greek goddesses
  • Persephone: deep reds, glinting silvers, soft black leather, silken rose petals
  • Hestia: soft warm glow, cotton and lace, summer mornings, honey ginger tea
  • Aphrodite: glossy lips, shimmering skin, acetone, gasping for air
  • Eris: the electric shock you when you brush against someone, burning hair, the shine of stolen gold, matte black
  • Athena: dust clearing after a fight, dried blood, wet ink, the smell of old books
  • Artemis: feral wolves, sibling rivalry, shadows, bones stripped clean by time
  • Hera: grey roots, jewels at her throat, silk and diamonds, loyalty without thought
The signs as Greek goddesses

Aries: Eris (goddess of strife and discord) 

Taurus: Gaia (goddess of the Earth)

Gemini: Hebe (goddess of youth)

Cancer: Selene (goddess of the moon)

Leo: Eos (goddess of the dawn)

Virgo: Athena (goddess of intelligence and wisdom)

Libra: Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty)

Scorpio: Persephone (goddess of the underworld)

Sagittarius: Artemis (goddess of nature and the wilderness)

Capricorn: Rhea (goddess of time)

Aquarius: Urania (goddess muse of astronomy)

Pisces: Iris (goddess of the rainbow)

Ares is exhausted.

War made sense to him, once. Blades and arrows, guts and glory—war was something glorious, something powerful. Men were made legends, heroes, warriors.

Now the sounds of bombs and bullets keep him up at night. Now he cannot sleep, for every missile strike takes innocent lives and war has become something he no longer understands. This isn’t war, he thinks. This is slaughter. There are no heroes here.

Generals who would once have commanded their men from the battlefield now rest comfortably in plush offices. Archers sit behind screens, directing merciless machines against helpless enemies. Gas permeates the air, choking any who come near. The dead never know the eyes of those who killed them, save those who are taken from their homes by fanatics with guns. Eris strides the fields of war now, cackling, watching cities burn beneath her stride.

His family doesn’t understand. They think he would be proud. They think he is to blame. They congratulate and resent him, in turns, for the way his domain has spread. But what was once his domain is no longer.

He longs for the days when war was something sacred, something special, instead of this endless, faceless butchery. Yes, men died horribly in those days as well, but at least they had a chance. A chance to prove themselves, to rise above their station, to become as unto demigods.

They’ve made killing to easy, these mortals. Now it happens at the push of a button.

He cannot eat without the taste of smoke. He cannot close his eyes without visions of slaughter. He wonders what it would be like to be Aphrodite, to be love instead of murder. Or Hephaestus. How clever these mortals be. How much they make. He’d like that, to inspire men and women to make new things, shiny monuments to their own brilliance.

Then he remembers The Bomb, and how Hephaestus cried when they used it.

Hermes, perhaps. The internet is such a wonder, worldwide communication at an instant. Pranks and memes and theft on a scale that leave the young god bloated, and even grand Athena bows to his mastery of information. But Hermes runs free no longer—he sits behind a screen, waiting for his information to come to him.

Athena, his old adversary, barely understands. She knows the generals. The tactics, the strategies, the goals and the movements. She does not know the common soldier.

Ares is beginning to suspect that he does not either.

War has changed. And Ares is tired.

High Lady/Lords Meeting during ACOWAR

Tamlin’s bullshit

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Rhys hearing Tamlin’s bullshit

Feyre hearing Tamlin’s bullshit

Az defending Feyre from Tamlin

Cassian defending Rhys from Tamlin 

Everyone when Rhys took Tamlin’s ability to speak after he insulted Feyre

Nesta calling Tamlin’s out on his bullshit

Az defending Mor from Eris 

Feyre defending Rhys from Beron

Dream Court Squad as a whole in that meeting

Me while reading it:

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