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Request: “Hey can I please get a smut piece where the reader gives newt his first blow job but she’s 100% sin (bc newt isn’t sinful enough… yet) and so she teases him so much before and during it??? You can decide if he soon becomes rough or still slightly sub.”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k


The Siberian winds were kept at bay by the thick wood of the lodge, a strong fire crackling softly as two faces were lit up in flickering light. You laid with your top half bare, stomach against the fur rug (which Newt promised was fake), toasting marshmallows until they were black. Newt sat in the armchair nearby, using the fire’s light to check his notes and finish off creature sketches, but found his attention often drifting. His eyes were drawn to the three large gashes on your back which were freshly stitched, the irony of the situation causing a faint chuckle to emit from his throat. For all the dangerous creatures you had both encountered, it happened to be an average snow leopard that wounded you first.

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kaylaevs5162  asked:

Hi! Do you have any advice or tips regarding digitally painting skin tones? Thank you in advance for a reply! :)


I think the following text vomit is going to disappoint you a little bit, because there is very little I can tell you practically about how to paint skin tones. I’ve mentioned some things to watch out for (far, far below), but most of it relates to how to teach yourself how to do it rather than me imparting any great wisdom. 

(All the advice below will generally apply to both Digital and Traditional Paint. I’m going to try to be pretty broad with advice because I am not the best technician).

I also want to make a disclaimer that you can spend an entire lifetime learning how to paint skin tones in any media. It’s the kind of skill that has a steep learning curve at the beginning and never really quite stops. Which is not to say that you can’t learn to do it well fairly quickly, but it is endlessly nuanced and you have to decide what your own stopping point is going to be. Which brings me to more below the cut:

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erm sorry but robert proving his love for aaron doesn't mean shit when he CHEATED on him and is having a baby with said woman he cheated on him with?? like i love the guy, i feel for him and i know he loves aaron more than life but geez, why should aaron magically be okay with what is happening just because robert desperately tries to prove his love? like the problem here isn't that aaron doesn't believe robert loves him, he knows that! it's just not enough given what he has to deal with here

Okay, but Aaron FORGAVE Robert for that cheating?

How much does that mean if he is just constantly holding this over his head?

Well if he can’t forgive him for that everybody is right, then Aaron should break up with him.

Jealous, aren’t we? (Charles Xavier x reader)

Request: hello love can you write an imagine with professor charles xavier x student reader? One day someone asks reader out and professor get jealous about it because he is in love with the reader? pleasee love you and you are great! <3

Here we go with this request! Thank you for it btw it was just a plenty of fun to write ^^ Sorry it got kinda long, but I still hope you will all enjoy it :)

Originally posted by randomimaginesx

You have always been quite open with your feelings. Your personality was bright and pretty bubbly and that is why you have always been surrounded with friends. However, there was this one person that made you awkward and helpless and that person was your very own professor, Charles Xavier. It took you some time to realise that you were hopelessly in love with him but when you found out you had promised not to be so obvious about it. Of course, you failed to keep the promise miserably, daydreaming in his class and stuttering whenever he asked you about anything. Well done, (Y/N), well done.

It was just another day where you were trying to focus and make any notes from what professor X was saying about genetics. You blinked a few times when you saw a piece of paper landing on your notebook. You looked around confused just to see one of your close friends, Mike, grinning at you. You smiled back pretty sure that the note would be about yet another party to celebrate the coming weekend.

‘Ay, you!

What do you think about going for a walk tonight? I just found a fantastic place near the pond in the park nearby the mansion and I would love to show it to you.

Xxx Mike’

Say… what? Is he asking you out? However hard you tried to keep calm, you started to have a fit of hysterical giggles. The situation was pretty surrealistic. Mike was a really good friend and quite a handsome one, but… Your heart belonged to somebody else already.

-          (Y/N)?

You jumped in your seat when you realised professor was addressing you and the entire class was looking at you.

-          Care to share what is so hilarious about genetics? I would love to hear it and laugh myself – Xavier was tapping his finger on the desk.

-          I… I am… Erm… Sorry – you managed to say. – This won’t happen again, professor.

-          I do truly hope so.

You lowered your head just to escape this judging look that professor had. You stayed silent till the end of the lecture, totally forgetting to write back to Mike. So when Xavier told you that you can go to your next class, Mike went up straight to you.

