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Playtime With A Monster (M)

Genre: somewhat mature with only hints of smut

Length: 1,000+ words

Kink(s): Daddy kink

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Red lights and clouds of cigarette smoke.

Near deafening music and groups of laughing people. 

The aura in the club was boisterous and lively- truthfully far to lively for you. You sat there on one of the cold, steel bar stools and timidly looked around, trying to see if you could spot the man who was supposed to meet you here, but you didn’t. 

You rolled your eyes and scoffed at your situation, “Wow..” You softly muttered to yourself, taking a small sip of the mixed drink the bartender had given to you a little earlier.  

Drinking wasn’t a usual thing for you; in fact you’ve never really have take a sip of alcohol in your life, but tonight was an exception. 

Just as you tipped the glass towards your plush, full lips someone removed it from your hand. Immediately you spun around and were greeted by the near holy sight of this down right ginormous, tattooed man.

He had this naturally vicious look on his face, adding to his sheer intimidating ambiance. Though you felt your stomach knot up, you peered up at him and put on your infamous resting bitch face. “Um, what do you think your doing? Give me back my drink.” 

As you reached out for your glass, he shook his head and put the drink down on the other side of him, “Pretty little girls like you shouldn’t be drinking.” He replied in this deep, smooth tone. 

You swallowed hard as the tall man turned to face you, tilting his head slightly as he flashed this mischievous smirk. 
“What?” You asked, rolling your eyes- immediately turning away from him to try and hide the red hue that washed over your cheeks. 

“You’re just really pretty- too pretty for this place that’s for sure.” A soft chuckle followed his compliment, bring his drink to his pillow-y lips; he took a large swig before setting it back down besides yours. “Why are you here anyway?” 

Turning to him once more, your head tilted slightly like a curious puppy, “What’s that supposed to mean?” You snapped, furrowing your brows. “Why do you want to know?” 

Shaking his head, he just simply shrugged as he rested his arms on the bar. “You seem like a good girl, you don’t even look like the drinking type.” He scoffed, eyeing you up and down the entire time. “I want to know because you peak my interests..” The corner of his mouth lifted in sly smirk. 

Rolling your eyes, you sighed as you glanced out at the crowd of people on the dance floor; bumping and grinding on one another. 
This really wasn’t your scene at all- did you really look that out of place?
“Well..” You began with an exasperated huff, looking back up at the man next to you, “My friend set me up with some guy-” 
Just before you could finish your sentence, he came up to you. He was handsome, a lot smaller in size compared to the man who remained beside you; but he was still just as breath taking. 

“Hi, you’re y/n.. right?” He asked nervously, brushing his fingers through his dark brown hair. “I- uh.. I’m Jaebum. The guy your friend Erin told you about.” 

“Oh um hey.” You began, reaching your hand out to properly shake his. “Yeah, I kind of thought you weren’t gonna come.” 

Jaebum quickly noticed the ginormous man beside you, glaring down at him. “Um- Who are you?” He asked the man directly then slightly nudged you as if you weren’t aware of the beast of a man next to you. “Y/n, who’s this?” 

Your face turned beet red the moment you realized you didn’t even know his name, “Uh..” 

The mysterious man firmly wrapped him arm around your waist, protectively pulling you close to him. You could feel the tension between the two as they practically kept their dagger-like glares at one another. 
“I’m Young Woo.” He replied in a lowly growl, his large hand tightly gripped your hip; holding you in place. “She’s mine, so I think it’d be best for you to move on out of here.” 

Jaebum seemed determined to keep his place there beside you, “Actually-” He replied, chuckling as he grabbed your hand- yanking you away from YoungWoo, “She’s here to meet me- so I think you should be the one to move on out of here.” 

You could feel the anger that radiated off the other man as his eyes narrowed at the sight of Jaebum putting his hands on you. 

Suddenly, his hands were on your hip; pulling you back over to him, practically picking you up at the same time. It felt like a determined game of tug of war, being pulled back and forth between them.

Once you were safely behind him, he stepped up to Jaebum- glaring down at him with the damn near fatal stare. “Kid.” He snarled, shaking his head in annoyance before roughly pushing him, 
“I’d suggest you get rid of that fucking attitude of your’s- it’s going to get you hurt..” YoungWoo shook his head as he turned back to you, protectively wrapping his arm around your waist before calling back out to the younger man. “Don’t ever touch what’s mine, ever again..” 

The younger man rolled his eyes, scoffing in disbelief as he watch the two of you walk away. 

The entire ride to his place was silent, you sat there- laying your head on the car seat, staring out at the dimly lit street lamps and quickly passing trees. 

Moments later, when the two of you were at his place; he quickly unlocked the door, leading you in. 

“I’m not your’s.” You suddenly said as you walked into his living room, breaking the complete silence between the two of you. “I don’t even know you..” 

“You can get to know me-” YoungWoo practically purred as he calmly strutted over to you, his large hands interlocked with yours; gently pulling you into his arms. “-But first..” He purred, suddenly enveloping you in a passionate, lust filled kiss. 

Your arms dangled around his neck as he backed you up against the couch. Lifting you effortlessly, he sat you on the arm of the couch- wedging himself between your legs as the kiss deepened. 

Slowly, the two of you pulled away; breathing heavily as he rested his forehead against yours, the chemistry between you too was intense- you could practically feel it in the air around you. 

A soft hiss escaped his lips as he tried to contain himself, “But first.. Let me make you mine, babygirl..” He spoke in that lowly growl of his as one of his hand rose up to your chest; lightly grazing your clothed breast just before tightly wrapping it around your throat. 
“Let Daddy take care of you..” 

To Be Continued~


A/n I accidentally fell in love and now I’m going to do a Diana spam. Sorry if she seems a little OOC this is my first one. Also, I might do a mini-series after I get a little more confident in my ability.


Diana kept a small distance, because she couldn’t bring herself to keep a large distance. She began to concentrate on little details that she normally overlooked; she had gathered a small pile of information on little things that y/n did. It was an odd little hobby but she liked it. Even though she hadn’t known y/n for long, Diana knew a lot of little things about her; the way y/n’s eyebrows furrowed when she was concentrated on something, the little wrinkle that showed up. Diana noticed the way y/n unconsciously licked her lips, or bit them to hold back a laugh at inappropriate times. Diana noticed the comments y/n muttered when she thought no one was listening. It was ironic, the fact that y/n secretly glanced at Diana half of the time and Diana stole looks at y/n the other half of the time.

Diana’s ‘hobby’ was her comprise to herself; she couldn’t act on her feelings towards y/n so she had two things in her process of ignoring them. Y/n and her had these little moments. Sometimes they were long, other times short, but they were moments where they forgot everything it each other.

“Hey Diana,” y/n approached from her old spot next to Barry.

Y/n was also a meta-human, which is why Diana’s secret identity wasn’t a problem. “Hello y/n,” she replied.

“You alright,” y/n questioned? Diana gave a slightly peculiar look in response which made y/n feel like she hadn’t worded that in the best way; y/n jumped in to correct herself. “I mean…you don’t seem your usual self. If something is wrong, you don’t have to tell me, I just want you to know that I’m here if you need me to be.”

Y/n finished her statement by placing a hand on Diana’s arm in a warm matter; that was enough for Diana to forget about her distancing thing. She smiled softly at the action. It was one of those moments.

“Thank you for that, y/n,” she moved her hand so that it was touching y/n. “If I need to talk, you will be the first person I go to.”

“Okay,” y/n replied. She didn’t know what to say, but she didn’t want to ruin the moment. Then
her phone buzzed, y/n reluctantly looked at it. “Oh my gosh.”

“What,” Diana asked? “Is something wrong?”

Y/n smiled, “no, everything’s actually great. One of my best friends, Erin, from where I live says he’s arrived to town. He’s had this trip planned for awhile.”

Diana didn’t know what that sinking feeling in her stomach was, but she knew she didn’t like it. “That’s great,” she said through a forced smile.

Another phone buzz. “Erin just asked if I could pick him up at the airport. I’ll be on my way.”

“Hey y/n,” Diana called as y/n turned away, “mind if I go with you.”

“Not at all,” y/n replied. “But I’m driving.”

Diana was skeptical of Erin. She kept eyeing him and touching y/n’s non-driving hand. Diana was unusually quiet. Finally y/n dropped Erin off at his hotel.

“Something wrong,” y/n asked on the way back?

“I’m fine,” Diana muttered in an irritated voice.“

“Sorry, you just seemed annoyed ever since Erin showed up.” Y/n defended.

Diana didn’t really think it through before she replied, “I just don’t like the way he looked at you.”

Y/n could feel that there was a potential jealousy there but it made her laugh. “Are you jealous?”

“No,” Diana lied while crossing her arms.

They arrived at y/n’s apartment, which they had earlier agreed to go to. Y/n laughed once again. “I can’t imagine why you’d be jealous. I mean Erin is here to propose to his boyfriend.”


“Yeah, it’s there three year anniversary so he flew here to propose at dinner.” Y/n explained.

Diana didn’t know how to react. She finally said, “…oh.”

“I think it’s cute that you were jealous.” Y/n teased. Then in a more serious tone, “not sure why?”

“You really do not know that I am basically in love with you.” Diana didn’t mean to say it but she could not bring herself to regret it. Y/n say still, in surprise. The silence made Diana reconsider it all. “I should not have-”

Diana didn’t get to finish her sentence because y/n pulled her into a kiss. It was warm and held something that neither could quite place.

“I’m basically in love with you too,” y/n breathed after she pulled away.

Diana grinned, “really?”


“Well we are going to make up for lost time,” Diana answered before kissing her again.

Back to the Past (Hamilton x Reader) 7

Words: 4100+

Warnings: blood mentions, death, violence, attempted sexual assault

A/N: you are all going to hate me and i’m sorry, and i barely edited because i really wanted you to read this so here you go.

