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Pref #26 - You both prank call another member

You both prank call another member:

M: You both snickered as he pressed the call button. “You go.” He whispered in your ear as the dialling sound echoed around.

“Hello?” You heard through the phone.

“Hello is this Mr Ashton Fletcher Irwin?” You asked disguising your voice and heard a stutter from him on the line.

“Yes.” He said.

“Well Mr Irwin, my name is Mary from the_” You paused momententarily. “International Hair and Headwear Awards Academy and we’re phoning to tell you that you have won the award for ‘Best Curly Haired Fedora Wearer’.” You said and you heard Michael snicker but you hit him quickly.

“Oh erm, thanks.” He paused “I have to go.” He said and you said goodbye, hanging up before you both burst into laughter. Michael got a text a minute later from Ash telling him to go on twitter.

@Ashton5SOS: Would like to thank @Michael5SOS and @y/t/n and of course the ‘International Hair and Headwear Awards Academy for the award of ‘Best Curly Haired Fedora Wearer’ #busted.

Michael’s phone vibrated again with another text saying ‘Next time, you might want to block your number. ;)’

C: “OH MY GOSH” Calum squealed into the phone. “Is this really you Luke?” He asked pretending to be a girl and you heard Luke’s chuckle from the other end.

“Erm yeah, who is this?” He asked and Calum squealed.

“Oh my gosh Flora it’s Luke.” Calum said.

“Sorry for my friend Doris Luke, we’re massive fans!” You saiud disguising your voice. Luke laughed again.

“You two really need to disguise your voices and Cal, who the hell is called Flora now-a-days?” Luke said through the line causing you to burst out laughing. “Crap prank guys.” He said hanging up the phone.

L: You smiled as Luke pressed the call button. Michael answered after a few rings.

“Mate have management been in touch?” Luke asked hurridly.

“No why?” Michael asked confused.

“Oh my god mate, all the stations in the US are dropping SLSP.”

“What?! Why?!” Michael yelled.

“You know that t-shirt you wore today for that interview, it had something about sex on?” Luke asked getting a mumble of ‘yes’ in reply. “Well it offended some major stations and they’re all dropping our single and the little ones are tooo because of pressure and that.” Luke said causing Michael to curse under his breathe. “Management want you to write an apology and then we’ll broadcast it later, they’re trying to defuse the situation now.” Luke said, a smile on his face. You heard Michael fuss around with some paper and mumble a quick goodbye. 10 minutes later you phoned back and he answered within a heartbeat.

“APRIL FOOLS!” You both yelled down the phone. And Michael’s choice words really would have offended radio stations.

A: “Hello?” Calum asked answering the phone as you recorded it on your phone.

“Hello, is this Mr Calum Hood?” Ashton said in an Asian accent.

“Erm, yes?” He asked confused.

“Hello Mr Hood, I am King Makalacamoo and my daughter is a big fan and she met you a couple of weeks ago.” He paused. “Well she took a picture with you and in this picture you are seen to be hugging her.” He said, still in this accent.

“Yes?” Calum asked.

“Well I’m just phoning to arrange the wedding.” He said and Calum mumble incoherent words.

“Wedding?” He managed to stutter out.

“Yes, in my country a hug in a photo means you want to marry. And you would like to marry my daughter?” He asked and Calum stuttered again.

“Erm, sorry for any offence Kind Makala_ anyway, I can’t marry your daughter, she asked me for a hug and I gave her one I’m sorry I’m not going to marry your daughter.” He replied and Ashton gasped.

“But in picture, you hug her, by Makalacamoo tradition this means you marry.” There was silence on the phone making Ashton look at you worried.

“Ashton?!” Calum asked and Ashton groaned.

“Awe! It was so good!” He sighed and you heard Calum sigh deeply.

“Oh my god. Ashton you are a knob! I was shitting myself!” He swore making both you and Ashton burst into laughter.

So I took the ideas for these from some other prefs I’ve read and/or prank calls that I know people have done (like the bottom one) ~ Tink xx