-          Sorry, (Y/N), I got you in trouble back there.

-          Nah, it’s alright. I was just being totally silly – you smiled softly, trying not to get flustered too much.

-          So? What is your answer? I would really, really love to take you out for this walk. I am sure you will like it considering your soft spot for natural beauty – Mike looked at you with puppy eyes. – We could talk, get to know each other better…

-          Yeah, Mike, the thing is… - you started but got interrupted.

-          (Y/N)?

You turned your head to the professor, who didn’t certainly look too pleased. You gulped knowing this time you won’t get away with not paying attention in class.

-          May I talk to you in my office? – Xavier furrowed his brows and looked at your friend. – Mike, I believe you haven’t still handed in the essay on Vietnam war. I expect it on my desk by tomorrow’s morning.

-          Yes, sir – we said together quietly.

Mike excused himself at once, looking at you with guilt and leaving you with an angry professor. Xavier motioned you into his office. You entered it and sat down, staring at your hands. You were alone with him. In a closed room. Your heart was beating so fast you got pretty anxious it would explode in a moment. You felt as your cheeks were reddening with each and every second. Xavier was in front of you, studying you carefully.

-          So? – he finally asked. – What was your answer?

-          Excuse me? – you looked at him utterly confused.

-          I asked you what your answer had been.

-          A-and… what was the question? I am sorry, professor, I think I don’t really follow your thought.

Xavier pursed his lips, looking completely annoyed. His eyes were x-raying you with such a fiery passion you prayed to God you could disappear.

-          Are you or are you not going out with Mike? – professor suddenly blurted out.

You opened your eyes widely unable to answer. What on earth is happening right now? Xavier ran a hand through his hair, sighing with irritation. He looked tormented by whatever was going on in his head.

-          Why…? Why are you asking about such a thing? – you whispered.

-          Please, just answer, (Y/N) – his eyes were pleading. – I just can’t… I won’t bear…

-          No, professor, I am not going out with Mike. How could I? My heart belongs to somebody else – you shrugged not caring anymore what Xavier would be thinking of you.

-          To somebody else, huh? – he said under his breath. – May I ask to whom?

-          Why don’t you see it for yourself?

You pointed to your head. Professor was about to say something, but you stopped him with a hand and gave him a nod to read your mind. You saw how he was fighting with himself. You knew he had promised not to look into somebody else’s thoughts, but you gave him your permission. With a slightly worried expression, Xavier put his fingers to his temple. You felt a strange feeling and you knew that he is in your head. You closed your eyes and tried to remember countless situations that made you fall for him. Him comforting you during the training, him smiling at you when he sees you enter the class, even him saying stupid good morning… And then you saw something different. You saw yourself. You smiling to yourself, you laughing whole-heartedly with your friends, you making silly faces… And in that moment you knew. They were his thoughts. His feelings that he was telling you about. You felt a huge lump in your throat when you opened your eyes again.

-          Professor…

-          Please, call me Charles, (Y/N) – he smiled weakly. – I know I shouldn’t feel what I feel towards you, but I cannot help it. I cannot suppress those feelings.

-          Then don’t – you said quietly. – You saw my mind, you know how I feel.

-          You are my student, love. It’s not that easy – Charles let out a frustrated growl.

-          I will finish the school this year, it’s not that far in the future. Till then I suggest secret dating! – you chirped happily.

In that moment, you jumped out of your seat and you ran to his side. You sat on his lap and looked straight to his face, grinning like an idiot. Charles let out a soft laugh and tapped your nose making you blush. His eyes were getting more and more serious and then suddenly he pulled you close to himself. You felt his hot breath and lips on your neck, which made you shiver all over.

-          I truly, madly, deeply love you, (Y/N). How could I ever say no to you? – Charles whispered to your ear.

-          Then it’s settled, secret dating that is! I love you to the moon and back, pro… I mean Charles – you smirked watching his cheeks going pink. – Ah… I still have one question though.

-          Yes? What is it?

-          Back in the class… Were you jealous when Mike had asked me out?

-          How could you ask about this one particular thing! – he growled. -…. Of course I was bloody jealous!


Last doodle i did in color. I had a crazy long day, could not do more….

