After taking a practice duel way too far, Albus-Severus and Rose are spending Defense Against the Dark Arts in the Hospital Wing. Madam Pomfrey isn’t impressed....

Madam Pomfrey: Absolutely disgraceful! I would expect better behavior from fifth years, and I would certainly expect better behavior from you two! Just what kind of an example do you think you’re setting? I’ll be the first to admit Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley had their share of problems, but this was never one of them!

[Rose hunches her shoulders. Albus scowls at the floor]

Madam Pomfrey(Darkly): You can each expect a visit from your heads of House. I can only imagine what your parents will say.

[She stalks out. Albus and Rose sit in uncomfortable silence, Albus glaring at his shoes and Rose angrily plucking at her bandages]

Albus(Irritably): Well?

Rose: Well, what?

Albus: Oh, don’t bullshit me, you know what. You won, so you might as well start rubbing it in-

Rose: Seriously Al? Are you seriously so insecure that you can’t even win a damn duel without humble bragging about it?

Albus: Excuse me?!

Rose: You’re really so desperate for validation that you need to back into it and make the loser come out and say it-

Albus: I’M desperate for validation?! You need me to go through a damn play-by-play explaining how you won so you can pretend I’ve convinced you, and I’M the desperate one? That’s PATHETIC, Rose even by your standards-

Rose: Oh, you want to talk PATHETIC?

Albus: Have some class-

Rose: Grow some self-esteem!

Albus: GROW UP!


[Madam Pomfrey appears in the doorway and shushes them with a disapproving glare. They fall silent and she withdraws]

Rose: …What’s wrong with us?

Albus: Just one thing in particular, or do you want the full list?

Rose: Hilarious.

Albus: …Well, I know what’s wrong with me. I’m not supposed to be… I’m not supposed to be ANYTHING that I am. I’m not supposed to have a hard time with people, I’m not supposed to be angry, and I’m DEFINITELY not supposed to be in Slytherin. Everyone knows it, but they all try to act like there’s no problem, like I can still be Harry Potter Jr the way they’re all hoping for. But no! I can’t! Everybody my age figured that out back in the first year when we got sorted- and on one hand it’s kind of a relief, but on the other hand it’s annoying. A constant reminder that I can’t even be the one thing I’m meant to be, you know?

Rose: Of course I do. I’m not Hermione Granger.

Albus: OH. Oh no, Rose-

Rose: And we both know that’s not for lack of trying. I thought that if I made sure I was enough like her, maybe I could learn to BE her. Why do you think I work so hard? I got into her House, I matched all her old grades, I’ve made sure not to do anything that could embarrass the family, but I’m not her. I see it every time one of the professors talks about something she did back in school, something I wouldn’t be able to do in seventh year, let alone now. She makes everything seem so easy but it’s NOT- or at least, not for me.

Albus: …Maybe you’re not Hermione Granger, but for what it’s worth? That work is paying off.

Rose: You think so?

Albus(Holding up a bandaged arm): I know so.

[Rose chuckles. Albus gives a slight grin]

Rose: Look, Albus, I know we’re never going to be friends the way we were back when we were little, but we’re still family. And if there’s anyone who’s going to understand the way you feel about your dad, it’s me. So from now on, maybe instead of cursing each other, we can just-

Albus: If you say ‘talk about our feelings’, I’m going to barf.

Rose: Al, we were having a moment. We were having a moment and you ruined it. Good job.

Albus: Oh, you WERE going to say it, weren’t you?

Rose: No, I wasn’t!

Albus: You were! Aw, how disgustingly sentimental of you!

Rose: Oh, shut UP.

Albus: And by the way?

Rose: I said shut up.

Albus: Thanks.

Divining the Relationship

Rose: What do the leaves say tonight, Oh Scorpion, reader of tea? Did the water touch the lemon, milk fight the sugar?

Rose: Okay, I hate to say this, but….explain.

Albus: Hey Rose! Hey Scorp! How’s the tea leaves treating you tonight? Why is there a cup on your shoulder?

Rose: He was making a comparison. To you. You’re the cup.

Albus: How am I the cup?

Scorpius: The real question is –

Albus:……..Because I’m full of love for Scorpius.

Scorpius: Any other cup…..

Albus: I am like THAT cup because I am yours.

Scorpius: An acceptable answer. Oh and the tea leaves say get Scorpius some actual tea. With lemon too. See its requested it right there!


Jules: You have returned, adult human male. 

Danny: Sigh, I should give up on you calling me dad, right?

Jules: Did you reconcile with mom? I am guessing so she she was chuckling and went straight to bed. 