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 8

“Hamilton, what are you doing?” You asked him, and he sighed, ignoring you. He was writing another letter for Washington, his hand quickly writing the calligraphy. You admired his penmanship, watching him write. Speaking of Washington, you almost ran into him the other day, and thankfully, Laurens was there to help you stay hidden.

You were sitting on the cot that Laurens laid out for you a few weeks ago. The boys and you decided that it was best for you to sleep behind the partition wall, since it was the only place that could hide you from someone that might come inside.

As you were sleeping there, you heard the rustling of the tent entrance. You glanced up out of your blanket, and saw a large figure standing there. Assuming that it was Mulligan, you closed your eyes again.

“Lieutenant Laurens, I need to see you immediately.” The booming voice surrounded the tent, making you shooting your eyes open.

That was definitely not Mulligan.

You saw Laurens’s figure quickly scamper out of bed, and you widened your eyes. Please don’t let him look behind here. “Laurens, why are you fully clothed?” Washington asked, and you heard a slight chuckle. Laurens laughed.

“Sir, I just like sleeping that way.” You heard a small stutter and nervousness in his voice. You hoped that Washington didn’t hear it as well.

He did.

“Lieutenant, are you okay?” The general began walking around the room, looking for anything out of the ordinary. You saw him walking towards the partition, and held your breath, shaking. You saw his hands touch the corner of the partition, and began pulling it back.

You heard Laurens gasp, and Washington turned towards him, moving away from you. You heard a strained chuckle from Laurens. “Ah, sorry sir. I suddenly experienced this pain in my thigh.” You saw Washington shake his head.

“Let’s take you to the medical tent to make sure everything is fine.” You saw their shadows disappear out of the tent, leaving you alone. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, walking around the room divider.

Lafayette was sleeping on his cot, unaware of the commotion that just took place. You giggled, and he shot his eyes open. “Mon amour, are you okay?” He asked, quickly getting up. How in the world…?

“I’m fine, Lafayette.”

“You know, I’m trying here, I really am. You just need to help me, you cannot let me figure this out without you.” You said softly, and he turned to you, sighing. He placed the quill on the side, looking at you.

“Okay then, how do we do this?” He asked you. “Should we try and say nice things to one another? Should we pretend that we like each other, until we actually do? Should we just kiss and settle our differences? Is that how we are going to do this?” He said, glaring at you. “Or maybe we can forget about this, and live our lives. I forget about you, and you do the same to me. And maybe that will break this loop as you call it, and we can finally die. How about that?”

You looked at him, saying nothing. He stared at you expectantly, waiting for your response. You rubbed your head, annoyed. “This is going to be harder than I thought. How could I like you? Every word that comes out of your mouth is stupid.” You mumbled, and he stood up, grabbing your hand. “Hey-!”

“Since we cannot figure this out by ourselves, maybe the lads can help us.”

“I don’t think it works that way…”

“Do you have a better idea?” He grumbled, and you followed him, no longer protesting. He dragged you to the tent that Mulligan had by himself. He had a needle in his mouth, stitching a piece of fabric. You looked up when the two of you appeared, and he took the needle out, staring at the two of you. He glanced down at Alexander’s hand in yours, and his smile slipped a little.

Lafayette and Laurens were sitting across from Mulligan, talking to each other. Laurens smiled at you, and Lafayette nodded.

“Lads, we need your help. The only thing Y/N and I do is argue, and this is not going anywhere. So we-“

“You.” You replied, and he rolled his eyes.

“-decided that it would be best for you to help us. So, can you?” They looked at each other, and Laurens was the first to speak.

“Um, aren’t you supposed to figure this out on your own? It would be strange for us to interfere on your relationship. Unless we lock you in a room, of course.” He said, grinning evilly. You raised your eyebrow, looks up at Hamilton. He had a straight face, looking at his friend.

“You are no help, Laurens.”

“Well, mon amis, if you do not like each other, why are you holding hands?” Lafayette pointed to your entwined fingers. Hamilton widened his eyes, and quickly took his fingers out of yours, clearing his throat. You saw a blush form on his cheeks.

“Um, Laf, that was because I had to drag her here after me. She insisted that we figure this out on our own.” He responded, shaking in his voice. You never saw him this nervous before, so it was a shock.

“My friends, I agree with Y/N. It takes two people to love each other, not five. You need to figure this out on your own, Hamilton. She loves you already, you just need to learn how to fight through this curse, and see that beautiful woman that you have right in front of you.” Mulligan said, continuing to look at the stitching. “And do it before it’s too late, before she realizes that there’s someone that cares for her just the way she is.” He whispered, never looking away from the fabric.

“Let’s go, Hamilton.” You said, tugging on his arm. Hamilton stayed in his place, staring at his friend curiously.

“Am I standing in front of the man who wishes to take her away?” Alexander said, and you could have sworn there was anger in his voice. You pulled on his arm, and he ignored you again.

Mulligan chuckled, barely hesitating on his work. “Of course, Hamilton. I believe you’re the only one who does not know this. And I do plan to do so, since you cannot stand her. She deserves better than you.” Hamilton began moving towards his friend. Laurens and Lafayette got up, stopping Hamilton.

Mon ami, this is not good idea.”

“Lafayette’s right, Hamilton. We all know who would win in a fight.” Mulligan laughed. You frowned, hating where this was going.

“Just because I do not like her now, does not mean anything. We are meant to be together, and I will try my best for that to happen. I better not see you try and bother Y/N.”

“Lads, I don’t think this is-“ Laurens started, but was interrupted by Mulligan pushing his tools to the side. He stood up, towering over the rest of you.

“What are you going to do about it, mon ami.” He hissed sarcastically, glaring at the shorter man. You moved in between all the commotion, putting your hands on both of their chests. Lafayette moved closer, standing next to you. Laurens did the same, standing on the opposite side.

“Stop. Stop fighting, this is stupid. I can decide for myself who I would like to be with, I’m not some pawn you guys could use. I am a human being, so treat me like one,” you turned to Mulligan, “Hercules, stop threatening your best friend. He’s just asking for help because he can’t figure this out, give him a break.” You turned to Hamilton, “And Alexander, stop acting like such a hot shot, you both love each other.”

“I don’t want this situation to break up your friendship. I want all of us to love each other, despite what might happen in the end. For all you know, I’ll just die to stop this from happening. I just want you to make this work, okay? So, stop this childish behavior.” You said, looking between both. They stopped glaring at each other, Hamilton being the first to hold out his hand.

“Truce?” He asked, and Mulligan looked at his hand, raising his eyebrow.

“You know I don’t shake hands, Hamilton.” You moved out of the way, and he pulled Hamilton against his chest, giving him a bear hug. The man laughed, and you saw the Hamilton that you once knew. He was genuinely smiling, like he used to.

“Okay, Herc, I cannot breathe anymore.”

You smiled at the two of them, happy they settled their differences quickly. Hamilton looked at you, the smile struggling to stay on his face. You nodded slowly, understanding. He nodded, the smile going into a straight line. “Let’s go, Y/N.” He said, touching your fingers with his. “We’ll figure this out.” Before you walked out, Mulligan called out.

“Better take care of her, Hamilton. I’m still here!” Hamilton laughed, closing the tent door behind him. The two of you walked quietly back to his tent, his fingers rubbing your palm. It was comforting, much different than holding his hand earlier.

“Y/N, I’m trying. I’m trying to deal with this. But it’s terribly difficult.”

“I know, Alexander. But you’ve been getting better. Remember that night when you could barely look at me without wanting to kill me? Now, you’re holding my hand without even flinching.” He laughed, looking down at your hands together. He played with your fingers, absentmindedly.

“I’m sorry for being rude to you for this long, Y/N. I think, I think I’m beginning to tolerate you.” You smiled at him. “You are a very beautiful human, Y/N. You are much different than Erin.”

“She told me that you liked her.” You whispered, and he laughed, shaking his head.

“I believe that is the completely opposite of what I think. In fact, I could not stand her. She talked about herself most of the time, and never let me say a word. She might have taken my kindness as liking, but that is not what it was. I just wanted her to stop dancing with me, so that I could dance with you.”

The two of you entered the tent, and he let go of your hand, going back to writing his work. He did not stop talking, though. “When I saw Hercules dancing with you, I, I did not know what feeling was coming over me. But I knew that I did not like that he was the one making you smile, and not me. These emotions come out of me without my permission, and they cover the hatred that was bestowed upon me. Just now, I wanted to kill Mulligan for trying to take you away from me.” He shook his head. “I do not know what I was thinking.”

“You still don’t feel that way, do you?” You asked, and he shrugged.

“No, I do not want to hurt my friend. But I cannot stand him being in the same room as you, if that is what you mean.” Hamilton said, writing away. You said nothing, just watching him write. His writing was beautiful, and yours was chicken-scratch compared to his. He glanced at you ever so often, a small smile on his face.

You got off the cot, wiping off your dress. Hamilton stopped writing, looking at you in confusion. “Where are you going?” He asked. You pointed out the tent.

“It’s late, and I need to get back to Laurens’s and Lafayette’s tent before the sun sets too low. You know that’s when all the men start to come out.” He bit his lip, looking at his cot. He then looked at you. You began walking out.

“What if you stayed in my tent tonight?” He asked when you were halfway there. You turned back to him, and there was a smile on his face. He looked nervous, his leg moving up and down quickly.

“Are you sure?” You asked. “You don’t have to, I know it’s hard.”

“No, I can handle it. If we want this to work, we must fight through it, right? Please stay with me in my tent tonight.” He blushed at his phrasing, and began to babble, “Um, no, that was inappropriate. I did not mean it that way.”

“It’s okay, Hamilton. And I would love to stay in your tent tonight.” You winked at him, and he shook his head. You began walking over to an empty spot behind his cot, clearing it off.

“Y/N, I’m not going to let you sleep on the floor.”

“It’s fine, sleeping on the cot is like sleeping on the floor anyway.”

“Do the men in your time let woman sleep on the floor during a battle?”