Erm, so, Happy Halloween? XD I am not a halloween person, i’m so sorry…

Have skelebros from my old headcannon of Sans being 8 years older - here Papyrus is 15, and Sans is 23 <3 I love them

In the locker room...
  • Mason: Deep breath Liam. It will be fine.
  • Liam: No it wont. He hates me. I can't do this. Mason please?
  • Mason: Okay.
  • Mason *Walks to Scott while Liam peeks around the corner*:
  • Mason *reading from a note*: Scott. I'm sorry I threw you to the floor and clawed you badly.
  • Scott: Erm?
  • Mason: I'm sorry that I wrestled you and bit you. I am sorry I made you a bloody mess.
  • Scott: Oh! I see.
  • Mason: I'm sorry I tried to become the Alpha.
  • Scott: It's fine. Really-
  • Mason: You're my Alpha and always will be. Ever since you first bit me, I've loved you Scott. Please forgive me.
  • Coach *Was listening the entire time*: I am profoundly disturbed! Part of me wants to know. The other half is telling me to walk away!

kanchyk  asked:

e/r- twister scenario set up by courf or someone idk with blushing and falling idk utter fluff

Courfeyrac is smiling wickedly over the spinner and Enjolras knows he’s basically fucked. He and Grantaire are the only ones left in the game of Twister that Courfeyrac made everyone play - Enjolras because he wants to win, dammit, and Grantaire because he wants to see if he can make Enjolras lose. Enjolras knows this because Grantaire has said this aloud. Multiple times. Every time they play Twister, in fact.

Anyway, Enjolras has his left hand over Grantaire’s shoulder and a leg between Grantaire’s, and Courfeyrac cannot actually be reading the spinner, he is making this up, because it’s very clear that if Enjolras loses his balance he will end up on top of Grantaire in an extremely compromising position.

He remembers, in a flash, that Courfeyrac has known about Enjolras’s crush on Grantaire for as long as he’s had it, a few months, and realises that yes, Courfeyrac is playing them. Enjolras is going to kill his best friend. So much for being the centre.

“Right hand yellow,” Courfeyrac calls out, and the other Amis who are now lounging around on Courfeyrac and Combeferre’s various pieces of living room furniture perk up. Feuilly is trying not to laugh. Bahorel isn’t even trying. Enjolras is ready to kill someone, but he reaches for the same yellow spot as Grantaire, and in the shock of contact they both collapse, and yes the position is exactly as compromising as Enjolras expected it to be.

What he doesn’t expect are Grantaire’s cheeks flaming, probably in a response to - fuck. Grantaire is aroused by this, and Enjolras doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t know how to keep himself from popping an inconvenient boner himself.

“Erm. I can - I am so sorry, Apollo,” Grantaire mutters, loud enough for only Enjolras to hear. Enjolras ducks his head. “Don’t be. I mean. I’m kind of. Same problem, really, fuck this is embarrassing.”

Grantaire, rather predictably, smirks and then fucking rolls his hips, a small motion but Enjolras can feel it so intimately and fuck they need to leave, right now, so Enjolras can kiss Grantaire and then suck him off because he needs it right the fuck now.

He scrambles to his feet, then hauls Grantaire up. “Pardon us, everyone, I, um. Need R. For - yeah.”

He barely hears everyone laughing as he yanks Grantaire into Combeferre and Courfeyrac’s room, and he definitely doesn’t hear people exchanging money from winning bets over the sound of Grantaire slamming Enjolras into the door and kissing the breath out of him. It’s probably for the best, anyway.

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Are you single?
Did u get ur first kiss?
Easiest person to talk to?
Favorite song?
Good at?
Hair color?
In love?
Jealous of?
Known as?
Longest relationship?
Middle name?
One wish?
Person last texted?
Question always asked?
Reason to smile?
Song last listened to 
Time you woke up?
U3 biggest wishes?
Violent moment?
Worst fear?
Ex you still liked after it was ended?
Your last hug?
Zodiac sign? I can't stop doing this to people. Not sorry. 😋


