Three years ago, when I arrived in Tavira, this Hermitage of São Roque was somewhere between the condition of abandoned and the state of pre-ruin. Gladly, it was restored - with extreme care, I shoudl say. Now, it is a beautiful temple once again, as it must have been when it was brand new, in the late-XVI century… even if most of its current architectural traces are from an XVIII century campaign.

The Hermitage of Our Lady of Health (Nossa Senhora da Saúde), on the Outskirts of Tavira - a place of pilgrimage for the people of eastern Algarve. But the truth is this chapel started life as the church of a small monastic comunity, settled in 1485 by a group of paulist friars a few quilometres away from the city of Tavira. In 1606, just as pretty much everyone was abandoning the city of Tavira and moving to its outskirts, these friars did the exact opposite and moved from the sourroundings to the town, where they founded the Conmvent of São Paulo.


Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Conceição (2015) par As Templárias
Via Flickr :
Chapelle Nossa Senhora da Conceição à Tomar (Portugal). Photo de As Templarias prise le 15 mai 2015.