 1) he has not even uttered a single bad word about his members, I really fucking hope he airs THEIR dirty laundry. See how THEY FEEL. and 2) Kris is suing against SM, not exo. But in order to sue SM he probably needs to leave exo (what he’s suing and whether he was nullifying his contract to write up a new one or just completely cutting ties with SM is still quite shady). And let me just tell you that exo are going to be completely FINE without Kris okay so for those who were like he ruined everything when he stopped mid promtion - WELL HE DIDN’T, BECAUSE HE NEVER HAD MANY LINES TO BEGIN WITH ANYWAY. And for those saying he caused such a chaos because of all these CF deals etc. IM GLAD HE CAUSED A SHITSTORM FOR SM. Teach them not to fuck with Kris.