1. Am I single? Under INTENSIVE review.
2. 4/9
3. Yes I do. quite a few, but a single overwhelming one at the moment
4. Yes I have. Plenty of kisses.
5. My friend Sam, then @i-am-the-broken-bride, then, @butwatchthequeeenconquer
6. No favorite song as of now
7. Good at? I don’t know. Joking, making astute comments. Drinking. Knowing things.
8. Brown
9. Love is a strong word, but I’m on that road
10. I’m not a jealous man.
11. FNP
12. 1.7 years
13. Matthew
14. I Am Number One
15. Prosperity for my house and my self.
16. @i-am-the-broken-bride
17. Political opinions
18. I have every reason to smile. I’m alive, aren’t I? Think of the possibilities!
19. Stallion Extended by Two Steps from Hell:
20. 3AM. RIP
21. Don’t ask me that. I don’t know. I haven’t lived enough life yet.
22. Already answered.
23. Being utterly, inescapably alone
24. None. I only have one and I’m glad I dodged that bullet
25. My mother, as I left my parents’ house. She woke with me to make me fresh coffee and make sure I had everything with me.
26. Aries


Evil!Saitama x Strawberry

I hate myself because I was supposed to be writing other things, but I casually stumbled upon an ask @sai-pop had just gotten and I couldn’t resist. It’s absolute trash, I am sorry. Edit: Erm, i forgot to mention it’s mildly non-con but nothing really happens.

“How the heck would they even meet?”

Story under the cut!

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  • *Molly's flat*
  • Molly: *lounging on the sofa watching TV in her pyjamas*
  • *knocking*
  • Molly: *lazily* Yup?
  • Sherlock: *outside* Molly.
  • Molly: *sits upright* Shit... *hurries around scattering tissues on the floor; puts on a mock sick voice* Just a minute *forced coughing*
  • Molly: *wraps a blanket around herself and goes to open the door; smiling weakly* Hi, Sherlock... *coughing* I'm sorry I couldn't come in today but...I'm really sick.
  • Sherlock: *looking at her from head to toe*
  • Sherlock: *pushes into her flat* Then I should take care of you.
  • Molly: That won't be-
  • Sherlock: *disappointed* Oh. You're avoiding me. You're displeased with yesterday's...occurance.
  • Molly: *frantically shaking her head* No, I'm really sick *coughs*
  • Sherlock: I thought you wanted me to kiss you.
  • Molly: *forgets the 'sick voice'* What? I kissed you!
  • Sherlock: *smiles in satisfaction*
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes; shrugs off her blanket* Alright, fine...I-I'm sorry I kissed you *folds her arms*
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* Yes, you said that before you left. But...if anyone should be sorry about that kiss, it's me *pauses* if I am.
  • Molly: *smiles*
  • Sherlock: *looking at the ground* I don't how, erm, 'sorry' I am. How sincerely I mean it. The apology.
  • Molly: *shuffling on the spot; also looking at the ground* Oh. I, um, I'm not that sorry...myself.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Ah. Neither of us are sorry, then.
  • Molly: *shakes her head* No.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Oh, sod it *grabs her face and kisses her*
  • Molly: *smiles against his lips* Ouch.
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* I'm not apologising *kisses her again*
Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 36 Spoilers

Sasaki visits Uta’s mask shop HySy
Uta: Welcome…
Sasaki looks at the various masks on the wall
Sasaki: (…puzzle, demon? Puzzle number 2. Yellow demon… what is it. Amazing…)
Uta: Anything?
Sasaki: Ah… nothing…
Sasaki takes out the mask that he received from a paper bag
Sasaki: Erm, its regarding this… I received it at my place. But, is this a gift from this shop?
Uta takes the mask and looks at it
Uta: Huh, I was the one who sent it… weird… Did i get the address wrong. It was meant to be a present. Sorry
Sasaki: Ahh.. I see… then… did you sent this book too?
Sasaki takes out the book
Uta: ….um, nope
Sasaki: (…the sender is still unknown…)
Sasaki: …I am sorry
Sasaki notices Uta’s eyes
Sasaki: …erm…your eyes…
Uta: Its a kind of tattoo
Sasaki: I, I see…

Ihei walking towards Matsumae
Matsumae: (…she broke the wall…)
Matsumae: Thats a good quinque
Matsumae: Lets see what you got
Matsumae attacks but Ihei ables to dodge all of her attacks. Suddenly, Ihei slashes Matsumae
Matsumae: !?
Matsumae got injured on her abdoment
Matsumae: (fast…!!)
Ihei: Arent you fast
Matsumae manages to flee after that

Tsukiyama House
Kanae: CCG is getting on us. But, at this rate…
Kanae: …does it hurt?
Matsumae: Its okay, I will be fine if I rest a little
Kanae: …Matsumae…
Matsumae: Yes?
Kanae: Im just saying. If..if between Shuu sama and… Tsukiyama household. You will need to choose one… What would you do?

