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Wolf and Tree Bracelet - Handmade Reiki Infused Sterling Silver Hand-cut Pendant on a Handcrafted Chain

I love wolves, they are so majestic! Here is a beautiful wolf howling with a beautiful tree.

The wolf and tree were each hand cut using a small hand saw. Each link was made individually as this chain was created.

This is an ORIGINAL DESIGN by me. This bracelet is unique and truly one-of-a-kind.

My Eco-friendly jewelry making process includes using a natural pickle solution to clean my metals. Most jewelers use a mild acid, I use vinegar. My flux (the chemical that helps solder flow) is borax, a natural alternative. I save and recycle all of my metal scraps and purchase recycled metals whenever I can. My husband and I gather our stones without the use of mechanical tools making sure to leave no trace. I do everything in my power to keep my jewelry making process as natural and chemical free as I can.

Your jewelry will arrive in a gift box with a card about our work.

Reiki is administered during the creation of your piece to raise the vibrational frequency of your new jewelry.

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