Tumblr Crushes:

Oh hey, look, my crushes have gone A FOOT!  Alright, sorry Mango, just had to put that in there. ;-)

Note: Smit, you’ve been my number one crush for over a month–I think the only other time that has happened was with Ben when I first started this journey nearly a year ago.  Feel blessed, you’ve become the new Ben to me. :P

And the rest of these people, if you don’t follow them, then you should! 3 just completed the St. Jude Marathon this past weekend, 2 more are training for half/marathons.  1 got his family to join in on his weight loss journey, and the others are working their way towards pretty amazing goals.

Happy Tuesday, fitblrs!


To be honest, when we signed up for it, we didn’t really do any research on it. We saw it was an end-of-season marathon, where it would be “colder” so we signed up. We had NO CLUE what we were getting ourselves into.

That being said - We both finished and have no regrets. It’ll make our next marathon a little easier… right?


I have a long back log of responses....

But I honestly don’t feel like going through them and creating a nice fancy look.  So here’s the bulletins.  And we’re talking responses from almost 2 weeks ago…sorry guys!

  • Long running is not good for my weight loss.  Some people say it is, but my doc says it isn’t and my body agrees.  Hence me stopping long distances posts NYC Half.
  • Thesis research – I’m writing my thesis on the Tennessee Valley Authority and the federal involvement in a specific town within the Tennessee Valley, reason why I was doing research in Alabama.
  • Sky diving = death.  Seriously, what’s the point in jumping out of a perfectly functioning airplane? (KC ignore this because you’re just plain old crazy for wanting to do this).
  • Goal weight activity: rock climbing …. although I have a pesky little thing of being afraid of heights, so it might be indoor rock climbing.
  • @runningwithpump – Both you AND KC are trying to beat Smit.  Thus far only Moxy has been able to toss Smit from his standing.  But it only happened one week, and I’m pretty certain if Smit had been in NYC there would have been big competition.
  • For those well wishes regarding safe journey – it was safe, I was taken down every single county back road from North Alabama to back home in Florida it seemed.  GPS malfunctioned adding 2 hours to my journey.
  • @tryingtogetsmaller – Yeah, I’m going to try the running club, not tomorrow because I have class, but perhaps Thursday if the weather cooperates.  From my understanding it’s primarily 65+ age, so I’ll be a young ‘un.  
  • I <3 my Nook.  Although I’m having some magazine subscription issues where my print copy won’t give me a free tablet subscription, still duking it out with the magazines.  But other than that, just excited to have a new playtoy around to keep me entertained at the gym and occupied when I’m out and about.  Also need to upload Gilmore Girls Season 1 to my computer pronto because I want to start my annual summer watching.  (@livinglifeinmotion – I bought rissoto, which triggered me wanting to watch GG, haha!)
  • Thanks for the swimming comments!  I’m really enjoying the pool and all that it has to offer.

 erindoeslife replied to your photoDay 2 of swimming equated to 2000 yards (aka a…

You, my friend, are a badass. That is all.

I’m badass?  Only because I’ve opted to trade in my running schedule for swimming.  I haven’t run in 10 days and somehow my body isn’t complaining.  But it still feels stronger than ever, especially post-swim.

 lostweightgainedlove replied to your photoDay 2 of swimming equated to 2000 yards (aka a…

Awesome job friend! Also, the store is just a local grocery store called Winco. Never realized they had fresh honey and bees!

Thanks! And you’re doing a pretty amazing job with all your mountain biking.  I don’t think I have the legs for that, bet you’re building up some great muscles!  (And you’ll need 'em when you land on your feet post-sky diving :-P).  And that’s kind of neat that your local grocery store has that.  I’m not a huge honey fan, but I’d go out of my way to go to a store like that just to try some.


It looks like it depends on the tofu.  There are a number of different entries in myfitnesspal which say the calorie and protein level but not sodium level so I do not trust these entries (this goes for both chicken and tofu entries).  I’m assuming if the tofu isn’t fried in greasy oils or something like that it would be less in sodium.  I’m hoping this is for your personal reference and not a suggestion for me…lol.  I’m not a huge fan of tofu at all.  In fact, the only “fake” meat I’ve had is one of those veggie garden burgers that was tomato and basil flavored (I love them–if they still exist!).