Danny: Yes. Thank you for your concern. Did everything go okay? Are the kids in their bed. Wait, why are you awake. 

Jules: The dark hours is when I plan best. 

Blood of Passage: Part Sixteen


Cyrian studied Nate’s slender fingers. Years of art discipline were worn in those hands and Cyrian knew what it would mean for Nate if they were ruined. He also remembered when he had saved Nate when his fingers were almost destroyed. The male thanked him through physical means; sometimes he wondered if Adrien knew about that peice of history between him and Nate.

“You going to live? Or is your crippling fear of broken fingers going to render you catatonic?”

Nate glared at him. “Fuck you.”

“Name the time and place.” He could feel Bay’s glare from afar. It would seem his back to himself again. He kissed the air between them. “You too, Sweetheart.”

Nate rolled his eyes and walked away, his arms over Bay’s shoulders. He turned to find Blake staring at him. “Paint a picture, it lasts longer.”

“Maze found you.”

“She asked me to come and save your sorry asses. No thanks needed.”

“You didn’t need to save us. We had the situation handled.”

“Careful, Sunshine. With an ego like that your head will become too big for your body.”

“Oh look who’s talking.”

“Whatever. I’m getting out of here. Places to go, people to kill. Busy male, I am.”

“I’m sorry about Tania.”

“Don’t say her name. You don’t get that honor.”

“She was my friend.”

“And I’ll be the last face you see if you keep testing my patience.”

Blake shook his head, “Mother, you’re a dick.”

He turned on his heel and walked away. The sooner he got from these fools the sooner he would have Malyus’s blood on his fingers.

Five foot five and a combination of hazel-green eyes, freckles and ashy blonde hair, Baylor looked at him with a small grin and Nate was relieved he was okay. The male only went up to his shoulders but Baylor was a nonstop heart attack that would be the death of him.

“I am more than ready to get out of here,” Baylor said. The male was leaning into him, his fingers thrumming the spot right right above Nate’s right flank, his fingers a hummingbird’s wings against him. Nate loved it. “I need coffee and I need it now. I can actually taste it. The caffeine withdrawal is killing me.”

“You know that coffee stunts your growth, yes?”

Baylor glared up at him, “I hate you.”

He kissed Baylor’s temple, “Love you too.”

Baylor snorted, his fingers still fluttering at his side, Baylor slid closer to him and Nate’s heart was pounding in his chest, so he tightened his arm around Bay’s shoulder.

He could feel Zevakyn’s eyes on him and he looked to see he was right. Zev gave him a small nod and he returned it. Bay looked between them and a frown tugged at his mouth. “What was that?”

“What was what?”

“That nod that looked like you just signed a blood oath.”

“He… told me to not hurt you.”

Bay’s eyebrows hit his hairline, a flush in his face. “Why would he care if you hurt me or not?”

“Because he’s your friend?”

Baylor snorted, “I don’t have any friends besides Ash and you.”

Blake walked in time with them. “Now that’s just mean, Bay. We let you raid our personal libraries and you don’t even consider me or Adrien your friends. I’m broken. Just heartbroken that you have such a low opinion of us.”

Bay’s face flushed and he started to stammer. “I-”

“Too late,” Blake said dramatically. “The damage is done and my heart is broken. It’s your fault and now I must mend the pain by seeking out low companionship. I just pray Aurora can look past this and still find me to her liking.”

There it was. That laugh that Nate rarely heard from Baylor and a sharp piece of jealousy struck him for it not being the one to make him do it.

“Blake,” said Baylor. “Aurora almost killed you. Why would she like you?”

Blake turned to Nate. “Neither you or Cassian told him? I’m shocked. My baby brother can keep his mouth shut after all. Someone find me a history keeper so we can mark this day down as one we’ll never forget.”

“Blake,” Baylor said. “You give a bad name to us blonds. Dacia and I are going to have to kick you out of the club. You are tarnishing our reputation.” Nate started to choke on laughter.

“What does that even mean?” Blake said.

“Your stupidity outweighs your good looks.”

Blake just grinned. “Bay, do you think I’m pretty?”

Bays face was red but he said. “Pretty stupid, yeah.”

Blake laughed.

Nate grinned. “Oh, Baylor. You are a delight.”


Zevakyn wondered if he would ever fit into a group like the one before him. With all their problems they would kill for each other and somehow, it made him feel incredibly alone. Bay looked up, meeting his eyes. “You didn’t die.”

He grinned at him. “Nope.”

“Did you forgo your usual talk-your-way-out policy?”

