erin wert


Erin’s L7ville Google+ hangout today was pretty fun to watch (the parts of it I got to see; I was busy with work for a lot of it). But I happened to be tuned in during this highlight: When Bernie Su changed his screen thumbnail to Gigi’s new Twitter image, and people figured out what it was.

Erin’s scream was pretty awesome. :-)

Update: I used a timestamp in the video embedded above, so you can see that part by clicking on the thumbnail.

A few other moments I happened to catch:

  • 1:39:38 - Bernie Su talks about the Streamys.
  • 2:44:50 - Ali likes Downton, and Maggie Smith, prompting Bernie Su to reveal the “spoiler” that she would be cast as CDB.
  • 3:20:45 - Bernie Su gives his take on the announcement of the possible Lifetime P&P adaptation.

I bet there was other fun stuff in there, too. Those who were there for the whole thing: Any moments in particular I should look for?