And yay for doggie running!  Stay hydrated out there, looks like a heatwave is coming through the US.  I look forward to the weekends I go home so I get my extra mileage with the dog (well, I guess soon I’ll be home full-time so I’ll have full-time extra mileage).

The things that inspire us (Part 2)

So after the success of my first “The things that inspire us” post, I figured why not go do a second one. 

People You’ve Never Met that Inspire You

We all have people that inspire us, but have you ever thought about the people you’ve never met that inspire you?  Recently I have.  My followers (I figured I’ve met less than 10% of my followers in person) inspire me in my goals.  And I’ve never met you.

This post, however, is actually spurred by one of my followers who I admire and who is currently a Team-in-Training member running the Twin Cities Marathon on October 2. :pauses: Erin I want to know your reaction the minute after you read that sentence and realized I’m talking about you! :ends pause:  I encourage you to not only follow her but to donate to the cause.

Why am I mentioning a specific follower?  Well, I promise you that all of my followers inspire me, the reason why Erin is doing this is to honor the memory of her father.  Which got me thinking about the people in my life who I run for.  I look for specific 5Ks, for the most part, that proceeds go to cancer.  Why?  Because of how cancer has affected my life.  

Before I was even born cancer had already taken its toll on my family.  My grandparents died of cancer in the early 1950s, long before I was even thought of, long before my father had even met my mother.  I had a childhood friend who was diagnosed in elementary school with lung cancer.  I lost a great-aunt to cancer in middle school.  A high school teacher had throat cancer, which he eventually succumbed to.  My mentor and former supervisor in college and graduate school passed away last year from breast cancer.

Cancer.  It’s a word so strong and so defining.  It’s been around for decades (proof in point: grandparents I never met).  It’s still around and we’re in the twenty-first century.  We have surgery to correct our eyesight, surgery to get thinner, inhalers for asthma, antibiotics for so many illness.  But yet we still don’t have a cure for cancer.  Sure chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery might help a percentage of cancer patients, but it doesn’t help everyone.

When I first sat down to do this post I couldn’t think of a better title than “People You’ve Never Met” because it’s true.  My fitness journey and weight loss journey is for myself, to become a better person.  But the people who ride this journey with you can trickle down from the generations, we are influenced by so many different things in history that we don’t realize until we sit down and take time to think.

So I urge you to sit down and think about who inspires you.  Post your responses, send it to me in my ask box, or post it on your own blog (if you do this please let me know so I can read!).  And while you sit down and think about who inspires you, take a moment to donate to a cause that inspires me and help support a fellow fitblr on her own journey.

4 Things Monday, 8 miles recap, ice bath responses <--aka busy post!

4 Things Monday:

1. Ran 8 miles.  Technically 8.43 miles.  In 1:57.  Meaning 13:55 pace.  I honestly wasn’t even shooting for that pace, just kind of happened.  Oh, and hills.  I shouldn’t have taken the trail route that had hills since I have a hilly 10K on Saturday.  But I honestly didn’t want to run through neighborhoods for 8 miles.

2. Ice bath.  Seriously amazing.  My legs feel pretty darn awesome. Plus compression sleeves.  Nuff said, lower body is comfy tonight.

3. To do list only had 2 things I didn’t complete –  job application stuff and working on my project due Wednesday.  It’ll happen tomorrow for both as my schedule is light tomorrow.

4. In one day I completed my full week of exercise hours on myfitnesspal – 117 minutes running (8 miles), 60 minutes walking the dog (1.5 miles), 10 minutes stretching (post run)=184 minutes.  MFP says 180 minutes a week.  And it’s only Monday.  And I have 3 more runs. And 4 more dog walks. Plus a 10K Saturday.

Run recap:

8 miles was pretty awesome.  I wanted to do it first thing in the morning but didn’t sleep well so I couldn’t roll out of bed when my alarm went off.  So instead it was post-walking the dog.  Meaning I already had a 1.5 mile warm up before heading off for 8.  I had brought 2 of my Cliff energy gels with me but ended up only opening one around 3.5 miles in.  I was too entranced in running to really pay attention to needing it.  I ran behind a lady with a stroller, a dog, and even passed 3 people running in the opposite direction–and they passed me again after I turned around at the halfway point.  One of the ladies in the group shouted out to me their pace and asked if I wanted to join–8 minutes, umm I wish!  I told her thanks but I was on a 13 minute pace and perhaps in a few months I’d catch them at that speed.  Wowzers!  I hadn’t wanted to really do hills, but I ended up running up and down each of the 5 hills that were on the route, and back again.