“I..yeah. I kind of guess I did.”

“Too bad.” Bay shrugged. “Although I did tell you.”

He snorted. “Yeah I guess you did.”

Bay looked so much different than he did only a week before. He was lighter and brighter and Zevakyn found he was happy for him.

As Zevakyn walked, he noticed Bay’s fingers. They were always moving, always in motion. It must be a tic. He wondered if Bay realized he did that.

“I’m glad you didn’t get dead.” Bay’s lips twitched, an amused glint in his eyes. “For such a nice male.”

Oh if only he knew just how unkind he had been in his life. How ruthless he had been and how that cost him his Chelia. But the look in Bay’s eyes..he wasn’t far from the truth. He was too smart for his own good. But if Bay could tell him about his past, he would tell Bay about his. It was only fair. And the male saved his life, he could never repay back a kindness like that.


Blake couldn’t stop smiling to himself. They were so close, the cave entrance just ahead of them and he could feel her at the end of it. She was waiting for him and if she was waiting, that meant she knew about the bond and if she was waiting it meant that they had gotten the process of her staying in the other courts for a while started. And the look on his brother and Bay’s faces were icing. They were all getting out and he was relieved. He just hoped Cyrian too got out. Despite him being a total dickhead to everyone. And that Adrien would be okay, Cauldron knows his brother didn’t deserve what happened to him.

“You reek.” Bay grimaced. “Please tell me you plan on bathing before eating. You’ll spoil your food before it even touches your lips.”

Nate opened his mouth, “I reject that statement. I smell wonderful.”

Bay snorted, “Yeah, eau de old blood really brings out the lavender in your scent.”

“Eat and bathe at the same time. Cauldron knows you’ve done it at least once before,” Blake said.

“I have not.”

“Have to.”

“How would you even know if I’ve done that? Do you walk in when I shower or something?”

“And see my brother’s bony ass? I think the fuck not. You leave plates in the bathroom and half the time I trip over an apple.”

“Either you’re lying or your are an uncoordinated man-duck who needs our mother to nurse your wounds.”

Blake ignored him and stopped. “Can you feel it?”

“The wind.” Zev said.

“Were at the end,” said Nate. “Fucking finally.”

He agreed.


Tarus clutched the sides of the toilet, chills and tremors convulsed through him as wet coughs burst out of him. He could hear the dripping of the water, the sound of a male’s sobbing in the next room. He could hear his own screaming in his ears. Everything was too loud and he couldn’t quite remember where he was.

The bile in the back of his throat burned as he tried to force himself sick, to get the tremors to stop and to come back from this thing, this sickness that made him unable to touch others without recalling images from his past.


He leaned backwards, his back to the wall before he looked at the female. “I’m fine.”

Cauldron,” Mazakynn knelt down to his side, her hand reaching out to touch his face. He flinched back, his head hitting the wall, and she froze. “Do you remember where you are?”

“I-” He faltered. No, he didn’t know where he was. Where was he?

“You are out. You are safe. You are in Varalis, the home of the Morrigan and her mate, Azriel. I will not hurt you, Tarus. Neither will they.  Okay? Tell me you know that we won’t hurt you.”

He could see the sincerity in her eyes, the warmth of her smile but it was all drowned out by the thudding of his heart in his ears, the unshed tears in his eyes that made her image blurry. “I’m fine. Go make sure Adrien’s okay.”

“You are not fine. Tarus, who hurt you?”

“It was a long time ago. It doesn’t matter. It’s over and done with.”


No.” He was yelling and he hurt his own ears. He tried again, more quiet. “No.”

He tried to stand up, his legs trembled beneath him and he caught himself before he fell to the ground. He’s okay. Hes okay and he would be fine. He just needed to calm down. He looked to Maze, “I’m fine. Really.”

“Blake shouldn’t have asked you to get Adrien out. It’s obvious that physical contact triggered something in you. You should have let Nate or Zevakyn get him out.”

“I almost killed Blake. I was-”

“It doesn’t matter. The Blond Bimbo can take care of himself. You need to let someone help you!”

“Who?” He snarled. “My adoptive father who let priestesses carve me apart to cure my sexuality? The males who cut me open and take my blood by force to get themselves high? The males who tried to r-” He stopped short. “I have no one to help me. I can’t go home. I can’t see my sister and tell her who I am because if I step foot in that court, they will have to kill me to get me to leave. I can’t go home. I can’t get comfort from my family because my so called father doesn’t love me.” His voice shuddered. “I have no one.”