“Well, it would be kind of hard to say, Hamilton. The soldiers fight overseas, and I don’t know any men or women in the army. So, maybe. I hope they treat each other equally. That’s how it should be. And you did make me sleep on the floor, don’t you remember?“ You teased, rolling out a blanket. You felt his hand on yours, and you looked at him. He gave you a smile.

"I do. And I also remember that I am a gentleman, and I’m not going to do that to you again. Now, go to sleep on the cot, or I’ll pick you up when you’re sleeping and put you there myself.” There was no joking in his tone, so you rolled your eyes, but listened.

You laid your body on the cot, pulling the cover up. It was freezing tonight, so you piled it over your head, only your mouth and nose showing. Hamilton laughed at your cocoon, and you peeked out. He went back to his desk, and began writing again. It took you a while to fall asleep, but soon enough, you were unconscious.

Hamilton’s tent opened, and he looked over, seeing Lafayette walk in. “Hamilton, have you seen-” His gaze flicked over to your sleeping figure. You were sleeping soundly. He smiled, looking back at Hamilton. “Ahh, so you have made up? Are you courting?”

Hamilton laughed, shaking his head. “No, we are not, Lafayette. In fact, I asked her to come and sleep in here. I wanted to get to know her more. She’s a very interesting person.” Hamilton smiled to himself, sipping his quill in the ink. Lafayette nodded slowly.

“So you like her?”

“Not necessarily. More like fascinated. She’s from the future, Laf. We can learn so much about it-”

“Mon ami, I believe that you are missing the big point. Have you forgotten about the curse? Have you forgotten about us being reincarnated? This is no joke, Hamilton. We need to figure this out.”


“No, do not try to explain to me about the future. We need to get her home, the future does not matter. If we do not figure this out, we will be in the future. We will be stuck like this.” He looked over at you, making sure you were sleeping. “Y/N loves you, mon ami. She has not given up on you yet. But if you continue to treat her like this, she will. And remember, Mulligan is waiting for you to do so,” he hinted, “I will be gone, then.” He nodded at Hamilton once, then walked out the tent.

Hamilton stopped writing, and glanced over at you. There was something about you, something that he thought he finally figured out. But as Lafayette’s words drifted through his head, he grew uncertain.

Did he actually hate you? You moved a little, and Hamilton jumped, hoping you did not hear what he said. He then remembered that it was all in his head, and he was being ridiculous. You grew silent again, the only noise being your breaths.

He chuckled, admiring you. He placed his hand under his chin, watching the cocoon move up and down. He soon grew tired of writing, so he blew out the candle, and walked over to the blanket on the ground. You were still shivering, so he gave his last blanket to you, laying on the hate ground. He did not know how he felt about you, but one thing was certain:

He did not want to imagine his life without you in it.

You woke up quickly, hearing a loud boom sound. You turned to Hamilton, and he was already up, throwing his jacket on. He looked at you. “We’re being ambushed, I need to go.” He grabbed his musket from the table and began marching towards the entrance.


“Yes?” he asked, turning around. You gestured around you.

“What do I do?” He widened his eyes, then slapped his forehead.

“Oh no…” He glanced you over once, then grabbed your hand, pulling you Lafayette’s and Laurens’s tent. He looked around for something, then grabbed a uniform. He gave you it, and you stared, confused. “Put on the uniform, and hide behind the paper wall. Do not move, Y/N. Do not do anything until you hear from one of us, okay? This is no joke, one of those red coats could come and…” He trailed off, staring into the distance. He blinked, looking back at you. “Do you understand?”


“Good. See you soon.”


“Yes?” He said, anxious. There was excitement in his eyes, like he was ready to fight.

“Be careful, and don’t do anything stupid. I need you.” His eyes grew wide, and a smile tugged at his lips. Before he could say more, a loud horn rang out. He gave you one last look, before leaving you behind.

You followed his orders, making sure that you stayed silent. You heard gunshots and screams outside, and a part of you wanted to run away from all the chaos. But you stayed, hiding behind the wood. You heard the tent flaps open. You were about to climb from under the cot and greet your friend, but recalled what Alex said.

You stayed silent, listening.

“This is better than my cots, lads. Look at the embroidered quilt. Does a woman live in here?” The man joked. You immediately knew that this was no one you were familiar with.

There was nothing you could do. Your friends were probably somewhere on the battlefield, far away from this tent. You were visibly shaking, not knowing what to do. If you stayed there, there was a high chance of you getting caught. But if you ran out, they would definitely see you.

You decided to stay.

“You know these colonials, they are always comforting each other.” Another joked. Okay, only two, you could get out of there if something happens.

“Lads, we are here for supplies. Stop chatting and get to your job.” Three. There were three men.


You grabbed the nearest thing that looked like a weapon, and pulled it close to you. It was a short, broken stick.


The partition was pulled back quickly, and you held up the short stick, looking at the man standing in front of you. He was wearing a red coat, blood dripping from it. You were terrified, but you didn’t want him to see that. He snickered, crossing his arms against his chest. “Look at this, lads, a woman-“ You kicked him in the balls, and he groaned, crumbling over. You leaped off the cot, running towards the entrance. Before you could, another man stuck his leg out, causing you to trip and fall onto the ground.

You face hit the ground, and you felt blood seep out of a wound. You tried crawling up, but a foot landed on your back. You hissed, knowing that the hit would leave a bruise.

“What do we have here? What are ya, a woman soldier?” One asked, peering down at you. You spat in his face, and he laughed, wiping it off. “Ha, she’s a feisty one, eh?”

“That means she’s gonna be fun.” Another said, pulling on your uniform. You tried kicking and moving around, but they grabbed your arms and legs, holding you down.

“Stop! Leave me alone!” You cried, and they just laughed, continuing to pull at your clothes.

“You know, I haven’t seen a lady in a while. And you don’t look too bad.” He sneered, and you cried, trying your best way possible to escape. But it was to no avail.

Before he could take off any more of your clothes, you heard a gunshot. The man that was tearing off your clothes was pushed back by the bullet, the shot landing in his chest. His blood splattered on you, and you gasped. You looked up, and Hamilton was standing there, holding his musket in his hand.

“Get off of her, or I’ll kill you too.” He said, holding out a smaller gun in his hand. The men let go of you, holding up their hands in surrender. You scrambled off the ground, going right next to Hamilton. He pointed his gun at them, walking out slowly. Once he was a distance away from the tent, he sighed, looking down at you.

“Y/N, are you okay? Did they do anything to you?” He touched your face, concern in his eyes. You were speechless.

He didn’t look like he hated you. He was worried, scanning your body. He looked at the cu on your face, and sighed, shaking his head. Tears gathered in his eyes, and he pulled you close to him. Your back still ached, so you groaned, and he let you go quickly.

“I’m so sorry, I should have never left you there alone. This would have never happened if I thought of a better plan. It took all of me not to go back there and kill the other two. I really wanted to, but I had to make sure you’re okay. Y/N, are you okay? You haven’t said anything. I need to know that you are fine.” He looked at you, the tears finally falling. You laughed, staring up at him. He was puzzled, his eyes searching yours. You wiped the tears off his cheek, a smile on your face.

“I’m, I’m okay. Are you?” You looked at the fresh blood on his uniform. “Are you wounded? Where are the others? Are they okay?” You asked, looking around. He chuckled, wrapping his arms around you lightly this time. You closed your eyes, listening to the fast pace of his heartbeat.

There were still gunshots and screaming going on, but the two of you were in your own bubble, ignoring the outside world.

“I love you…” He whispered into your ear. “I love you, Y/N, and I am sorry I did not realize it before. I’m sorry for treating you so horribly, I’m sorry I called you all those names, I’m sorry I wanted to hurt you. I never want to feel like that again, I-“

You silenced him by pressing your lips against his. He froze against your lips, and your heart dropped. You quickly moved away from him, your heart beating faster. “Oh no, I just thought it would be a good idea. I mean, you were ranting and I just-“

“You kissed me.” He said, looking down at you. There was a deep blush on his face. “You kissed me.” He repeated, like he was waiting for me to answer. You nodded.

“Yes.” You replied, your nerves still getting the best of you. He ran his hands through his hair.

“You like me, Y/N? After everything I’ve done, you still like me?” He said, his voice shaking.

I love you, Alexander. I told you I did, and I still do. I wasn’t going to give up on you.” You said simply, and he laughed, looking at you again.

“Can I kiss you?” He said, putting his hands on either side of your face. He touched your cut, but you ignored it, nodding. He pressed his lips against yours, his tongue scattering across your lips. You wrapped your hands around his head.

As you pulled your face away from his, you felt a sharp pain on your spine. You gasped, your hands becoming limp. Hamilton looked down at you, holding your body up. You blinked slowly, feeling the pain course through your body. You looked at Hamilton, his face in shock. You could barely think, closing your eyes.

“I, I think I’m shot.” You said, touching your back. You opened your eyes a little, looking at the blood stained on your fingers. “Alexander…” You choked out, fluttering your lids.

“Y/N, Y/N! No!” He laid you down on the ground. You touched his arm lightly, trying hard to open your eyes. Once you were barely able to see him, you smiled.

“Take your time, I’ll see you on the other side.”

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Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: After 4.21
Genre: Hurt/Comfort

A/N: Alright, so I actually loved the episode. It reminded me of how good CPD can be, if they pull their heads out of their asses and just fucking try. But you know how I love writings those fics that come after the screen goes black? I couldn’t resist.

I hope you enjoy this & and thank you all for all the support and kind words.

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Cause I Never Wanted (Chicago P.D.)

Title: Cause I Never Wanted

Fandom: Chicago P.D.

Rating: T/PG-13

Author’s Note: This is set in the immediate aftermath of 4x17. 

