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“How’s Y/N doing? She just came back from the military after.. a year and a bit?” The interviewer asked, Harry’s face immediately lighting up. 

“Yeah, she came back a week ago. She’s learnt a lot of, erm, sign language thingys.” Harry laughed slightly, shaking his head. “Like, I was makin’ dinner for her the other night, and I asked her if she wanted to eat on the couch and just watch the telly, and she just goes,” Harry did a little saluting gesture, imitating what you did. “ It’s just a way of saying yet, and I think it’s pretty cute, so I can get used to that.” 



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i see zayn’s arm in the back i cry

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An insanely important message from The Mystery Shack--About your computer!

HEY, YOU!  Yeah, that’s right, I’m talkin’ to you.  Stop scrollin’ right this second, you tumblr…people. Yeesh, is there even a name for the chumps on this site?  Ah, just forget it.  There’s more important stuff at stake here.

Now listen up.  Some'f you may have heard about this whole “tumblr virus” thing, but y'don’t really know the specifics.  Heck, I thought it was just one of those crazy spookum tales that the kids came up with, at first.  But listen to me.  This thing is real. How can I be so sure?

It followed The Mystery Shack.

Now, we got followed by the one with the wig, the one of, I dunno, er, Beyonce or somethin’?  Whatever.  But all these icons are linked to tons a’ virus blogs floatin’ around this place.  In fact, this post has a whole list of ‘em!  But there’s still plenty more out there.  It’s crazy, I’m tellin’ you.

Apparently, if you follow these jokes, go to their blog, or basically so much as look at 'em, they put this virus on your browser.  FBI virus, ever heard of it?  Yeah, basically it tells you that y'committed some kind of crime and you gotta pay money to get your computer back. 

But hey, I’ve had enough run-ins with the FBI to know that this is a completely fake scam.

So for those of you who love keepin’ your money as much as I do, here’s a way to protect yourself.

  • Any blogs with those icons are trouble.  Some of 'em even have other icons, though, or even the basic tumblr icons!  Watch out, they’re gettin’ sneaky.
  • If someone follows you with a mashed up blog name that looks like Dipper slammed his big head against the keyboard, it’s probably a scam.  Don’t click 'em, I swear they don’t belong to my great nephew.
  • Check your followers commonly.  Any red flags, click ignore.  They’ll still be followin’ you, but they can’t get to you if you don’t go to them first.  You can also report 'em from there.  And hey, this is the first time I’m actually encouragin’ you to report someone to the authorities!  But, uh, this is a one-time deal, got that?
  • These people send messages.  If you get one, don’t push ignore to the message. Go to your followers and ignore 'em from there.  Rumor has it the ignore button on messages is rigged, too.  I’m tellin’ you, these people are almost as slick as I am.
  • And guess what, they’re hittin’ reblogs, too.  Even ones from people you know!  If anyone reblogs a post from you, don’t click it.  After all, you still got the note from it. Congrats.
  • Finally, try an’ avoid visiting a bunch'f blogs, even ones that’ve been safe in the past.  You might be all buddy-buddy or whatever, but if your best friend’s blog has the black plague and you don’t know it, hey, you’re still gonna die.

And, uh…well, I’m no computer genius, so if my advice kinda falls through, Dippy says there’s still a way to get this junk off your computer.

Some computers, you can just use task manager and get outta there.  Done deal.

Others are a bit trickier.  You’ll wanna open your computer on, uh, I think it’s safe mode or somethin’?  Either that or a private window, basically whatever you can reach.  Head to your tumblr blog and delete your, erm, HTML-thingy, the one that makes your theme.  Pick a normal, generic tumblr theme, and rumor has it, that seems to be workin’.

If you find any other way to get out of it, by all means, go for it.  Antivirus helps big time, and be sure to scan your computer as often as you change your shorts (unless you’re Dipper).  But for the love of all things holy, don’t pay the fee.  That’s money you’re spending!  And if you’re not spendin’ it here at the shack, then you really shouldn’t be spendin’ it at all!

Above all, just use caution n’ stuff.  This thing’ll hopefully blow over soon.  Til then, make sure you and your money stay safe. 

Especially your money.