Her face broke apart and he realized he said too much and he didn’t know how to take back his words. He should have just said he was fine and to walk away. Instead, he let himself slide back down, his knees brought to his chest and his hands were in his hair.

The awful truth of it was, he had no one and he should have let Bay kill him in the Blood Rite. It would have been a kindness to die beneath the male’s hand and to never be able to feel this burden ever again.

“Look at me,” Mazakynn said. He didn’t.

Look at me, Tarus.” her voice was firm and he found himself dragging his eyes up to meet hers.

“I don’t have anyone either. Not any more. Unless you count Adrien.” She paused. “My father and brother beat me to a pulp and I learned to hide my bruises. I told myself that there had to be a reason for them to do this.  I watched what I said and did. I tiptoed around them both until I realized that it was them who were wrong and I fought back.”

“If you want a family, Tarus, I will be your family. We have both been fucked up too much to ever be considered sane.”

He blinked. “You don’t even know me.”

“I know you saved my mate.”

“Your mate? Adrien?”

She paused. “He doesn’t know. Please don’t tell anyone.”

His lips stretched into a humorless smile. “Who am I going to tell?”

“With dark humor like that,” she laughed quietly, “you will fit right along with the rest of us.”

Would these people just welcome him in after what he did? He almost killed the spymaster’s eldest son, the Morrigan’s eldest son. He threatened their youngest. When they find out they will kill him for it and he would burn in hell. He would never meet his sister or go home to the Dawn Court. It was the punishment he had expected since before entering the Blood Rite.

Mazakynn cocked her head, “Who is your sister?” He knew what she was doing. She was trying to get him distracted. To get him to calm the rush of panic in his blood.

“She’s the heir of the Dawn Court.”

Her eyes widened. “Aurora Luxmea is your sister?!”

“Do you know her?”

“No, I don’t but…”

He leaned forward. “What do you know about her?”

She hesitated. “I know that she had a poor excuse for a father. I know she’s highly skilled in combat and that Blake has the hots for her.”

“He told me he didn’t.”

“No, he’s not in love with her. But he is in lust with her.” She sat down next to him. “Is that why you tried to kill Blake? Because of his feelings for her?”

“No. I tried to kill him for trying to kill her.”

“Oh sweetie. Blake could never hurt Aurora. Ever. It just isn’t possible.” her eyes were liquid amber. “He may be a slut but when it comes to her, Blake would sooner cut his arm off than hurt her.”

“Then why is he so protective of her if he doesn’t love her? Why didn’t he raise a hand to me unless it was just to defend himself? Why is he so passionate?”

She snorted. “You give him way too much credit. I would tell you what I knew about them but I was sworn to secrecy and unlike my mate and his brothers, I know how to keep a secret.”

“You told me about Adrien.”

Her smile was a devious one. “Yes I did. But I knew you wouldn’t say anything.”

His heart had finally gotten back to its regular rhythm and he could finally breathe. He palmed his eye and groaned. “I’m sorry for yelling at you. I- I forgot where I was.”

“You’re sweet.” She said. “Too bad I’m in love with an arrogant hothead or else I’d steal you for myself.”

“Who would you steal me from?”

She brought her fingers up to her lips. “Can’t say.”

He felt himself start to smile, “that’s very considerate of you.”

“Are you better now? Do you still need me?”

No. But it’s a start.  “Go help Adrien.”

She flashed him a brilliant smile and headed out the door. Pausing for a brief moment she turned back around. “Welcome to the family, Tarus.”


Adrien pulled his legs up to his chest. He could hear his parent through his shadows. He could feel their rage and despair and he knew it was him that put it there.

“Our son is broken, Az. He is going to fall apart unless we help him. I don’t know what to do. Our son is too young to be like this. Those beautiful wings…what do we do? What do we do to help our son?”

His mother was crying and he knew right now his father’s arms were around her, his chin on her forehead and he’d murmur how it would be okay and he would do everything he could. Too bad Adrien didn’t believe his all powerful father could save him.

He laid his head down to his pillowed and curled up on his side, his tears wet against his face.


He opened his eyes, “Maze.”

She climbed up onto the bed with him, her warm fingers were pushing back his bangs, “Im so sorry this happened to you.”

“It’s my own fault.”

She sighed and laid her head next to his. “I love you, Adrien. I love you so. so much and it scares the hell out of me and I don’t know how to help you.”

He had waited so long to hear those words come from her but he didn’t want them. Not right now when it took him almost dying to get her to say it. When he felt like he had been disgraced and ruined and ashamed. So instead he turned away from her and closed his eyes, letting sleep carry him into oblivion.


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