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Deleted scene - Erin & Pete flirting

The Office Season 9 Ep. 9 Dwight's Christmas

plot summary: jim is leaving for philly, erin’s upset over andy, and the LAST office christmas party JUST WENT AMISH!

my opinion: the office is literally killing me. i can’t stop with the feels that this was the last EVER office christmas party and jim’s last one as well. and dwight is really sad that jim’s leaving and jim and pam are adorable.

but erin and pete. they are so adorable, and i just love pete so much. and he’s a nerd. which is adorable and, may i note, one way in which he is DIFFERENT from jim. also i don’t know why andy is being such a jerk. i really thought he was better, at least a bit and that he was improving, but clearly not. its nice because i can ship erin and pete happily now, and without reservation. HE PUT HIS ARM AROUND HER AND SHE LET HIM AND THEY WERE PERFECT. i don’t need to defend this ship. at all. also when he runs after her to watch die hard and THE ENTIRE EPISODE. also i never really liked andy, even with his whole nard dog thing, i only really liked him when he wasn’t being mean to erin. i like that they are shifting away from the supposed otp because its adding a more realistic turning for the characters, and making the office more realistic and amazing. okay i am done with this rant. sort of. 

i mean look at her. she’s so sad. and pete made her feel better. AND ANDY WAS WATCHING FRAKKING LIFE OF PI.


rating: belsnickel (don’t ask)

favorite quote scene: EVERYTHING