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i can’t stand the main character myself…..I wanna more of the bad guys….and honestly i dont hear yang i hear barbara and its kinda distracting

I think that’s another problem. I watched Red vs. Blue before I watched anything with the RT crew being the RT crew, so they were always the characters first, but I could still separate them. But with something like this, I’d just hear the people before the characters…

Besides, I don’t really come to RT for stuff like RWBY. I come to them to see a bunch of meatheads being meatheads, usually while playing video games.

RWBY just looks like Gaijin Rock Shooter to me.

anarchyblu asked:

:D its never to late for a romantic date!! *does irish jig and ollies into the sun*

If by romantic date you mean you are waiting in my bed with the fuzzy handcuffs and whipped cream then yes. I know how we work.

 spaceswordblaster said: Ahhhh cuute!! I can’t remember if you had it cut that way before, but I feel like it really flatters your face.

This is my third Magnum wig from Arda. C: I used one for Matilda and Cure Black, one for Kanaya, and now this.

 erisakablu said: Ohh my god I’m so excited fro you to do this…I need to do Shiori with you

yes… yes you do. I’m doing her Rose Bride dress.