A neatly folded quilt is pressed into his arms, and he tries to offer the blonde woman standing before a grateful smile. Tries to convey his appreciation for her letting him crash here, for her putting out freshly fluffed pillows and neatly ironed sheets on the couch despite the assumptions she’s making about why he’s here. Assumptions that cause her reminder about the bathroom being just down the hall to sound clipped and short thanks to the anger and solidarity she’s failing to suppress.

And, yet, he still tries to convey his appreciation. Tries to repress the thoughts in his head – the dark ones, the kind that sneak up on him when he least expects it – long enough to make the corner of his lips pull upward and mumble words of thanks because he knows his brother probably sprung this on her. Knows he doesn’t deserve Nine Shore making sure he has ironed sheets and enough blankets or offering him a sad smile as she reassures him that she’s sure he and Erin will work it out.

“An apology does wonders,” she offers with her characteristically bright smile. Any other night and he’d have to bite his tongue to keep from telling her to run. To stop pinning her hopes and dreams on a guy like his brother because women who smile as she does, who see the world as glass half full deserve more.

Tonight, though, his tongue sits loosely in his mouth and his hands remain empty of any proverbial stones he might cast. And yet his head still nods slightly even as he casts his gaze downward because he hopes she’s right, hopes that the woman in his life believes in that, too.  

“Thanks, Nina,” his brother pipes up. The words, the interruption forces his gaze from the flowery pattern on the blanket in his hand to the other side of the room where his brother leans lazily against the door jam. Forces him to watch as Nina crosses the room, gratefully takes one of the three open beer bottles in Will’s hands, and leaves the two of them alone in the living room.

“So,” Will draws out as he moves over towards the made-up couch, “Erin figured out who Abby was and kicked you out, huh?”

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@aelin-kathrine asked: How would it look like if jihan+woozi worked as waiters/workers in restaurant? Thank you in advance :3 Have a good day ^v^

You’re welcome! I hope you all like the aesthetic that I included at the top :) (none of those pictures are mine)

- Admin Erin


  • I feel like Jeonghan would be the type of waiter who would always overhear people talking about how handsome he is lol
  • and like it makes him laugh to himself sometimes because he’s not even the one receiving these compliments 
  • it’ll be either the person sitting across from their friend at a table or someone on their phone
  • ex: “do you see that waiter?” a girl says after taking a sip of her warm coffee. “he’s kinda hot”
  • kind of?” her friend retorts, raising an eyebrow as she takes a long drink of her tea. “correction: he is hot”
  • he gets a lot of tips lol
  • he’s very good friends with the other waiter that he shares a lot of his shifts with, Hong Jisoo
  • when work is slow, Jeonghan will help him clean up which often leads to friendly arguments about what goes where
  • you happen to walk into the cafe for the first time in the midst of one of those said “arguments”
  • jeonghan has just picked up a stack of coffee cups, moving them to the place where he insists that they should be when he sees you waiting in front of the counter
  • there’s no one in front of you and no one behind you, so he instantly has a miniature heart attack
  • “Did I keep you waiting?” he asks, trying to maintain his composure.
  • you smile and shake your head, glancing up at the menu hanging by the ceiling
  • “ok then, miss, may I have your name?” 
  • and then, because what kind of scenario would this be without this cliche: “Y/N? A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” 
  • you order a simple hot chocolate, since you’re not much of a coffee drinker, but Jeonghan is determined to make it the best drink you’ve ever had
  • just as he’s about to call for your order, he remembers some chocolate covered strawberries that someone had forgotten to pick up the other day
  • so when your order gets called, you’re pleasantly surprised to see two chocolate covered strawberries on a plate next to your cup
  • as you go to sit down, you notice extra writing on the cup and you look closer, only to see that he gave you his number


  • Jihoon won’t usually have shifts with Jeonghan or Jisoo, but instead with a young girl named Kyla and an older boy, Kihyun
  • so when he does work with Jeonghan or Jisoo (or both of them), he tends to get very irritated
  • whereas Kyla and Kihyun are very hard-working but reserved, Jeonghan and Jisoo tend to be lazy and quite loud at times
  • but he puts up with them b/c they make his life more fun :’)
  • also, as he makes drinks or food, he’ll sing, and Jisoo and Jeonghan will join him
  • and soon all the customers in the cafe are listening to them
  • the first time that happened, as soon as they finished their song, it was dead quiet in the cafe
  • to say the least, Woozi was shocked and very shy b/c he gotta stay humble y’know
  • but he was glad that his customers enjoyed their voices
  • “if you thought we sounded good together, you should hear Kihyun, Kyla and I. Kyla raps!” 
  • yeah so basically they get a lot more regulars after that
  • you had just happened to stop by the first day that they sang
  • after the applause had died down, you walked over to the counter (steeling your nerves too b/c damn that barista is cute)
  • your father happens to be the manager over at the Hard Rock Cafe down the block from the cafe and so, naturally, you ask Jihoon if he’d like to perform there
  • and he’s shocked??? like he’s never been given an opportunity like this before???? and maybe, just maybe, he’d get to see you more?????
  • so he agrees and the moment you walk away, Jeonghan sidles up to Jihoon and rests an arm on his shoulder
  • “good thing you took up that offer”


  • I feel like Jisoo would be the kind of guy who people (not just girls!) would go back to the cafe just to talk to him?
  • like he’s very inspirational and he’s just such a friendly and mellow person
  • but fails lol, he’s got a lot on his mind
  • and like I mentioned earlier, he argues with Jeonghan a lot about where things should go, especially when Hannie is just starting work there (married couple much?)
  • you’re at the cafe the first time the three of em sing together and you’re blown away 
  • but you’re too shy to actually GO UP TO THEM and say something
  • it’s actually your friend that drags you with her to go and talk to “the cute long-haired guy” when work has slowed down
  • so the two of them strike up a conversation and Jisoo kind of just… notices you standing there awkwardly? and he notices how attractive you are?
  • and of course he can’t leave a girl like you just standing there like that
  • “hi, I’m Joshua Hong. You’re Y/N, right?” 
  • you’re plesantly surprised and agree, and soon you two are chatting like there’s no tomorrow
  • when you finally finish talking to him, your friend had left and jeonghan had this small smile on his face
  • you sighed and glanced down at your phone, noticing how late it had gotten, and again, Jisoo notices this
  • “we’re about to close, would you mind if I walked you home?” 
  • you probably blushed like a tomato as you agreed
  • but you were glad that you would get to spend more time with Jisoo :’) 
Rival - Painter!Harry AU Part 1

Here it is. Feedback and thoughts would make me so very happy. I loved writing this and I hope you love these characters as I do. Happy reading. Part 2 coming soon. x

the harry I imagine.

You woke to the sun coming through the windows, not the usual blare of your alarm, having forgotten to draw the blinds before you went bed. You had spent the night fighting sleep, trying to finish the painting you had been given as extra credit; not that you needed it. Once your brush hit the canvas it was hard to stop even if you were on the brink of starvation or needed to sleep so bad your head hurt.

Last night went a lot like that; you had eaten lunch earlier in the day and planned on making a healthy dinner. But you never had the chance. Once you had gotten home from classes at three you had prepared to begin painting; which took a bit of time in itself. You painted until the early hours of the morning as crashed when you sat on your bed for a break.

You stretched, arching your back, your hands going above your head. You silenced your alarm before slipping out of your warm sheets and headed towards the painting, which was turned away from you, angled towards the window.

You had been given the task of using colours to trick the mind and to have something hidden amongst the colour. At first glance, your painting just looked like you had closed your eyes and stroked the brush over the canvas. But upon further study, the outline of a woman became evident, her curves accentuated by darker colours.

Although you could see areas you could tweak, you had no choice but to settle considering it was to be handed in today. Giving it one last glance, you got ready for the day.

When you got campus, you felt more eyes burning into you, more than usual. You always attracted attention, being the supposed ‘star student’, the student everyone expected to have their art in the most famous of galleries one day. That’s always been your goal.

You put the stares down to the large canvas tucked under your arm which was covered by a sheet; maybe they were trying to get a glance. With this thought, you continued moving, climbing stairs until you reached the main art classroom.

When you entered the room, you saw two figures standing at a desk at the front of the room, one being your favourite teacher, Mrs. Dean, although you were close enough to call her by her first name, Erin. You didn’t recognize the boy standing taller than her and you didn’t get the time to study him before they both turned to you and tore your eyes away from him.

“Oh, morning, Y/N. I won’t be a minute, dear.” You answered with a smile and subtly watched as they continued to discuss something. You went about uncovering your painting and setting it on an empty easel, using to one as close to the mystery boy as possible.

“So, do I need t’ bring anything to the master class with me?” His question made you look up towards them, Erin’s face reflecting worry. You always did the master classes with her. They were classes for younger kids that happened once a month to teach them basic skills of painters. You hoped he didn’t think he would be taking your place, not over your dead body.

“Um..Erin, I thought I was helping with the master classes from now on.” You had an eyebrow quirked at her and had moved closer, resting a hand on a desk. You kept your gaze on your teacher, but you could feel the boys stare on you. You didn’t let his gaze intimidate you, keeping your head up and voice strong.

“Well, I-I thought that since Harry was just starting here, he could come along and see what it’s all about. Harry’s very talented.” Harry. He had a name. You flicked your eyes to him; he was standing with a small smile, one you didn’t return. You looked him up and down before looking away. “He’ll be joining our class tomorrow; maybe you guys could do something together.”

Ha! So not only has she taken away a job from you for who knows how long, but know she wants you to work with your replacement. Yeah, fat chance. As much as you tried to stop it, you were sure a grimace took over your expression.

“That’d be fun. Your very good.” The answer came from him and when you looked up at him you followed his gaze to your painting which he had a perfect view of. You felt tempted to cover it again, to protect your work from his eyes.

“Thanks.” It was all you could muster, feeling such disdain towards him. Jealously reared its ugly head, no matter how hard you tried to beat it back down. You had always been chosen for these things, it didn’t matter how ‘talented’ other students were. You were always one to keep humble about your talent, but at this moment you wanted to rub in his face that it was your paintings that adorned half the wall space in the classroom.

