“Westron is a soft language: it runs in your mouth like water, so easy on lips and tongue that even a child or a toothless old creature can speak it. It’s full of double-meanings and ambiguity; such a language lends himself to any deception,” Thorin declared. “Not Khuzdul. Ours is a language for truth; it’s harsh and demanding: we’re not used to waste our breaths and words with Khuzdul. It is a language to command dwarves in battles, and take sacred oaths.”

(My Fair Hobbit, chapter II)

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Could you recommend me some bagginshield fics? I mean not after the bofta but before the journey or entirely different AU. I just love love/hate and I especially love when Thorin and Bilbo will meet and this first meeting is just horrible for both of them (every one thinks the worst of the other). And then after some time they will fall in love. Do you know something? thanks

hmm lemme see


A Smith and his Forge by acervate. blacksmith!thorin au. WIP

My Fair Hobbit by Erinye. au in the style of My Fair Lady. WIP and i’m in love with it.

See the Stars by FeathersInTheBasement. au but still middle earth. the one where they meet in a dungeon. WIP.

How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us by stickman. grad school au. i have mixed feelings about this fic but i did enjoy it. mind the tags.

Keep Your Feet by diemarysues. pirate and merpeople au. i love this universe!

Clarity of Vision by mithen. well of course i have to rec CoV. erebor-never-fell au.

The Naming of Hobbits by Margo_Kim. i’m maaaaybe stretching a little to categorize this fic as having a “bad” first meeting, but it’s amazing so who cares.

Flowers and Flaws by Erinye. the tattoo artist and florist au we all wanted. WIP.

more of my fic recs

Do you know how much your betrayal hurt me then? Do you know how I’m constantly pained by the knowledge of what I’ve done to you in exchange for your betrayal? The words spoken over the gates cannot be unsaid, nor can I take back my actions. I’m bound to be haunted by them. If I had died in the battle, I would have used my last breath to implore your forgiveness. Do you understand? There’s no going back, things will never be what they could have been. 

Theft, chapter XXVIII

“No one can say what might happen to you on the road,” Thorin agreed, “and even when you come back, you’ll be changed.”
“Are you?” the hobbit inquired.
“Am I what?” Thorin asked, looking confused.
“Changed. You’re on a journey aren’t you? And you’re going back home,” Bilbo reminded him.
“I suppose I am,” the dwarf admitted with some reluctance.

My Fair Hobbit, Chapter IV - Wouldn’t an Adventure Be Lovely?

He’s arrogant and particular. He prides himself on the most insignificant things, and collects the sort of scraps a Khuzd would not pay a single coin for. He has no taste to speak of, except his taste for food. He talks too much, and laughs at the oddest things. He’s polite to a fault, and eager to please; many of his ideas are narrow-minded and he’s ridiculously prim. He’s a pedantic, fussy, annoying weak creature who would not survive a single day in the wilderness; and, fortunately for him, he has no intention of leaving the comforts of his little garden.
How could you think that I liked him?

My Fair Hobbit Chapter V - Armukhakkar

Erinye Parsons ¤ 18 años ¤ Estudiante ¤ Países Bajos ¤ FC: Sophie Turner


  • Vive con su madre aunque no la ve apenas ya que esta trabaja en el hospital, es cirujana. Suele pasar la mayor parte del tiempo sola o por la calle intentando distraerse.
  • Tiene esquizofrenia paranoide, a los quince años se la diagnosticaron tras varios intentos de suicidio acusando a una voz proveniente del armario que decía que debía tirarse o le arrancaría la piel.
  • Estudia primer año de Diseño Gráfico aunque no acude a muchas clases pues a veces llega a sentirse intimidada por sus compañeros.
  • Muchas veces dice que es médium, que ve espíritus pero en realidad no son más que alucinaciones.


  • Suele parecer una chica normal hasta que de un momento a otro su personalidad cambie radicalmente pasando a ser egocéntrica o una autentica desquiciada.
  • Cuando se siente mal, cuando escucha voces en su cabeza llega a la etapa de autodestrucción lo que quiere decir que pasa a estar depresiva.
  • No muestra afecto por nadie, ni siquiera por su familia pues no confía en ellos, no confía en nadie.


