Отрисовал Артему LOGO. 

Изначально он попросил меня что-то, что можно было бы использовать в качестве копирайта на фотографиях.

Было ещё несколько идей на этот счет, весь процесс постараюсь выложить позже. В зависимости от того, как это будет выглядеть на сайте.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Evgeny Ivanchenko is underrated? He is a bit older now, but he has such pure lines and graceful movement quality. The 1999 Mariinsky recording of Les Sylphides showed his wonderful Vaganova training, and he has the most beautiful tendue derrière line I've ever seen. He is rarely discussed or posted about on here, except as a partner.

I haven’t seen the recording you speak of but I’ll be sure to check it out! 

Well, just because he isn’t discussed on Tumblr doesn’t mean he’s underrated, per se. I understand what you’re getting at, though. Perhaps he’s not super popular on here because he is a bit older and isn’t in his ‘prime’ like most of the dancers that are discussed here. I’m not saying he should retire but he’s not in the same generation as Sergei Polunin, Olga Smirnova, Kristina Shapran, Andrei Ermakov, or even Vladimir Shklyarov who are all popular on Tumblr. 

I haven’t seen his tendue derrière line either… but I’ll watch out for it ;).


A Box Full of Joy | WTF Am I Playing

Despite being a really “wtf” game, I had fun playing this. Might not really hear it in my voice since I was so tired when I recorded it. It was definitely “fresh” in terms of ideas.

Play it here:

[ Authors ]
Oscar Rosas-Ortiz, Octavio Castanos, Dieter Schuch
[ Abstract ]
A new form to construct complex superpotentials that produce real energy spectra in supersymmetric quantum mechanics is presented. This is based on the relation between the nonlinear Ermakov equation and a second order differential equation of the Schrodinger type. The superpotentials so constructed are characterized by the Ermakov parameters in such a way that they are always complex-valued. As applications we construct new supersymmetric partners of the free particle potential that include complex periodic PT-symmetric potentials as well as complex regular PT-symmetric potentials of the Poschl-Teller form. We also construct new complex oscillators with real frequencies that have the energies of the harmonic oscillator plus an additional real eigenvalue.