I came back and felt energized.  8 miles last time around during half training I felt out of shape and exhausted from.  Considering that was maybe 20 pounds ago, I’m not attributing it to the weight loss.  Instead, I’m contributing it to diet, strength training, and just building up my mileage overtime.  Half marathon training in the “winter months” of Florida is also very helpful.  So for the first time ever I went for an ice bath.  The water was downright cold, but I remembered to keep all clothing on!  I was in there for about 15 minutes before I said enough was enough.

All in all it felt great, wish I hadn’t procrastinated on the run, but I got it done.  Note to self: Don’t eat leftover homemade pizza and cheetos 3 hours before running–my stomach felt super overstuffed for the first hour (darn @themoonandyou for making me want cheetos!)


runsforredvelvet replied to your photo: Yeah this is happening. Ice bath=COLD 8.45 miles…

You better push those legs under the water my dear! :)

Yup, after I took the picture I submerged them.  I had to get into a comfy position and it was hard to get that and get the light right for the picture.  It felt amazing…and I feel like a freak for loving the ice bath, haha.

 simplyaimee replied to your photoYeah this is happening. Ice bath=COLD 8.45 miles…

Brrr :) But know it feels good!

Yes! It felt amazing!  I’m going to be doing another one on Saturday post-10K.  I did the 5K version of this race in October, which resulted in my investment of my super awesome compression calf sleeves and I couldn’t run for almost a solid week after because of the pain.  We’re talking some of the biggest hills you’ll find in Florida.  I’m hoping ice bath and compression sleeves and 2 days rest and I’ll be back at running.  *fingers crossed*

 nowkathrynlive replied to your photoYeah this is happening. Ice bath=COLD 8.45 miles…

nice job nava!

Thanks!  And congrats on your half yesterday!

 erindoeslife replied to your photoYeah this is happening. Ice bath=COLD 8.45 miles…

Nice job, Nava!! Icing like the pros : )

Thanks Erin!  I thought it was about time to start in on icing since all the cool kids on my dash are doing it.  
@erindoeslife Move Out Transition

I tend to over think my move out strategy based on the fact that I lived in 5 different apartments in 4 years on campus, and this is the first year ever that I’ve moved out with a car (I got my car when I moved into this off campus apartment back in August 2009).  I’m a planner, if you haven’t noticed by my to do lists, so it’s just something I’ve become accustom to having planned out.

I appreciate the dog leash suggestion but he’s still in his training phase, so I’m hoping I can transition him with his leash rather than added accessories.  I have no issues with holding onto him because he doesn’t respond when you call his name when we’re outside (only inside the house), so I’m afraid if something were to happen then he wouldn’t return.  Maybe when he’s older and more seasoned I’ll get him the running leash.  But for the time being, he just joins me on the shorter runs and they supplement some of his bathroom breaks.

And words cannot describe how super excited I am to be able to have a built in running partner with the dog.  I wish I had been this way when I was younger with our other dogs before they got old and passed, but that’s life.

Tumblr Tuesday: The "I've never done this before" edition

I’ve never participated in Tumblr Tuesday, but as my days, weeks, and months on Tumblr continue to grow, it’s about time I participate in a thing or two more than I usually do.  So here it goes:

I was kind of shocked that none of the Davis clan made it onto my Tumblr crushes because I feel like they’ve always been on my tumblr crush list since the beginning.

Here’s the breakdown:

Rick-Does-His-Thang – This follower is one of the newer ones on my list; definitely an interesting guy to follow–I don’t follow a lot of guys, but something about his posts just hit me as showing the personal side of the opposite gender’s perspective on weight loss.

Kristenegetsit – I mentioned her in an earlier post because I stole her ABC Food survey.  This girl is amazing to me personally, because of a higher connection with going to the same university and just being at about the same point in our lives for change.  (btw, I think she has always been on my Tumblr crushes since the minute I started following her) (2nd btw, I met her on the Do Life Tour in Orlando and ran with her and her bff for a few minutes!)