  • Tiene un oso de peluche que se llama Teddy, suele llevárselo a todos los lados, habla con él y ella dice que el también habla con ella, es su mejor amigo.
  • Aunque tiene miles de tratamientos, miles de pastillas no suele tomarse ninguna pues piensa que lo que quieren es envenenarla.
  • Tiene insomnio por lo que suele pasar las noches viendo programas y películas en el televisor aunque en muchas ocasiones simplemente mira hacia el techo.


Πέμπτη Ἱσταμένου, V dayFrom today’s sunset: fifth day of Mounychion.

“Beware of all the fifth days; for they are harsh and angry; it was on the fifth, they say, that the Erinyes assisted at the bearing of Horkos, whom Eris bore, to be a plague on those who take false oath.”

“Shun the fifth days: i.e. the lunar days. We have heard from the Pythagoreans that the number five is number of Dike, and among them are told the causes of She punishes all those who stray from the divine law, as told by Plato (Laws IV, 716a).”
Scholia to Hesiod, Erga, 802-804

Orphic Hymn 69- scent of Erinyes
storax and powder of incense

“Hear, Goddesses honoured by everbody, resounding, who cry evoè,
Tisiphone, Alecto, and divine Megaira;
nightly, who dwell in the houses below the deep recesses
in the hazy cave near the sacred water of Styx,
always indignant against the impious plans of the mortals,
furious, lordly, You hail with joy the Punishments,
clad in pelts, avengers, most powerful, You make grieve much,
chtonian of Hades, dreadful Maidens, of changing forms,
aerial, invisible ones, fast in the run as the mind;
indeed nor the swift blazes of the Sun nor of the Moon
and the virtue of wisdom and of the industrious boldness
…grace nor of the life of splendid very beautiful youth
without You awakens the joys of life;
but ever over the endless races of all the mortals
You oversee the eye of Righteousness (Dike), being always Judges.
But, Goddesses Moirai (Fates), with serpents as multiform hairs,
turn sweet and kind the expectation of life.”

(Mable strigilated vase with Snake handles. Antonine period, 2nd half of the 2nd century CE. Now in the Metropolitan Museum….)


In Islamic mythology, the Djinn are believed to be beings, neither good nor evil, residing in the realm between the worlds. The reality, however, is much worse. Djinn—more commonly known as genies—grant wishes, in ways both similar to and different from other wish-granting entities (including Erinyes). Whereas an Erinyes grants a wish out of revenge, Djinn grant wishes borne out of whatever motive one chooses– be it greed, passion, misery, or happiness. A wish is granted, and its maker gets whatever they desire, no questions asked.

However, as with most things that sound too good to be true, there are strings attached. As an Erinyes relishes the chaos and power of one’s wish, the Djinn instead revels in the torment… on human grief. It feeds on sorrow and loss, on the tears of humankind. For every wish one makes, intentional or otherwise, the Djinn demands something in return. The universe is a balance, with both cheer and misery co-existing in equal measure. To tip the scales of one’s happiness so severely requires a sacrifice to level out one’s newfound prosperity. And so the Djinn claims a payment from the wish-maker and the wish’s beneficiaries, and in so doing the universe is appeased… their blood quiets the earth, restores the balance. And henceforth does the Djinn gorge itself on your tears.

All it takes is one person to release a Djinn. From there, the creature wanders the town, seeking out emotional pleas and wishes wherever it can find them. The targets may never even know that they’re just that– targets. At least not until things start changing, their wants and wishes made tangible, even sentient, in the worst possible ways.

It’s Nate Blackthorne who finds the black obsidian bottle outside his door. It comes with a warning. “Open the bottle, but remember, all good things come with a price.”

Indeed they do. 

The following people have attracted the Djinn’s attention:

  • Nate Blackthorne
  • Alana Murphy
  • Amelia Pike
  • Asya Robinson
  • Brian Marshall
  • Lainie Thomas
  • Haley Kaplan
  • Jared Fletcher
  • Mai Wakahisa
  • Pamela Bennet
  • Trevor Keen

But as always with the Djinn, the wishes come at a cost to both the beneficiaries and to the wish maker. The price is steep, and in exchange for granting wishes, the Djinn will claim their payment. This week, you need to be careful what you wish for.