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My Hero

Based on Ruzek’s comment in 5x01 about Jay punching another cop that was harassing Erin. One-shot.

Set early in season 4… you know, back before everything went to shit…

(I feel robbed that we never got this moment on the show)

Erin felt her cell phone buzz for what was probably the tenth time that evening. Jay picked up an overtime shift with Ruzek, and apparently the fundraiser they were patrolling was even more boring than they’d anticipated. Jay had been texting her all night, partly to tell her about the drunken antics they were witnessing, but mostly just because he missed her.

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Imagine having to hide your relationship with Sonny while working a case with you brother, Danny

(A/N: All I can say is I’m sorry for being such a crappy blogger. I hope you enjoy this. I’m really sorry) 

Imagine having to hide your relationship with Sonny while working a case with you brother, Danny

“See you both in 30,” Danny said before jogging out the squad-room.

“Seeya,” You called after him as you sat at your desk.

You watched him until he turned the corner and was out of site and then you turned back to look at Sonny, who was sitting at the desk in front of yours, facing you. You caught the final seconds of him lowering his head. He had been watching you but obviously, he didn’t want you to know that. You sighed as you watched him for a few seconds, pretending to be busy.

“Are you mad?” You asked.

“Nope,” Sonny said quickly, not looking up at you.

“You totally are,” You contradicted, “Sonny!”

“I’m not mad,” He said once again but took a breath as he was about to say something else.

“Don’t say it,” You warned, recognizing his tone almost immediately.

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I’ve decided to focus my (terribly mixed) feelings into this little deleted scene that I would have liked in the finale. I know that we’re all a little, frustrated? Dare I say, by the finale, and general lack of Jay’s point of view and Linstead so I wanted to focus a little on him. It’s my first time ever writing a fic so I hope this is not super terrible or out of character. Enjoy!

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Books I’ve Read So Far This Year

Hey, tumblr! It’s halfway through the year now (how???) and I was looking through my book list and thinking that I have read so many good books this year, so I thought I would just throw my book list as it stands under a cut, with brief notes on the books in case anyone is interested! Or wants to talk about how awesome they are. Or even wants to recommend me some based on what I’ve read!

Or just tell me what you’ve been reading, if you do not want to deal with, um. A 90-item annotated list.

It’s possible that I read too much.

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Thanks Angel 4x15 One shot

So both @cpdcfcmed7410 and I received requests to write a follow up scene for 4x15 and well, being besties, we decided to combine our writing styles and do a one shot together. Hope you enjoy it! You can also find it here:

And here:


“You about ready to go?” Erin asked Jay, rubbing her hands together as she made her way back into the bullpen from outside. She still couldn’t believe the audacity of Scrap. She’d busted her ass to get his brother off and he acted like an ungrateful ass.

“Yeah, just give me five,” Jay replied, barely looking up from the paperwork he was hurriedly filling in. He was anxious to get out of here tonight, more so then usual. He had negotiations to get under way.

Erin went and sat in her chair, not bothering to take her coat off since they’d be leaving in a minute and she’d already finished up for the day before she sprung Scrap. Leaning back, she let her gaze fall across the isle and watched Jay work. The hunch of his shoulders stretched the fabric of his shirt as he leaned forward over his desk. She knew exactly how warm and smooth the skin was there. She knew her lips fit perfectly in the curves between his muscles and shoulder blades. She knew she could draw a line of kisses eight freckles long from behind his ear to the curve of his arm. He absentmindedly bit at the corner of his lip as he concentrated and Erin licked her lips unconsciously as she imagined the feel of his teeth gently sinking into her lip instead. Her belly tightened as her eyes fell on his arms, knowing exactly where his veins bulged from exertion as he held his weight off her when he lay over her. Goosebumps rose on her skin imagining his strong hands playing over her body.

Her eyes continued to wander over his features, daydreaming. When she refocused on his head, she was no longer staring at the semi trained waves on top that she knew tightened into unruly curls when wet but into the blue of Jay’s eyes. They were dancing with amusement as a smirk spread across his face. She felt her cheeks redden, knowing full well the cocky bastard had caught her fantasizing about him.

“I’m ready when you are,” Jay chuckled, suggestively raising his eyebrows at her.

Erin rolled her eyes at him but she didn’t suppress her smile as she got to her feet. “Good because I’m starving!”

“Of course you are,” he laughed. “Where am I taking you for dinner?”

“Wait, you’re buying?” She teased in mock surprise.

“Yup, whatever you want.” He replied smugly.

“Hmm, in that case,” Erin tried to think of the most expensive restaurant they’d be allowed into wearing jeans.

“Oh no,” Jay said with a mix of humour and apprehension.

Erin laughed again as she made her way ahead of Jay down the stairs, affording him the opportunity to let his eyes roam over her backside, appreciating her curves the way she’d been doing to him moments ago.

He couldn’t wait to get his negotiations started. He half expected her to say no when he’d all but reduced himself to begging to have first go at driving their new rig. It had been worth the grovelling though. So worth it. And now that he’d had a taste he felt it necessary to renegotiate the terms of their partnership. He wasn’t going to insist he drive from now on, he couldn’t expect her to give up that kind of control, nor did he want to take that from her. If he were completely honest it was kind of hot his girl was such a badass behind the wheel. But he didn’t see anything wrong with them splitting the driving. He knew she felt safe with him, trusted him. Surely she would see the fairness in sharing the driving fifty-fifty? Of course he’d make sure to properly thank her during the negotiations too.

When the waiter finished pouring the glasses of wine Jay suggested they order, forgoing the pints of beer they usually opted for, Jay held up his glass. Erin cocked her head to the side, amused, but raised her glass to toast with him.
“Thanks Angel,” he said tipping his glass against hers with a wink, knowing she’d understand he was appreciative of getting to drive the truck earlier tonight. Erin laughed out loud. The raspy tone always made his heart beat speed up.
“You’re welcome grasshopper,” she replied cheekily.

Jay made a face at her. He wasn’t sure he liked this new nickname but he’d play along if it got him what he wanted.

They teased and bantered over dinner, unwinding from the intensity of the day. Jay loved this time with Erin, when they transitioned from partners to lovers with their easy friendship bridging the two. It was sometimes difficult keeping things professional and focused on the job but it was always easy coming home together.

It wasn’t hard to watch Erin slowly lick the chocolate cake from her fork as she savoured every bite of their shared dessert either. God he loved the way this woman appreciated food. He was also getting anxious to get home.

After paying they headed out. In the car Jay decided to start negotiations. “So I was thinking,” he started, letting his fingers softly dance across her thigh as she drove.

“Oh yea,” she said giving him a sideways glance and a smirk.

“Yea. You trust me, so I was thinking we should at least split driving fifty-fifty,” he said letting his fingers dance closer between her legs.

She smacked his hand away trying to focus as she drove. “Yea I dunno about that,” she said holding in her smile.

“Erin,” he started but refused to beg again. “I’ll make it worth it and you know it,” he said squeezing her thigh as she looked for a parking spot outside the apartment.

Erin slightly chuckled as she parked. He was right. While everyone thought she wore the pants in the relationship, Jay dominated in the bedroom. And really their relationship was fifty-fifty like it’s supposed to be. Maybe it was time she let everyone see that because she did trust him.

As they got out and headed in she said, “What do I get for fifty-fifty driving?” she asked.

Jay leaned down and whispered in her ear exactly what he planned to do to her. Erin let out a shiver as she bit her lip. “We’ll see,” she winked as they headed up.

Once inside the apartment, Jay pushed her back against the door and kissed her hard. He left her breathless as she held on to his neck. “I’m just getting started,” he whispered picking her up and carrying her to bed.

Erin squealed and giggled as he tossed her on the bed before stripping. He knew she’d been admiring him earlier while he finished paperwork so he’d let her get a good look before he properly thanked her.
He knew she was totally turned on by the time he was completely naked and crawling over her kissing.

“Patience Erin,” he whispered, kissing her lips.

Erin arched up, her jeans and sweater rubbing all over him. He pushed her back to the bed. “Patience,” he said again making her growl.

He slowly stripped her, worshipping her body with kisses as he went. Once he had her naked, he sat back on his heels just admiring her body. “So….. about driving fifty-fifty,” he whispered, his fingers softy trailing over her thighs and hips as he used his knees to spread her open.

“I dunno,” she said watching him as she tried to lay still. “Make it worth it, and we’ll talk,” she smirked.

“Oh it’ll be worth it,” he said kissing her hard. He put her hands above her head on her pillow. “Do not move them,” he said.

Erin just watched him, panting for breath, as he kissed down her body. He grabbed her hips giving them a gentle squeeze as he eyed her up and down.

He loved the effect he had on her, loved that he did this to her. “You will say yes,” he smirked before blowing a breath across her.

Erin wiggled and he grabbed her hips holding her still. “Don’t move,” he said again. He held her hips as he slowly lowered himself to the bed.

“Jay,” she panted knowing he was going to do exactly what she loved to get his way.

“You’re an angel,” he whispered before his tongue snuck out and licked her up. Erin’s hips arched, a moan escaped, and her hands came down to tug his hair.

Jay pulled back making her moan and toss her head; “I said don’t move,” he said moving her hands back.

A whimper escaped her lips and he knew he had her. “I mean it Erin, don’t move,” he said getting a nod from her.

He pinned her hips again before slowly licking her once more. “Jay,” she moaned as he did it again.

“Say yes,” he whispered keeping his tongue moving super slow just savoring her.

Erin just grunted moving her hands back to his hair and tugging. Jay immediately stopped again and put her hands back. “Don’t make me cuff you,” he whispered nipping at her ear.

“Fuck,” she panted arching against him.

Jay smirked as he slowly kissed back down her body setting her on fire. “So wet,” he whispered slowly licking again and letting his tongue lazily circle her clit.