Abetterbecky – So this girl rides bikes like crazy.  You thought I was insane for having high mileage runs in my view?  Well she rides high mileage bike rides.  This is someone I aspire to in this perspective, because my ass seriously cannot sit down for nearly as long as hers does on those bike rides.

Erindoeslife – Words cannot begin to describe this woman to me.  She’s an inspiration, a wonderful person, and like the big sister I always dreamed of.  She’s a TNT runner (take a look at one of my posts recently) and has 2 cute puppies.  I mean, ‘nuff said! ;-)

Jonathandoeslife – Oh Jonathan, my first follower (also my first unfollower, too – in his defense he was weeding down his dashboard and only following established blogs, so I completely understand).  This guy was inspired by Ben Davis, so he was actually the first person outside of the Davis clan that I started following on Tumblr (all that Ben stalking on tumblr in the old days *sigh*).  He’s an interesting person, works, just finished graduate school, coaches C25K running groups, has 2 little dogs….

Vigorandcupcakes – A.) I’m in her profile picture (everytime I see her on my dash I think that!). B.) I ran with her during the Do Life 5K Tour. C.) She’s has a great personality and is really a great down to earth person to talk to. D.) Follow her. Period.

Shrunken – I also met her on the Do Life 5K Tour.  I rarely follow people who are near my goal weight just because I’m so far from it and they are so close to it.  But now after reading her story and meeting her in person, I feel that people who are close to their goal weights still have similar struggles to us heavier people who are still a distance away from our goal weights.  Plus she has VFF’s. Gotta show VFF <3.

Toofatforrainboots – I should have met her at the Do Life 5K but she opted for a nice vacation weekend with the family, so that’s alright.  It’s people like her that I find my inspiration from, people who have a family to raise and other things in life to maintain besides trying to lose weight. Plus she’s from Florida, so we get to suffer through the heat and random rainstorms together.

Kayladoeslife – Such a cool person to have met online.  I love all her random updates, and of course her enthusiasm meeting Ben.  Because we’re all pretty smitten by Ben.  A girl that I can one day only wish to run as fast as!

Tumblr Crushes:

Alright, who is going to predict how long Smit stays on top of my crush list? 

All the others are amazing as well.  Surprised that there are so many guys on my crush list! And the girls on here are just as inspirational!  Must. Follow. Them. Now!

Yesterday's confession responses

catherinegetsfit replied to your post: An honest confession

You can do it Nava! Food is hard, especially this time of year.

Thank you so much, Catherine! I don’t know if it’s the time of the year because I don’t get into the holidays and all.  Especially since I don’t have a work environment, it’s me, my dad, and the pets all day long so I don’t get out much.  The sweets are what Mom brings into the house which I usually tend to avoid if I haven’t seen the package beforehand.

 kalsjourney replied to your postkalsjourney replied to your post: An honest…

This is excellent progress! Now, STAY AWAY FROM THE CHIPS!

No potato chips in yesterday’s eating diary!  Yay! :)

 erindoeslife replied to your postAn honest confession

I think we’re all kind of struggling, which is typical this time of year. Your dedication inspires me - you can do it!

Thanks Erin.  Like I mentioned to Catherine, I don’t think it’s the whole holiday rush since I’m not part of it.  It’s just my body and stress levels doing this to me.  All the same, I’m determined to get past it.  And as always, I’m just as proud of your accomplishments as you are of mine! :D

 becomingabetterbecky replied to your postAn honest confession

I’ll keep you to it!

