Some of my musteloid skulls, including animals from families Mustelidae (mustelids), Mephitidae (skunks), and Procyonidae (raccoons). 

Skulls are, clockwise from upper left: wolverine, raccoon (female), American badger, North American river otter (younger animal), North American river otter (older animal), ermine, fisher, striped skunk, and raccoon (male).

This portrait was originally painted in 1734 for Philip Yorke, 1st Earl of Hardwicke and celebrates the sitter’s marriage in that year to William IV, Prince of Orange. Amigoni was a Neapolitan painter who had worked in Venice and Bavaria before spending a decade in London; this portrait is characteristic of his glossy, decorative and fanciful type of portrait. The Princess is presented in a white dress with an ermine-lined cloak and a crown on the table beside her. Two flying cherubs bring together two torches (of Hymen, god of marriage) to symbolise the commingling of their flames in loving matrimony. One holds roses and the other orange blossoms, alluding to the house of Orange and Tudor (from which the Hanoverians descended).


frozenerma  asked:

Here's a challenge: Barby Koala, Fiona Fox, Hershey Cat, Erma Ermine, Megan Acorn.

Less of a challenge than you’d think. 

5) Erma Ermine: Sorry palsy, but this is one character I barely have given much thought to. I haven’t even managed to project origins or motives on her like I’ve done some of the others, soo really, I got no input here. DOn’t love her, don’t hate her, she just kinda *is*. 

4) Barby Koala: Barby’s extended use over Erma and more memorable design is probably the biggest factor for why I recall her more readily, otherwise there’s just not a whole lot there. I kinda liked the thought of her as the 2nd in Command of the Downunda FFs and being a bit more on the pragmatic and ruthless side due to her backstory, but that’s more me than anything. Kinda wish we had gotten to see where Flynn was going with her regarding her shared connection to Vector. 

The Tails thing was pretty weird, tho. 

3) Megan Acorn: Megan didn’t get to do a whole lot on her own, being kinda tethered to her husband and ultimately defined by him, but I don’t hold that against. I find it interesting that she had had a kid by another man before meeting with Elias, and I like that she was so supportive and unwavering to him during what was arguably the worst time of his life, when EVERYTHING was going wrong.

I kinda wish she’d gotten more to herself, but oh well, I still love ‘er. 

2) Hershey the Cat: Another one of those characters who I loved despite not getting a lot of screentime or time to herself, I liked that she was able to move on past being Drago’s dupe and then his punching bag to become a formidible fighter and agent of the Kingdom, dragging herself up from some pretty lowly depths to move on and be something more. I really, really wish we could have seen where things were going with her during the whole Traitor Geoffrey Arc, as well as getting to see her reaction to learning of what he precisely did while she was undercover among the Felidae. 

Damn you, Penders. 

1) This is probably one of the most complicated ones out there- prior to Flynn she was written pretty blandly and fairly one-note, even though I liked that she was motivated by Sonic’s sacrifice to try and do good for Mobius. Post Flynn, she became far more distinct and memorable, but the impetus for her betrayal didn’t make a whole lot of sense given what had been seen earlier. That said, I like her all the same- the franchise in general doesn’t have a lot of female villains, let alone ones as memorable as Fiona, or with as many hangups as she has. I liked that it was implied that she is still deeply, deeply scarred by what happened to her with Robotnik, and while I really don’t appreciate the context for it, I was reaaaally don’t blame her for being less than enthused with Tails’ creepy little crush on her, or on explicitly being Sonic’s *rebound girl*. 

Again, there are things that still don’t make sense, but I do like her all the same.
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Maria University 

Honestly, this summary barely touches on the things in this fic. It started as college AU and has kind of moved in to present drama and past historical mystery drama and possible reincarnation. You just need to start it, give it a chance, and go with the flow.

Armin, Eren, and Jean start college and their lives become a dramatic tangle of lies, love, and secrets. Erwin and Levi are two retired marines, RAs at the university, and partners who after nearly dying in Middle East are trying to live their lives peacefully and productively. Unfortunately, things are not as they should be at the university and Levi and Hanji’s ground breaking research is the target of a secret group whose influence extends around the world. Erwin feels the need to continue his father’s work fighting the group and slowly but surely as it all comes together things become even more convoluted and no one is really who they are or telling the whole truth.


The Imperial Coronation Robe and Crown Jewels of Russia for Empress Catherine II “The Great”. 

The gown is made of luxuriant silver silk, with lace sleeves and a lace bertha around the neckline.  Embroidered golden eagles serve as the repeated pattern throughout with ermine trim at the hem.  The blue sash, worn from the right shoulder to the waist, represents the Order of St. Andrew the First Called and is principally bestowed upon the royal family.


Hi~ Can I get a selca ship with AOMG, BTS, EXO, GOT7, Mamamoo and VIXX? Thank youuuuu~


HeyHey again~ I am doing both of your requests together I hope that’s okay with you~ Thanky for requesting again love~ @blowcautiontothewind

In AOMG I ship you with Simon D

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In BTS I Ship you with Jimin and your name ship is MinRin  or ErMin

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In EXO I Ship you with Xiumin and name ship is XiuRin

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In GOT7 I ship you with Jackson

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In Mamamoo I ship you with Hwasa

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In VIXX I ship you with Ravi and your name ship is WonRin

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Some Good Stone Ocean AUs
  • Ermes’ name is Ermine and she’s a ferret
  • FF has Plankton from Spongebob’s voice but is otherwise unchanged
  • Anasui isn’t there.
  • Guess is even more explicitly a furry
  • Jotaro is super intrigued by FF and invites her over to hang out even when Jolyne isn’t home
  • Gay Baby Jail
  • Everything is the same but most background characters are alligators
  • Shrek is part of the main team and uses his stand “I’m a Believer” to help them navigate the swamp.
  • All baseball references are replaced with Lucha libre. (Mexican wrestling)  This includes Emporio’s outfit.
  • Whenever Weather Report leans on/ sits on the piano it makes a loud out of tune noise.
  • Think “Sex and the City” but still in prison
  • Goo Goo dolls plays out like one of those roommate comedies from daytime television. 
  • Jotaro is disappointed to find a lack of dolphins at Green Dolphin Street Jail and mentions it as often as possible.
  • Everything is the same except “Yare yare dawa” is replaced by “Yabba dabba doo!
  • Emporio calls Jolyne, Ermes, and FF “Moms”