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The Countdown till ACOWAR
  • At school...
  • Teacher: What was the ultimate cause of WWII?
  • Me: *stands up*
  • Me: *smoothes out clothes*
  • Me: *clears throat with an air of importance*
  • Me: There are 34 days till ACOWAR as of March 29th 2017.
  • Teacher:
  • Me:
  • Teacher:
  • Me:
  • Teacher: correct
  • Fandom: *erupts into chaotic fangirling*

OC Aesthetic - Samil

Now I see his face, I see his smile
Such a lonely place, no golden mile
Eyes tell of morbid tales, of his black heart
His deeds through ages past, tell of his part

Angel from below, change my dreams
I want for glory’s hour, for wealth’s esteem
I wish to sell my soul, to be reborn
I wish for earthly riches, don’t want no crown of thorns

See his face, see his smile
Time to die…