Thanks Becky! Definitely need the encouragement and I know you’re one of my regular buddies on mfp!

 vogel-zara replied to your postAn honest confession

It’s easy to go down this road. We’ve all done it. The important thing is that you realize that this is going on, and you are willing to correct that! Good luck! I know you’ll do great this week! :)

Yes, you’re absolutely right that it is important to recognize what I’m doing wrong and switch it to go down the right path.  I’ve always known for a long time that working out would not be the problem once I got into a routine, it would be the food I consume at home.  Living under my parents’ roof after 6 years of being on my own really puts a kink into the diet that I eat in comparison to what they eat. 

 missmarisol replied to your postAn honest confession

I’ve not been able to find a job since April & I can’t help but get frustrated over it. But I can look at it in two ways: 1) be depressed & eat all I want or 2) try use the time to work on me. You choose. Just make the right choice. :)

Absolutely there are two choices.  I try to look up on it and think that hey, at least there are jobs in my field I am being rejected from instead of no jobs in my field.  I’m just a planner.  I like to know what my next move is and like to know what is happening in the future.  So for the first time to have an uncertain future really really frightens me and it is starting to show in how I view things in life.  Best of luck in your job conquest as well! Hopefully things will start to turn up in the new year.

 theskinnyongettingthinny replied to your photo16:50 — 1.33 miles Grabbed this beautiful long…

I love your posts :) they make me so happy!

Thanks! I try the best I can. :)  I’ve grown a lot in this past year to realize that this journey isn’t all about weight loss and getting active, but it’s about learning who you are and what it takes to embrace the changes in life to become something you never expected to become.  (P.S. How are you doing now that the wires have come off? Starting to enjoy eating solid foods again?)

Also, big thanks to Shoe and ChallengeMarla for also letting me know that things will get better!  It means a whole lot that all of ya’ll said encouraging words.  This just shows me how well built the fitblr community is here on tumblr and how we support one another in our journeys to become healthier, more active, and better people then what we once were.

And if you aren’t following any one of these people that I responded to, you should be. Because each and every one of them have an inspiring story to tell and it is worth seeing their lives change before your tumblr dashboard eye’s. 

bigfatshoe replied to your post: bigfatshoe replied to your post: missmarisol…

If you come to Gainesville or meet me in Orlando one day, it’ll happen. No preparation. Just bring your shoes and whatever else. No watch though. I’ll keep time and distance from my Garmin.

For future reference because I know people always like it when other fitblrs meet IRL and run. It’s in the works, so date tbd. :)  Oh, and I will be bringing my Garmin and you’ll be strapping it on so I can ignore it.  I need it recorded for me personally, plus I want to oogle over my heart rate and all that glorious stuff. ;-)

 michaelgoesrunning replied to your postGoals this week: - learn how to program Garmin to…

I got a Garmin for Xmas, wish I had had it day 1!

Believe me, I wish I had it since Day 1, too!  It was by far the best running investment ever.  I bought the Nike+ pod and adapter (I have the old nano ipod) and you have to buy a new pod sensor every 3 months or so because the battery dies, so the cost would add up.  After it died the first time I calculated out the cost and figured I would just go for the Garmin because I was committed to running.  And damn straight 10 months later I’m certainly committed.

 erindoeslife replied to your postGoals this week: - learn how to program Garmin to…

Hey, did you ever figure this out? It’s Mode > Training > Workouts > Interval > Time/Rest Time (for me anyway), then “enter” to change intervals (the clunkiest part of the interface.) Warmup/Cooldown = push “lap” button to start intervals.

Putting this out there for others to look at as well.  I had some issues setting it because I was uncertain of the reps and all, but I figured it out mid-run and got it working right.

@erindoeslife Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich

Yes!  I love me some Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich!  Growing up my brother loved pb&j but I was never a jelly fan (actually I hated when anything touched something else, so for jelly to stick to the peanut butter was just disgusting to me), so my mom decided to cut up bananas and stick them with the peanut butter.  Best sandwich ever.

Today I’ve modified the sandwich to have a healthier peanut butter, Better ‘n Peanut Butter, as it has lower calories, sodium, fat, sugar, and cholesterol than most of the other peanut butters out there.  Sadly, since I’ve moved, they don’t sell the lower sodium one near me, but the regular one (which still is pretty darn healthy!) is sold at the Target by my house.  I know I know, I could purchase it online, but for the same price minus shipping I’ll just have 100mg more sodium.

I remember when I was eating 1200-1300 calories when I first started my Do Life journey that I freaked out when I found out how many calories bananas were–I think I even created a post asking if people counted fruit and vegetables in their daily calories.  Now that I’m at a higher caloric intake I’m not nearly as worried because I need the potassium from the bananas so it counterbalances the 100+ calories each banana has.

