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Hump Day Hunk

Haydn Thomas Has A Beautiful Treasure Trail Leading To His Irish Pot o’ Gold!

Erin Go Bragh, Baby!

  • Me: *Looking over giveaway fics* Hmmm...
  • Erin: *Hovering over my shoulder* ...You know what would be fun?
  • Me: *Half-listening* Hm?
  • Erin: A Prince and Pauper AU with The original cast of Miraculous as well as the current cast.
  • Me: *Pauses; snorts* How the hell would that work?
  • Erin: Well, think of it: a lonely prince trapped in his ivory tower, longing for freedom--
  • Me: That's already in the show.
  • Erin: Shush, I'm not done. Ahem, as I was saying--a lonely prince trapped in his ivory tower, longing for freedom, decides one night that enough is enough, and so he steals away into the night and convinces the first peasant that resembles him to switch places with him.
  • Me: ... *Leans back in chair* Hmm. Well, I could see Adrien being the prince, but Felix as a pauper?
  • Erin: Perhaps an accountant, then.
  • Me: *Snorts* That could work. And Bridgette could be a princess, reluctant to be betrothed to a baby-faced prince, until she comes to visit him and sees, whoa, sudden growth spurt, he's suddenly hot, what's happening? Oh! And Adrien would naturally falls for the baker's daughter, Marinette! That would be so....... *Glares at Erin* Why do you do this to me?
  • Erin: *Smirks* Because you make it too easy, dear.

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