Meet Swirl Girl Icon: Erinn Westbrook!

Good Morning Swirls!

We are so excited to bring all of you –especially our college bound Swirls–our latest Swirl Girl Icon, Actress Erinn Westbrook!

As you know, We LOOOOOOVE a Swirl with BIG dreams to better the world and we believe our girl Erinn definitely fits the bill.

From Harvard to Hollywood this quintessential Swirl Girl Icon proves you can have it all: Beauty, Brains AND Talent. With a BA from Harvard University in English and the Dramatic arts, a smile that can light up a room (yes, she models too), and talent big enough to land her a gig as an MTV VJ (while still making it in time to take her Harvard exams) as well as land big network shows like Twisted and Mr. Box Office to name a few; Erinn reminds us Swirls how sexy it is to be smart and in charge!

Needless to say, we were lucky enough to catch up with Erinn and ask her some candid questions about what keeps her motivated, who her role models are, and how she manages to look so good amidst that busy, busy schedule of hers.

Dive into Erinn’s World below!

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Erinn Westbrook: There’s so much heat/styling that happens when I’m on set that when I’m not working, I try to do as little to my hair as possible. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week depending on the season or my activity level. I wash with Coconut Milk, and put leave in-conditioner with Olive Oil in it. If I want to keep tight curls, I’ll use Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue. If I want softer, bouncier curls, I’ll do a wet set with the olive oil and conditioner. Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery Conditioner is really good!

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Erinn Westbrook: Clinique is the only makeup I let makeup artists use on my face. I have such sensitive skin and they have my perfect skin match (I’m “latte!”). That is also the makeup I use off set, along with bare minerals. I live for bright lipsticks and nail colors (Dior Addict Extreme lip color: Princess Extreme is a new fave). Essie has my favorite nail color: Mint Candy Apple. I drink LOTS of water (at least 1 liter a day), green tea and fresh-pressed juices. I’m a big fan of a natural glow and beauty from the inside out.

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