And aww, thanks!  If someone had told me years ago that people would call me a rockstar, motivational, inspirational, and awesome, I would have long ago started this journey.  It makes me feel so honored and privileged to be such an inspiration to people.  3-4 years ago I could barely swim 200-300 yards without being out of breathe and needing to take a long break.  All of my running and working out over the past 8 months paid off last month when I got back into the pool to swim for the first time in 2 years.  Anyone can do it if they set their mind to it and try.  :)


Aww, thanks!  I was looking at some department photos at work since yesterday was my last day, and I saw a few rather “disgusting” pictures of me and then my friend posted some pictures from our outing on Wednesday and I looked at my chin and was like WHOA.  I’ll post the pictures on another day rather than pic spamming people’s dashboards. :)

He’s a schnauzer mix of some sort, more schnauzer than anything else, especially since he’s turning silver.  My parents got him from a pet rescue back in March and he’s taken over ever since.  In fact he’s sitting on the recliner chair next to the table I’m at right now.  And I promised you more dog pictures, so you’ll see an increase this weekend as I’m home, and once I’ve moved back at the end of July I’ll make an effort for more pictures of the not so fabulous running partner.  He needs to learn to control his “omg there’s a squirrel” leash jerking still.  Plus the “let’s stop and pee at every super large weed, mailbox, or lamp post”.

cupcakesandchaucer replied to your post: GPOYT & To Do List

This is such a good picture. You look lovely. :)

mr-smit replied to your post: GPOYT & To Do List

Lookin’ slim! Keep up the good work!

carolynruns replied to your post: GPOYT & To Do List

Chamomile tea? Maybe some stretching/yoga/meditation before bed? At any rate, I understand your nerves, but you’re going to rock those comps!!

erindoeslife replied to your post: GPOYT & To Do List

Nava, you look really fabulous. I can see such a difference. Amazing work!!

Guys thank you SO MUCH for the nice words this morning!  I’ve had a pretty bad morning, resulting in even more money being put down for car repairs (does it ever end?) and a serious realization that something needs to change quickly for jobs because my savings account is dwindling and it scares me.  I’m someone who loves saving money and not spending, so to see it disappear from tuition and car repairs it is really scary.  And it doesn’t help that this happens right before comps.

I’ll definitely try tea tonight to calm my nerves, but I’m not a huge tea drinker so we’ll see how well it goes.  Just need to remember to drink it a solid hour before bed so I don’t get up in the middle of the night to pee…

Responses and to do list accomplishments

@lostweightgainedlove - 2 M.A. degrees at 2 different universities…yup, definitely crazy!  But after May 2012 I can officially say I’ll be down to one degree. :)  (And you missed between Jan-July of this year when I was working 40 hour work weeks, taking 4 classes, AND training for a 10K then half marathon.  Think there is a word beyond crazy?)

@erindoeslife - It’s a good thing you get vacation time to work on your to do list! ;-)  And hopefully the pup enjoys the run.  And thanks for the congrats, I was amazed at the time.  I have up and down days, but when I get close to my new PR it makes me smile. :)

@kalsjourney - Oh the procrastination continues…just wait until you see how much I didn’t get done today

So….today I RAN one mile and BIKED two miles. (Note to self/TMI for all ya’ll men out there: Large chested women need proper bras to run in otherwise it hurts to run.  And guess who fished through the laundry basket and pulled out the wrong sports bra?  Yup, it hurt today, but there’s always tomorrow) And then proceeded to spend about 8 hours looking online for jobs instead of working on my thesis and doing my homework.  Oh, and the laundry is still in the basket.  But the bright side is that it is all running clothes, so I don’t have to go digging through my closet to put on running gear in the morning.

Seriously folks, this is really the only time of the semester that procrastination usually kicks me in the butt.  With one assignment left I usually slack off (still manage a good grade) but really don’t put the effort in until the last minute and get stressed about it.  

And every semester I promise myself I’ll change, yet I really haven’t.  Perhaps next semester?

@bigfatshoe, @erindoeslife, @kalsjourney Reblog responses

@bigfatshoe :  I don’t mind if I see reblogging of someone’s weight loss progress or things of that nature.  Sometimes though it seems to be a conversation between 2-3 and it keeps getting reblogged to answer further down, which is annoying.

