In late winter Sockeye was invited by Cindy Young to work out on Vashon island. Since it is so far from our shop we did a Spike trip. In the first two photos we were at Piner Point doing a replanting project on a massive slope near the water. There was quite a high mortality rate of the previous plants. We replanted and set fabric squares for stability and invasive species control. The last three are the amazing views we had on Neil Point. Another landslide area where we tackled a massive hillside grubbing Himalayan Blackberry and replanted native trees and shrubs.

   On a Spike the crew stays near the work making it easier to travel every day and get some great work done. During our stay Able, who also works for the county, put us up in this retro little cabin above a huge warehouse. The very first night no one could find the heaters or a way to turn the heat on. We spent the whole night shivering and wrapped up in our blankets. Luckily Bui found a huge space heater the second night and we couldn’t have appreciated it more. I think we were used to being spoiled on our Kitsap County Spike.

   All in all Vashon Island has been without a doubt my favorite part of the year. We experienced countless wildlife on our trip. I saw sea otters, a sea lion, seagulls, crabs, hawks, salamanders, and the amazing bald eagle and her family. It was a great honor to be asked to work out on Vashon Island. When the sun did shine it made everything so worth it. Who couldn’t love working with views like this?

A trail in Heart of the Hills campgrounds in The Olympic Natonal Park. There were hundreds of species of plants and some wildlife too! Fungi, Fern, Trees, thimbleberry, Vine Maple, birds, butterflies and so many more. A winding haven in a big forest. It seemed neverending.