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1. What are your hobbies? Name them all! :3

Singing, dancing, cosplay, reading are really all i do.

2. What are your preferred pronouns?

I go by She

3. Have you ever smoked marijuana? 


4. What is your favorite fandom?

I don’t really have one, maybe Homestuck

5. What is your favorite videogame?

I don'y play videogames

6. How many relationships have you been in? Are you in one now?

ive only been in 1 and i’m not in any right now.

7. What is your proudest moment of sheer stupidity? (Stupidest thing you’ve done that make you proud or smile really big w/e hehe)

There are a lot of stupid things ive done in my life but i dont think this count as stupid but i was teasing a friend about her having a boyfriend and she turns to another friend saying “how did she know?” and i didn’t know 

8. Who is your favorite fictional character?

Dear Lord there are too many. i guess right now would be Armin from Attack on Titans. But i don’t really have favorites i just love them.

9. What is your most awkward moment?

meeting the guy who  wanted to go out with me and i did’t really want to in person(we only texted)

10. Do you have any cute stories? Tell me one please! :3

the one i can think of right now would be when i went to Animal Kingdom in Florida i heard a Dad say to his son" Don’t be a tough, sit down if you need to" and i just thought that was cute and really nice.

11. Who is your tumblr senpai? 

I don’t really have one.

these are for you guys!

1:What is to the right of you?

2:Do you have a favorite stuffed animal?

3:Have you ever been in an accident?

4: Whose your favorite actor?

5:Do you have a favorite pair of pants?

6: What’s your favorite book?

7: Tell me a story.(any kind is good)

8: What was a great con experiance for you? 

9:Have you ever punched or injured someone or someway?

10: Do you have any pets? If so what are they and their names

11: Do you want a tattoo? If so what is it and where would you get it?