Zouis has had enough of Narry

Niall: Hey guys, check me out! I’m on telly for the Mas-

Zouis: Srsly? Srsly. R u srs rn?

Harry: Guys! Guys! Wait up! I was just getting my chai lat-

Zouis: Oh! Look at me! I’m Harreh and I can’t walk. Big tree fall hard! 


Zouis: Why are we friends with them again?

Narry: Let’s dance! Hold me, Ni-

Zouis: …Literally. I can’t even.

Summary of basically every episode of Supernatural
  • *random person*
  • *scary noises and dramatic camera angles*
  • *random person dies*
  • “hey Sammy any new lead on *this season’s antagonist*”
  • “nope nothing. We all gonna die”
  • *Dean worries about Sam and tries not to show his manly manfeelings*
  • Some Destiel shit happens
  • “hey some spoopy shit went down in *city*”
  • “U sure that isn’t just murder?”
  • “No Dean it’s spoopy”
  • *Impala*
  • *fake authorities*
  • *asking everyone about the victim*
  • “So did anything spoopy happen before they died?”
  • “HoW DId YoU KNOw eRmAHgERD”
  • *figuring out what spoopy thing is*
  • “so why is spoopy thing here?”
  • “because it’s gotta”
  • “how do we kill spoopy thing?”
  • *Sam does research, Dean does women*
  • *drawing sigils* *burning bones*
  • *another random person get’s killed by spoopy thing*
  • “oh”
  • *epic showdown where someone screams, someone almost dies, one of them get’s wounded or killed and they last minute kill the spoopy thing*
  • *impala*
  • *classic rock*
  • *bromance*

{ ‘Sacred Twenty Eight’ } part I - part II - part III

In the early 1930s, a ‘Pure-Blood Directory’ was published anonymously in Britain, which listed the twenty-eight truly pure-blood families, as judged by the unknown authority who had written the book (widely believed to be Cantankerus Nott ), with ‘the aim of helping such families maintain the purity of their bloodlines’. The so-called ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’ comprised the families of…