Erin whimpered and moaned, her head tossing side to side at his torture. “Say yes Erin. Say you trust me enough,” he whispered slowly doing it again.

“Jay,” she whimpered, her hips arching as he pushed them back down.

“Say it,” he whispered nipping the inside of her thigh.

“Yes, God yes, please,” she moaned.

Jay smiled and placed a soft kiss on her clit. “Yes what?” he whispered ,spreading her lips wide to him.

“You can drive. I trust you,” she panted as she locked her eyes on him.

“I know you do,” he smiled before his lips locked over her clit and he sucked hard. He didn’t let up even though her hands made it back to his hair, tugging. He sucked and flicked her never letting up.

She tugged hard on his hair letting him know she was about to come as she moaned his name over and over. He slid two fingers in her still sucking her clit and she exploded moaning and screaming his name.

He licked her up letting his fingers rest in her as she rode it out. As she caught her breath he slowly eased his fingers out and kissed on her. “You’re an angel,” he whispered again kissing her lips.

“Your angel,” she smiled locking her legs around him. Jay kissed her hard as he slid into her.

“My angel. My Erin,” he panted.

She nodded, her eye glassy from their love making and her love for him, being surrounded in his love. “Don’t hold back,” she whispered just needing him.

Jay buried his face in her neck, his control slipping from needing her all day. Thoughts of taking her in the truck having floated through his head. He kissed and sucked on the sensitive spots on her neck as he thrust hard and fast.

Erin held on knowing this was exactly how the night would end after letting him drive, needing it just as much as him. She arched into him, squeezed him, kept him going until they were both teetering on the edge. “I’m gonna come,” she panted arching up hard.

Jay’s moan was the only answer she needed that he would too. She arched up again and squeezed him tight sending them both into oblivion.

It took several minutes for them to come down and he snuggled her after. “You really are an angel,” he whispered, making her giggle as they basked in the afterglow.

“You’re welcome grasshopper,” she giggled as he groaned, snuggling her close.

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#12 Dinner At Voight’s

A/N: In celebration of the renewal! (I’m so excited to all the shitty writing and character development (see what I did here? It’s irony.)) But no really, shitty or not, this show is my escape so I’m happy! One year more of fanfiction!

I would like to thank @allenting because kicking these ideas around was an absolute blast during a very boring night shift.

I dedicate this to my beautiful friend @justkillingtimewhileiwait, because she’s in pain and deserves all the fluff to make her feel better.

Prompt #12: Dinner at Voight’s. - When your boss was also your girlfriends foster father that was bound to make family dinners a bit awkward. Right?

Word count: 2,588 (longer yay!)

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Inspired by Sanders, activists push Democrats to the left — or out of the way
While Sen. Bernie Sanders used his star power to unite activists behind the Democrats at a progressive conference, some debated whether the party could ever be fixed to their liking.

It was the first day of the People’s Summit, a progressive conference organized by groups connected to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and an organizer was showing hundreds of activists a video demonstrating right and wrong ways to “build a movement that will win.”

The wrong way: Clinton’s caught-on-video response at a 2016 fundraiser to a Black Lives Matter protester demanding she apologize for having used the term “super predators” a decade earlier, during her husband’s push for tougher sentences for violent criminals. Groans turned to jeers as the video showed the protester being removed.

The right way: Sanders’s tactic in an August 2015 appearance of standing back and letting activists who interrupted him at a Seattle rally take over the event. Cheers filled the McCormick Place meeting room, where the People’s Summit had convened, as Sanders was shown on the screen talking to BLM organizers.

“That’s one way to link different issues up to one movement,” said Erin Evans, an organizer at one of Sanders’s biggest backers, National Nurses United, who was giving the presentation. “There is a way to bond people through a common vision while at the same time acknowledging that forms of structural violence that some communities undergo are important.”

Sanders was introduced by NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro as a politician who had “been rejected by those who control the party and their moneyed interests.” Onstage, he congratulated the Labour Party for its gains in the U.K.’s elections, and recounted the wins of his campaign — 2.5 million individual donations, 46 percent of the primary vote, landslides with young voters.

“We may not have won the campaign in 2016, but there is no question that we have won the battle of ideas,” Sanders said. “Brothers and sisters, that is no small thing.”

Nearly a year after effectively conceding the Democratic presidential nomination, Sanders was the star of this year’s People’s Summit, which has quickly become the country’s largest progressive political conference. At least 4,000 people trekked to Chicago for a weekend of teach-ins, panels and dance parties. In a Saturday-night speech, Sanders planned to tell activists to charge ahead because “ideas that, just a few years ago, seemed radical and unattainable, are now part of Main Street discussion.”

But as Sanders used his star power to unite activists behind the Democrats, some debated whether the Democratic Party could ever be fixed to their liking. Faced with unified Republican control of Washington, progressives were less interested in simple unity than in a purity that they believed could win.

Much of the discussion at the People’s Summit focused on the need to leave “neoliberal” politics in the dust. But there was disagreement about how to do so

.On Friday night, activists cheered at a clip of the NNU’s DeMoro telling California Democrats not to “assume the activists in California and around this country are going to stay with the Democratic Party.”When Clinton’s campaign was mentioned at all, it was as a cautionary tale.

“A billion dollars, and they set it on fire!” said CNN commentator Van Jones in a passionate speech. “A billion dollars for consultants!”

There were also comparisons to the surprise surge of the Labour Party in Thursday’s British election. Like Sanders, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn did not win. But Prime Minister Theresa May lost her majority, and Labour made gains that defied conventional wisdom.

Naomi Klein, an author promoting a book on how the anti-Trump resistance needs to advance, said at a Saturday panel that the collapse of “neoliberalism” and the unpopularity of the Trump administration has driven the political conversation.

“We’re seeing that we were lied to — we’re seeing that radical ideas are popular,” Klein said. “What’s next? Reparations for slavery and colonialism? Worker co-ops at the centerpiece of a democratic economy? Who knows?”

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Imagine Sonny being the first person you talk to when waking up from a Coma

Unofficial Part Two to this imagine

Imagine Sonny being the first person you talk to when waking up from a Coma

You heard every word. Every heartbreaking word. You’re families pleas for you to wake up. Sonny’s prayers to God, for you stay with him. You’re Dad hushed begging, when you were alone. Begging you not to let him bury his second child. You kept trying to say something, trying to comfort them. Stop their pain.

But you stayed put, unable to move or open your eyes but you were still listening. They were either talking to you or about you. You heard the doctor, tell a bunch of what you could only assume were Med Students.

You had suffered two gun shot wounds. One in the abdomen and one in the chest. You’d fallen to the ground causing major head trauma. One of the bullets hit your ribs causing it to break and penetrate your lung leading to a collapsed lung. They also had to remove your spleen due to the damage cause by the bullet. They’d put you in a medically induced Coma to prevent your brain swelling any more than it had. Your prognosis was mixed. Your gunshots would heal but they feared you may have permeant brain damage because of the lack of oxygen due to the collapsed lung.

You felt well enough despite not being able to move or speak. You kept slipping in and out of lucidness. Sometimes you could hear everything and everyone, sometimes it felt like you were dreaming and sometimes it was a mixture of the two.

You don’t know how long you were like that. It seemed like a long time. Everyone, had their moments, coming to see you. You were awake for most of them, you fear, you might have missed a few.

A lot of people had come to see you. Your family, who mostly stayed at the hospital, the squad, Liv,Fin, Barba, Rollins and even Jessie, once. Your friends, Sonny’s family and your Dad’s colleagues. From what you could hear he’d made your bedside his new base of commands. All of his colleagues came in offered their sympathies before launching back into work talk. It had to be done, the city didn’t stop for you.

You wanted to wake up and let everyone know you were okay so everything could go back to normal. Heard everything they said. You heard your Dad tell the tale of the day you were born and happy your Mom was to finally get another girl. Danny, talked about how he used you to attract women when you were a baby. Erin, telling you how sorry she was for shouting at you when you were kids for always reading her diary. Jamie, told you how even though you were his baby sister he was glad to work under a detective like you. Your Grandpa told you about the time when you first beat him at chess at age nine. Linda, thanked you for the umpteenth time for how you drove her to the hospital when she was in labor with Sean after he came three weeks premature.

Sonny got the most time though. Much like your Father, he didn’t leave your side. Though your Father was forced to leave but Sonny you assumed had always stayed at the hospital. Any time he was gone it was only for twenty minutes maximum. He told you the stories of how you met, how he asked you out, your first date, your ‘i love you’ exchanges, meeting your respective parents, moving in together and all the highlights of your three year relationships. Apparently, the doctor said that if you woke up, you might not remember anything. So he was practising telling you everything. Even though you know he couldn’t see it, you were smiling.

You didn’t know how long you were going to be like this.

You almost got used to it that was until what you can assume was last night. Of course the whole time you were in pain. Your head especially but suddenly their was a sharp pain in your chest. You felt your body moving for the first time and then you stopped. It was like falling asleep really but different. Their was a lot of of shouting and then their was nothing. Just silence

It was just bright lights and then you saw your Mom and your brother Joe. They were telling you that they were okay but you didn’t understand,why. Telling you stories about things you’d never heard of before and how sorry they were. Then suddenly you were back.

You could hear the beeping on the machine besides you and people chatting. You could feel the pressure of the oxygen mask pressing down on your mouth.

It was the next morning when you woke up. And it wasn’t the darkness awake. It was awake awake. You felt your eyes open and the light finally hit you. The picture of a hospital room came into view. It took you awhile to adjust.  When it finally did. You looked to around to see that you were alone. The on your right was empty but the table beside it was covered in flowers and small gifts.

You turned gently to the other side of you. The chair was empty as well but Sonny’s coat was hanging of the back of it. The clock read that it was round 7:00 in the morning. Pain was searing through your body but at least you were awake. You couldn’t move. You gently moved your head back into it’s position. You attempted to remove your mask from your face but it was strapped on hard and your inability to move the majority of you body rendered you unable to do so.

