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I love you! What kind of music do you listen to?

A lot of different kinds! But I really like alternative inoffensive pop (or you know, fun, happy sounds) and cute female singer-songwriters, so here are a few examples of those, with a link to a random favourite song of mine by each artist!


Coeur de Pirate

Passion Pit


Janelle Monae

Gabrielle Aplin

Tegan & Sara

Two Door Cinema Club

Matt and Kim

Vampire Weekend

Laura Marling

Sara Bareilles


Eliza and the Bear

Regina Spektor


Miike Snow

Those are just a few that maybe not everyone already knows! I also listen to a lot of late ’90s/early ’00s crap, Blink-182 (zero shame), Bon Jovi, techno/dance music, weird mashups, videogame and movie soundtracks, and every so often Katy Perry or One Direction song or whatever, but this is the stuff my friends have never heard of and make fun of me for. Oh, and I think RAC remixes are great.

(Love you, too ♥)


This past weekend, I had the grand pleasure to go visit my grandparents in Mount Pleasant, TX. Some people refer the town to “God’s Land” and if you are from Texas, I think you’ll understand why. I don’t have very many pictures of their life, and wanted to document what we did. 


The secret is out!

The culprits behind yesterday’s sweaterbomb were Caitlin Antkowski, a UNT/TWU fashion major, Savannah Flusche, a TWU fashion major, and the mastermind of the whole operation, Erin Summerlin, a UNT film student.

They had planned it over winter break, and waited until midnight before school started back up. It took a couple hours to cut & stitch all the pieces. Erin said it was the best $40 she ever spent.

I wrote and directed Romeo & Juliet: The Later Years. This is a dream come true for me, because I’ve always wanted to direct something AMAZING. Now you have a chance to help my project be seen. We are taking donations to enter my film into festivals, to pay my amazing actors, and help pay for the props and food for our crew. ANYTHING HELPS! I really can’t tell you enough how much I’d appreciate your help. Please share this link and let your friends and family know. To find out more about the film, watch our video in the link below.

Thank you.