Sasaki and Kuramoto having a drink together
Sasaki: Where is Hirako san transferring to?
Kuramoto: Arima squad
Sasaki: Eh?
Kuramoto: Ui san got promoted to the boss of S1. Doesnt it mean that they need a support for Arima since he is leaving S3? Ui is the one supporting Arima san now. Other than him, only Take san can do that. They are all excited and anticipating about this, but I am feeling heavy about it

Qs house
Sasaki: (Feels like my vision/eyesight is dropping again)
Sasaki: (We can only investigate…)
Sasaki: (Mask…huh..)

Shirazu, Saiko and Takeomi are walking on the street and saw bakery shop
Shirazu: I am hungry. You want to eat too? Takeomi
Shirazu: Lets go
Employee: Welcome…
Employee: Huh.. eh.. you are.. Kuroiwa kun?
Shirazu: …Bujin, you know her?
Takeomi: …Kosaka

Repeatinglitanies prompted: “An accident puts Belle French in a coma. But the comatose state is not a state of oblivion for Belle. For some reason, it awakens an ability to jump to other people’s dreams. The ability gives Belle a better understanding of the people of Storybrooke, especially the fearsome Mr Gold. Because as it so happens, Mr Gold has been having interesting dreams about her for some time now.”

Erm, another one that got away from me… I am sorry this took so long to appear, my dear, and I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.


The car hit hard and Belle felt herself flying through the air. There was very little pain; sleep came quickly as soon as she landed on the cold, wet tarmac. 

Belle was not sure how long she had been sleeping, but she knew that she was not quite ready to wake up yet. She was comfortable in the hazy mist of the dream space. It was warm and safe, and she felt nicely numb. She was vaguely aware of voices above her, talking, but she couldn’t make out the words. Whatever they were saying, it could wait. Everything could wait. For now, she would rest in the dream space, snug and protected. 

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now arguing with the boyfriend, he texted me after I didn’t reply to his goodnight message like “can’t sleep are things okay with us cause you seemed a little off tonight? x” to which i replied “i don’t know” which kind of led to an argument 

and once again he is bringing up the whole “I wish you were honest with me” like sorry that I find it hard to talk about my emotions because every time I have ever trusted someone I got it thrown back in my face and you’ve hardly ever actually helped me out when I needed you because you were too busy? &I have already trusted you with one hell of a lot when you can’t even be honest about your past situations or even about why you don’t want to do certain things even though you can actually do them when you decide you want to?

like erm sorry no, I am not taking this 

anonymous asked:

Hello! can you do an EXO reaction when they enter in the bathroom while you are in the shower? Thanks!! :D

Hello! And yes, of course! (: Here you go!



Luhan: -Runs before he gets killed- SORRY, SORRY, SORRY! Don’t kill me!!

Lay: should..of knocked first..-red unicorn-

Chen: Is that the shampoo I told you not to use?..

Tao: OMG! WE CAN FINALLY SHOWER TOGETHER!..THI– -Dies of over excitement-

Kris: No, no! It’s fine, you don’t have to cover yourself..!

Suho: Don’t mind me.. Go on! 

Baekhyun: Can I touch?..Can I?..Please!?..-Gets closer-

Chanyeol: -Stays speechless-..

D.O: Let the games begin..-Pervy mode on- 

Kai: I believe I came in a good time..

Sehun: -Thinks to self: “Should I step in?.." 


Tee-hee! Hope you had fun! (: <3

anonymous asked:

Sorry, erm, just wondering- am I the only one that feels a constant need to check and see if I'm still asexual (like stop and consciously think of sex and be like do I want to do this with someone? Nah, okay then, still ace)? Because this happens a lot and I'm just wondering if anyone else had the same thing

I have personally never felt the need to do this, but then I am definitely one of those people who knew pretty much forever that I was ace, just lacked the words to describe it.  But I don’t see anything unusual about that, and it would be really cool if any of our followers could chime in if this is something they do!