@kalsjourney : No way are you the only one who hates that!  (Proof in point the others who responded to this post).  It gets frustrating because all that is posted are pictures after pictures.  I understand if you see this absolutely cute and adorable cat or something, but some people do it day after day after day (most recently with Harry Potter stuff).  And I’m sorry, but that’s why I have a regular blog on a different website for things not related to fitness/weight loss.  I ended up unfollowing 20 different people, admittedly about 5 of them were people who deactivated their blogs or hadn’t posted in at least a month and showed no signs of returning.

@erindoeslife : I honestly don’t recall ever seeing you reblog a picture since I’ve been following you – you’ve been kept on my happy side! :)  There are some followers where I don’t mind because they reblog ever so often and it’s actual useful things or it is something that I have an interest in as well.  But some it’s like they have nothing else to do put press “reblog” all day long.  And it just gets frustrating.  I had to scroll through at least 6 different times on my dash to get to ANYTHING that you posted in the last 48 hours.  And I wanted to see how the push-ups were going and it took me over half an hour to get past reading in between all of the reblogs.

Little random facts of my life (@erindoeslife response)

So after posting this morning that I ended up not running due to homework, I feel a small explanation for followers should be in order.

I got a response from one of my longtime followers and felt that not only does it deserve it’s usual post by itself with an answer, but a further detailed answer for followers to read instead of skimming over as I assume a number of you do with comment response posts.

I’ve heard it time and time again that I’m crazy for doing 2 Masters Degrees at the same time.  Everywhere I go it’s the one thing I say that seems to stick with everyone I meet.  Yes I’m working on 2 Masters Degrees.  No joke, really.  One I started a semester before the 2nd one.  My main degree requires a thesis component, which is where my central focus has been for the past year.  My 2nd degree just requires a whole bunch of interviewing, group projects, research papers, and online discussion posting.  Both are time consuming.

Starting in January I took an approach that I look back upon now and wonder How in the world did I survive the past semester.  Classes for my 2nd degree, comprehensive exams and thesis writing for my main degree.  And on top of that heavy load?  40 hours of work.  But it doesn’t end there.  In January I started 10K training, and working out, and the start of a nearly 30 pound weight loss journey thus far.

Something I didn’t mention during my Do Life 5K recap is a small discussion I had with Jed about how he manages to work, have a family, and continue training for Ironman.  He said it’s hard but takes whatever time he can to make it happen.

I feel the same way.  It is hard managing time.  I push my followers to create schedules and time management organization charts to help get workouts in with their daily activities.  I do a decent job of creating schedules and estimating hours needed for my homework, but always seem to underestimate.  

When I first enrolled in graduate school I was told the usual 4-6 hours per class each week as an undergrad is significantly LESS than the time I’d need for one graduate class.  In fact, I was told on average graduate students in my program spend 10-12 hours per week on each class.  So taking 3 classes means 30-36 hours of week for class.  Plus attending the 3 hour class, plus 40 hours of work.  Well that equates to 85 hours of your 168 hour week.  Add the 60 hours a week that you need for sleep, you’re at 145 hours taken over between school, work, and sleep.  Leaving you with a mere 13 hours per week of freedom.  To do what?  Well, I didn’t even include in there things like taking a shower, getting dressed, laundry, making meals, eating meals, grocery shopping.  They add up.  And if you think it takes about an hour to make dinner, there goes 7 more hours of your week leaving you with a mere 6 hours of freedom.  Add grocery shopping, laundry, and showering, and you’re out of hours.

This is why time management is so important, to make sure you are using your hours wisely in a day.  It’s difficult if things change on a day to day basis, but for consistent days you can manage your schedule wisely.

Or if you’re like me and take on entirely way too much and have to prioritize based off of what is due first, then you manage your life that way.  So projects that are due on Sunday that you don’t start work on until Friday, some people see as procrastination, but you might see as managing your time. <–I think I totally just gave ya’ll an excuse on waiting until the last minute to do things.

This was an entirely unplanned long version of my initially short response to @erindoeslife.  So here’s my short version: I am stubborn, an overachiever, and always wanting to go one step further. Therefore I am working, doing 2 MAs at the same time, and trying to get in shape/become a better person for life.