Then suddenly the door of the hospital room opened and you watched as Sonny slipped in quietly cautious not to wake up anyone else up. You watched as he turned and glanced at you sadly. So, quickly that he didn’t notice your open eyes at first. You let out a weak chuckle as he did a double take at the sight of your open eyes.

You lifted up your hand in a small attempt at wave. He dropped the coffees and bags of breakfast foods he was harbouring on the side-table next to the door. He rushed over to the side of your bed and grabbed your hand. For a few seconds all he did was stare at you. As if he was shocked to see you looking back at him. Maybe he was.

“Y/N?” He asked loudly and surprised.

You put a finger up to your mouth.

“Sorry.” he apologized a smile breaking out on his face.

You gestured to the oxygen mask on your face. He jerked into action to remove it. Pulling the mask gently off your face.

“Hi.” you whispered coarsely.

“Hi.” he breathed continuing to stare at you in awe.

“Are you okay?” you asked concerned looking up at him

“Yes, Yes. I’m fine. You just came out of a coma and you’re asking me if I’m okay.” Sonny chuckled breaking out of his daze, grabbing your face and cupping it in his hands.

“How long was I out?” you asked.

“Five days now.” Sonny informed.

“Five days? You haven’t left this hospital in five days?” you questioned shocked.

“How do you know I haven’t left this hospital?” Sonny asked equally as shocked.

“Well it’s kind of weird, actually. I was awake the whole time but I wasn’t. I could hear everything that was going on but it didn’t seem like five days.” you tried to explain still slightly dazed.

“You heard everything?” Sonny asked.

“I think so. I heard you, talking, talking about us. That’s how I know you didn’t leave.  you tried to explain, piecing your fragmented knowledge together.

“I knew you could hear me. The doctors kept saying you couldn’t but I knew you were. You were listening. I knew you could hear me. ” He beamed down at you before placing a kiss on your forehead.

“If I knew that all I had to do was listen to you to make you this happy I would have done it earlier.” you joked.

You went to laugh but as your body jerked you felt a sharp pain and winced.

“You shouldn’t move. You’ll tear your stitches.” he warned easing back down into the hospital bed.

“For when they removed my spleen?” you asked looking down at yourself, adjusting your sheets.

“So you heard the doctor too?” he smiled raising an eyebrow, “Let’s test this out. What else is wrong with you?”

“Well I had my spleen removed.two gunshots.  A major concussion and a collapsed a lung.” you recited slowly watching his reaction to check you were right.

“What didn’t you hear?” Sonny chuckled.

“Not much. Actually, you know what I didn’t hear. Well I heard but didn’t understand, really.” you began to explain.

“What?” he prompted.

“The argument.” you offered assuming that he would know what you were talking about.

“What argument?” he questioned confused.

“You know, last night. Well I think it was last night. My Dad was talking to me and then there was shouting. I think I went to asleep before I heard what was going on.” you sighed, looking up at him.

You watched as his face fell.

“What is it?” you asked sensing something was wrong.

“No one was arguing, last night.” he said sadly.

“Then what was…?” you began to ask but stopped.

You looked up at his face. Filled with pain and sadness. Then it all just clicked. Those screams were doctors and that dream with your brother an mother wasn’t a dream. It was something else. An afterlife, maybe even heaven.

“Did I die?” you whispered holding back the urge to cry.

“Technically, for two minutes. Last night this is.” he informed sadly, with a bowed head.

“I’m so sorry.” you apologised shaking your head lightly.

“Why are you apologising?” he asked confused and upset while simultaneously giving your hand a quick and comforting squeeze.

“I have no idea. What happened? I was alright, at least I felt like it. How could I have died?” you tried to comprehend but all you did was get yourself worked up.

“It’s okay, Y/N. Please relax, you’re going to hurt yourself.” he warned cautiously.

“It didn’t feel like dying. It felt more like sleeping.” you sighed still not able to comprehend.

“Well how would you know what dying felt like. You haven’t died before have you?” he chuckled lightening the mood.

“No and I don’t plan on doing it again any time soon.” you sighed.

“Good, you scared the life out of me.” he smiled tucked your hair behind your ear.

“Sorry about that.” you apologised once again.

“Why are you still apologising?” he asked confused.

“Because I know how it feels to think you’ve lost the person you love.” you sighed looking up at him.

“Sorry about that.” he chuckled, “Though you shouldn’t apologise. I wasn’t even here.”

“Where were you?” you asked curious.

“Downstairs, getting something to eat. Your Dad’s orders. He was with you.” Sonny informed.

“That’s even worse.” you sighed.

“Are you okay?” Sonny asked examining your face.

“No, I’m not. My Dad’s already buried one child. I saw what it did to him. He pretend that’s he’s fine but I know it still effects him.  I promised myself that I would never put him in that position because I saw what it did to him. Even while I was under he  begged me not to die. And I let him down. Even if was for a two minutes.” you explained sadly.

‘You can’t blame yourself for that. I know your Dad isn’t going too. You’re alive, Y/N. That’ all he cares about, trust me. I just spent five days with him.” Sonny tried to reassure you.

“I know. I know. It just brings back some things. Where is my Dad?” you sighed forcing out a smile.

“Erin and your Grandpa made him go home and get some rest. Do you want me to call him?” Sonny asked.

You nodded gently before wincing in pain once again and going still again. Sonny watched you as if he was in pain himself.

“Hey, I love you.” Sonny smiled down at you.

“I love you too.” you beamed up at him before he leaned down to kiss you.

“I’m glad you’re the first person I saw.” You grinned as he pulled away.

“Me too. I’m going to get the doctor and after that I’m going to call you Dad, okay?” he explained heading towards the door and once he reached it he turned round to look back at you.

“And after that you need to go home and take a shower. I love you and everything but you smell so bad.” you added.

“Says you. You’ve been in bed for five days.” he fired back.

“I was in a coma.” you reminded.

“Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. You’ve always got an excuse. Don’t you Reagan?” he joked.

“Always.” you said.

“Alright, alright. I’ll go home but I’m coming right back. Are you sure you’ll be okay?’ he asked looking for a reassurance.

“With the people who’ve known me since birth. You know my family. I’m sure I’ll be fine.” you reassured sarcastically.

“It’s shocking that their not in therapy.” he joked before slipping out the room to go get the doctor.

When he came back, he had the doctor in tow. He checked you out before telling you that you’d probably have to stay in the hospital for another week. After he left Sonny made the calls to your family and then he started lingering.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to wait until they get here?” he asked once again to make sure.

“I’ll be fine.” You said.

“I’m glad you’re alive.” he said suddenly leaning against the side of your bed and looking down at you.

“Same. I have a lot things I still want to do like beating my Dad at poker. ” you winked.

“Seriously, though. I’m glad you’re still here. I don’t know what I would have done without you. “Sonny admitted.

You pulled on his shirt forcing him to lower down. You wrapped your arms around him and he buried his head n your shoulder. You kissed the side of his head and you held him tight. You continued to hold until he released himself.

“I love you.” he repeated.

“Right back at you. Now go. Have a shower and take a nap.” you ordered as you waved him off.

 You rested your head as you waited to finally see your Dad again. 

made up for things this world lacked

Title from Erin Hanson’s poem beginning “She told me that the ocean/Had been calling her name”

….Yeah, it’s totally just a reference to cryptids. The title, not the poem.

You narrow your eyes. He narrows his back, scowling darkly.

Well, as darkly as an eight-year-old can, at least. On him, this scrawny and impossibly small kid, it kind of looks like an angry kitten.

(You have to try really, really hard not to laugh. It’s pretty adorable, in an abstract sense.)

You sigh. “Keith, we have to head back to the house now. It’ll be dinner soon, and Mom won’t be happy if we’re late.

Keith juts out his chin, and forces his chin into the air.

“Don’t wanna.”

(You love your brother. You really, really do. You just have to remind yourself of that, sometimes.)

You try pleading with him.

“Come on, she made that weird Jello thing you like for dessert.”

You see him waver for a moment, open up just the tiniest bit—but then he shuts up faster than those shrinking ferns, and it seems like he’ll stay there the whole night if you let him.

(It’s just a park. You can take him back the next day, if he really likes it so much. Why’s he being so stubborn about it now? It’s Friday. You had a stupidly long week at school, with essays and exams, and even after all that you still took your ungrateful little brother to the park, and now all you want to do is go home, eat dinner, and sleep for fourteen straight hours. Why is Keith being so stubborn.)

You sigh, rubbing out the crease between your eyebrows with your fingers.

“Whatever, Keith. I’m going home. If you really wanna stay here overnight, then go ahead.” You turn and start walking down the street. A couple of steps later, when Keith hasn’t moved to follow, you pause for a moment, squishing down the intense desire to grin. You shoot over your shoulder, “Just remember that if you see a chupacabra, climb high. Fast. Good luck!”

You start to whistle, hands in your pockets as you stroll out of the carefully-maintained city park and start down the long road back home.

(If this doesn’t work, Mom is gonna be so pissed at you, but there’s an eighty-five percent chance of success. After all, you really aren’t sure what made Keith so stubborn about not leaving the park this evening.)

There’s nothing to worry about, in the end—hardly five yards down the sidewalk and Keith comes barreling into you.

“You’re not supposed to just leave me alone! Shi-ro. Stop ignoring me.”

You hum.

There’s a tug on your sleeve. To be honest, it startles you, just a little bit. Keith doesn’t usually reach out like that. You look over, and he’s got his hands buried in his pockets, but his attempts at nonchalance are ruined by his bright red ears. You nudge his shoulder.

(Sometimes, you’d like to find whoever scared this kid into keeping to himself all the time and just. Well, you don’t know exactly what you’d do, but you have an idea, and the fact that you could see yourself doing that scares you, a little bit. You try not to think about it too much.)

He scowls up at you, but it quickly fades into a more uncertain expression.

“Um, Shiro, what you said earlier, about a…chupacabra? …what was that about?”

