COME BACK AND HAUNT ME - A canon Chainshipping mix

for when the prince stole his victory
but couldn’t save his pawn
for the real story

[ Listen ]

the little girl yearned for death | then help me. fix me. fix me, 
motherfucker. i'm standing right here. [listen]

help i’m alive (aetoms remix) metric // the outsider marina & the diamonds //
red sam flyleaf // the way she feels between the trees // angel on fire antony and the johnsons // perfect flyleaf // i have to go return some video tapes breathe carolina // kinda outta luck lana del rey // going to hell the pretty reckless // if i had a heart (beatfoot edit) fever ray // fix me (instrumental) charlie clouser // little girl lost kris kristofferson

shoot me to the ground | for cross country road trips and late night chess games that might just hint at something more. for a trembling, budding love that is stifled before it can take flight, yet still cracks your chest open long after you’ve left that beach and will continue to do so for years to come. for charles and erik. [ listen ] 

i. paperweight - joshua radin & schuyler fisk | ii. wicked game - james vincent mcmorrow | iii. promise - ben howard | iv. draw your swords - angus & julia stone | v. my hero (foo fighters cover) - paramore | vi. song on the beach - arcade fire | vii. silhouettes - of monsters and men | viii. rolling in the deep (adele cover) - john legend | ix. pompeii (acoustic) - bastille | x. you found me - the fray | xi. the enemy - mumford & sons | xii. sundrenched world - joshua radin | xiii. wasting my young years - london grammar

mademoiselle, hold tight your tongue | i know, it’s hard to concentrate when you’re surrounded by so many things you could kill me with. [ listen ]

i. bad things - meiko | ii. indiana - meg & dia | iii. take me on the floor - the veronicas | iv. gods and monsters - lana del rey | v. it’s my life - no doubt | vi. do i wanna know (arctic monkeys cover) - chvrches | vii. sweet religion - imogen heap | viii. tear you apart - she wants revenge | ix. love the way you lie (part III) - skylar grey | x. crystalised - the xx | xi. gun - emiliana torrini | xii. tesselate (alt-j cover) - ellie goulding

+++ bonus track

the dog and pony show ;; for dark houses, creepy noises, and things that go bump in the night. for kicking ghost ass while furiously debating on whether or not kirk/spock truly is canon. songs for specs and tucker. grab your hot pockets and tri-field meters, boys. this is gonna be a long night. { listen }

i. save yourself, i’ll hold them back - my chemical romance | ii. pa pa power - dead man’s bones | iii. uprising - muse | iv. alone together - fall out boy | v. mardy bum - arctic monkeys | vi. bitter rivals- sleigh bells | vii. everybody’s watching me (uh oh) - the neighbourhood | viii. underdog - imagine dragons | ix. if i lose myself (alleso remix) - onerepublic | x. black treacle - arctic monkeys | xi. all these things that i’ve done - the killers | xii. don’t let me fall - lenka | xiii. young volcanoes (acoustic) - fall out boy

cling | for sisters who hit too hard and love just a little too 
much [listen]

judas (lady gaga cover) jeremy ironside ridiculous thoughts the cranberries toxic melanie martinez obsession (dark angels remix) sky ferreira happy together filter monster meg myers you are my sunshine the civil wars closer nine inch nails devils don’t fly natalia kills evil angel breaking benjamin tainted love marilyn manson heavy in your arms florence + the machine what sarah said death cab for cutie ++ bonus track