Every time I see this I am so not over it. Her soothingly rubbing his shoulder/chest like that, it was just so unnecessary. He’s a grown man and a cop, not a small child who needs to have his booboo comforted away. But his angel just wants to coddle him and make him feel better if she can, even on the job. That’s one of the things I love about their depiction on the show, they always have these little supportive, couple-y gestures and interactions while on duty, it’s so sweet. And a nice way of keeping a throughline of their connection and relationship on the kind of show that doesn’t revolve around or put a heavy emphasis on romance. And Erin’s little chest rub was just the most adorablest thing I’ve ever seen her do for Jay. I can’t with them sometimes.

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Another Life Chapter 12, a chicago pd fanfic | FanFiction

Too perfect? Not anymore! I hope you are ready for some angst because this chapter is chock full of it! Enjoy my sweet friends, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, as always! Thank you to everyone who reaches out with kind words or helpful suggestions, you are seriously amazing! This story has really grown into so much more than I ever expected and I don’t see it ending soon, if you’re willing to stick around!

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hurry home, partner. [part 8]

- Surprise! I haven’t forgotten about this story and I know how much we all need some Linstead fluff these days. I have one more piece in my mind for this fic but I sincerely hope you enjoy this one. Thank you for all the support!


“Jay, if I eat one more Jell-O cup I’m going to scream,” Erin hissed, trying not to glare at the kind nurse checking her vitals and the position of the baby and inquiring for the umpteenth time if she could get the soon-to-be mother anything else. And she was well aware the lady was just doing her job and she was well aware that she’d scarfed down at least twelve of those damn things of Jell-O already since she’d been admitted but Anabel was always hungry and Erin was always uncomfortable and if the fruity glob stopped the kicking and the squirming going on in her belly for even a few minutes she’d continue to shovel it in her mouth by the spoonful.

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Always Us Chapter 38, a chicago pd fanfic | FanFiction

Above all else; I try to make this a realistic story that elicits emotions good and bad. I have to say, as sadistic as it may seem; it is pretty amazing to make you cry with words alone ;) But, I also enjoy evoking positive joyful emotions as well. I hope this chapter finds you feeling both. Love you all SO incredibly much; especially those of you who take the time to review and message, I will never get tired of hearing what you think!

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I hadn’t heard this cover, ever! And I found it on Saturday, I fell in love. I think I liked it more than the original song, but anyways! New Linstead vid! (And i’m still heartbroken since wednesday) :(