Chile has quite a number of globular cacti with very dark epidermises, both in the genus Eriosyce and also Copiapoa. This one is Eriosyce heinrichiana, from arid north-central Chile. It has several synonyms, including Neochilenia jussieui and Neoporteria jussieui, and is often seen in nurseries or collections under one of these names. Eriosyce was once a very small genus, but it was expanded greatly to include all of the species formerly placed in Neoporteria, Neochilenia, Horridocactus, Pyrrhocactus and Rodentiophila.



Whoever said “money can’t buy happiness” clearly was not buying cacti. 

Top: Eriosyce hienrichiana syn. Neochilenia jussieui
Bottom: Stenocactus palmillas syn. Echinofossulocactus palmillas

Northern Chile is home to many amazing species of cacti, from powdery-white Copiapoa species to dark-bodied little gems like Eriosyce napina, pictured here. It was formerly placed in the genus Neochilenia, and is often labeled as such in books and in nurseries, but Eriosyce is now considered to include all of the Neochilenia species. It is always a marvel to see a plant whose flower is bigger than all the rest of it!



What is my favourite cactus? I have no idea. I’ve seen it as many things. Today I saw one as Neoporteria jussieui. Previously I’ve seen it as an Eriosyce. This is a horrible picture, yes. And no, I haven’t gotten rid of all the pollen, because it will hurt me if I try to take it’s pollen, and I respect it’s wish to keep it.

I have lots of favourite cactus. Blacktus, leafy cactus, my echeveria truffles that’s SO AMAZING I’m listing it with favourite cactus despite not being one, and my mystery cactus I’ve had my entire life. But this is my favourite.


Cactus flower! Still not sure what this guy is. Some kind of Eriosyce, probably. You don’t hear much about Eriosyce, do you? It’s a shame, they’re easygoing little guys.

‘Thunder Egg’ spat one one out today. It’s looking a little depressed. Hope it’s not wilt.

Tree collards pic, because they’re finally getting purpler. It’s been a big day for amaryllises, too; ‘Flamenco Queen’, ‘Blossom Peacock’, and ‘Exotica’ have all opened up buds over the last two days.

Crassula ‘Campfire’ has really reddened up in the cooler weather, as have a lot of the sedums. I’m hoping they all decide to bloom come spring.