He didn’t know what a chupacabra was. Excellent.

You raise your eyebrows as high as they can go, and look at Keith out of the very corner of your eye for a moment, but that hurts, so you grab him and swing him up onto your shoulders and continue walking. There’s a moment of flailing, but Keith figures out how to balance using your head, and you keep a firm hold on his legs.

You clear your throat.

“It was early spring, 1995, when one morning, eight sheep—ow!” Keith, from his elevated perch, had pulled your hair. Roughly.

“I don’t want the history, I can look that up myself. What’s a cupawhatsit?”

(You love your brother. You really, really do. Even when he’s a little shit.)

“A chupacabra is an animal, about the same size as Mom but three times as heavy, with sharp teeth and a row of spines up its back. It attacks and drinks the blood of smaller livestock, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them decided you’d be pretty tasty.” You waggle your eyebrows. “You’re about the right size, you know.”

(Maybe you’re laying it on a little thick. But if it means Keith stays inside at night, where he’s supposed to be? Totally worth it.)

Keith’s hands tighten in your hair, and you wonder if maybe it was a little too thick.

His voice is small.


Suddenly guilty, you bounce him a few times.

“I wouldn’t worry about it, though. There haven’t been any reports of attacks on groups of humans, so as long as you stick with me, we’ll be fine.”

(If you just gave him nightmares, you will accept full responsibility with your parents. You fully expect him to come knocking on your door tonight.)

(He doesn’t.)

(But when you finally wake up the next morning and Keith looks like he hasn’t slept all night but Shiro did you know that a chupacabra is technically classified as a cryptid along with Bigfoot and the Mogollon Monster and did you know that in West Virginia there’s a cryptid called Mothman? I watched this really cool documentary on it last night and I think there’s a lot of solid evidence to support his existence and you look up at your mother, who has her eyebrows raised as if to indicate this is your fault, Takashi, so you get to listen to it all, but is clearly amused by it all…well, it could have been worse.)

(Honestly, there’s something satisfying about seeing Keith smile and be so animated about something he likes. It’s new, but…it’s a good thing, you think.)

(At least, until he starts talking about alien conspiracy theories. That’s just ridiculous. Aliens. As if.)

Finally - Chapter 2: Dinner

aka: 9 times Jay tries to win Voight over (intentionally and not so intentionally) and the 1 time he doesn’t need to.

Also on and AO3.

Many, many thanks to @justkillingtimewhileiwait for all of her help, listening to me bounce ideas off her, ramble on about what I wanted to write and mostly, the beta-ing. You are awesome! :)

Jay wiped his hands on a tea towel when there was a knock at the door, making sure the hobs were turned off as he left the kitchen to answer it. Taking a quick look through the peephole, he opened it once he saw it was Voight on the other side.

“Hey, come in. Erin’s getting cleaned up. They gave her some strong pain meds so she just woke up,” he stated as he let Voight in, knowing exactly why he was there.

They had gone on a raid that afternoon, and although they had caught everyone they needed and closed the case, Erin had been struck in the head with the end of a gun as she had rounded a corner. She hadn’t been knocked unconscious, but it was a head wound which meant the two of them had spent the rest of the afternoon at Med whilst Erin was being checked out.

“Why does it feel like you’re always here, Halstead?” Voight asked gruffly, entering the apartment and coming to a stop on the other side of the kitchen counter to where Jay was.

“Because I live here now?” Jay replied slowly, furrowing his brow when Voight failed to reply and sending a small jolt of panic through him momentarily. There was a small, irrational part of him that worried he should grab the knife he had left on the counter when answering the door before Voight did. The rational side told him that there was no way Voight would hurt him in such an obvious place. Especially with Erin in the next room. “Wait, you do know we live together now, right? It’s been about 6 months, there’s no way it hasn’t come up.”

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Picture Books

Pairing: Linstead
Genre: Fluff
A/N: So like @halsteadandlindsay I am living in a bubble where linstead is happy, and in my bubble linstead still has a future, and everything that I wrote in this fic can still happen. Thank you @whichtochoose for encouraging me to post this! (If you haven’t read her fics you need to!!) Also, just a reminder, this is only like the third thing I’ve ever written, so any positive feedback is very welcome! And I’m sorry it has taken me so long to post anything, but typing with one arm is that is not your dominant one is harder than it seems lol. 

Disclaimer: I do not own Dr Suess’s the Lorax, but I did force my Dad to read it to me every night for three years.

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Nearly two months had passed since Scratch’s death. At first, Tara had been worried that the team would find out about what she’d done and she’d be kicked off the team, but it never happened. There hadn’t even been an investigation into his death. Just another side effect of the job - killers died. 

In the few weeks following, everyone on the team came to her saying that she did what needed to be done. For all intents and purposes, they knew what she had done; but she’d protected her own and stopped a killer.

At first, she felt nothing about killing him except anger that she had to do it in the first place, but now she was having nightmares; thankfully, they were few and far between and she was already seeing a therapist under the guise of needing to talk things out after her first year on the job.  “Hey, ready for some relaxation?” Emily asked as Tara met her at Rossi’s door.

After all they’d been through, the team needed some time together. Every single one of them, Tara, Emily, JJ, Garcia, Rossi, Luke, Spencer, his mother, Morgan, who’d brought Savannah and Hank in for a visit, and Stephen and his wife and kids, all gathered in Rossi’s living room, separating off into mini conversations that were finally devoid of fear and instead filled with contentedness and hope for the future.

Per Emily’s orders, everyone on the current team, including herself, were to see a therapist to discuss everything they’d been through. While they were the closest of friends, many didn’t want to burden each other with the heaviness of their troubles, so this was a way to talk things through.

Emily had been making strides when it came to her guilt. Although she and Mark had broken up in the two months since Scratch’s death, she’d let go of her guilt in that area. They weren’t meant to be; her heart was here now. Since Scratch was no longer a looming threat either, she was settling into her role as unit chief – a role she deserved, whether or not Hotch was around or not. She did her absolute best. No one blamed her for anything, so why was she blaming herself?

JJ spent the week after Scratch’s death with her family, as well as Spencer. Her therapy had been a struggle at the start; Scratch had brought up her most painful memory, losing her child overseas, and she’d had to work through that and the physical torture yet again. It was difficult work, but she had Will, the boys, and her entire BAU family at her back.

Mild murmurs resounded throughout Rossi’s living room, light laughter filling the warm house as Rossi left to answer another knock at the door. Upon his return, Hotch and Jack emerged from behind him. To everyone’s surprise, Emily and Rossi had helped Hotch move out of witness protection and back home. “You’re home!” Garcia cried. One by one, they all embraced their former boss, happy to see him home again. Last was Emily, hanging on a little longer than everyone else. Probably because she knew what he’d gone through all those years.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’m not coming back. I want to be home with Jack now.”

Emily sighed happily as they walked over to talk to Garcia and Stephen, like Hotch, he was planning on staying home with his family. Just a week earlier, he took a position to teach at American University. It would allow him to make his own schedule and be home with his wife and children. “I wouldn’t have blamed you if you wanted to come back, except that I just got used to this,” she laughed.

“Jack needs me now. Although I miss everyone, now that I’m home, we can do things like this, and I can still be home for him.” He looked around to find Jack, only to see that he’d already found Henry; they were playing on Rossi’s PS4. A smile crossed his face as Rossi handed him a drink; it felt good to be home.

Where most of the team was spending time with their families and relaxing following Scratch’s death, Luke immediately went to Spencer’s apartment the next day. While his mother was asleep, the two had a long conversation about their feelings for each other. Spencer was up front, saying that he wanted to pursue something, but wasn’t sure how he’d hold up; he needed to work through a lot of things. However, Luke reassured him that Scratch had brought up some ugly things from his past, and that he’d need time and patience as well. Both agreed to be patient with each other, and since then, they’ve been discovering their meaning to each other and healing their respective wounds. Right now, they both seemed comfortable in each other’s arms as they sat on the couch; Morgan was sitting right nearby, more than happy to see that his best friend had someone to go home to. Recovery was a long road, but he wouldn’t be traveling it alone.

Following their week off from work, Garcia came back and tightened up security measures and the like. Feeling so helpless wasn’t something she wanted to experience again, so she was taking any precautions possible to ensure it never happened again. Therapy had been vital for her in regaining her trademark happiness. Everything with Scratch and Spencer being in jail had truly weighed heavily on her heart, but she was slowly getting back to where she was before, especially knowing that Spencer was okay, alive and healing himself. She’d even gotten back to her usual needling of the newbie – something Luke didn’t want to admit he enjoyed.

Finally, Rossi had been the most difficult to get into therapy, but Emily insisted and he knew it was for the best. Over the past couple of months he’d made some amends with people and himself for the things that had happened and the things he couldn’t change. Seeing videos of Joy and Caroline and Strauss had brought up a whole range of emotion, but many of those he’d already worked through long before Scratch tried to torture him. He did right by Caroline in her final days, which is all she had asked for. When it came to Erin, he couldn’t have done anything, and in terms of his relationship with Joy, he couldn’t change the past, but he could sure as hell make it up to her now.

Passing around glasses of wine, Rossi waited until everyone was ready and clinked his glass with the side of his fork. “I can’t tell you how happy I am that everyone is home safe and sound. This past year or so, we’ve all been through hell and back, but we’ve made it through for one reason, because we are a family.” Everyone slowly raised their glasses as he continued to speak. “Growing up, I always heard that you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. I don’t agree. Blood relatives are one thing, but family is stronger than DNA. Family is the people that will stand for you as the rest of the world is crumbling. That’s what we do here.” Rossi took a deep breath and scanned his group of friends. Emily and Tara were shoulder to shoulder, with JJ, Will and the boys close by. Garcia was linked arm-in arm with Morgan, who had Savannah and Hank at his other side. Hotch was home, safe and sound. Stephen was with his family and happier than he’d ever seen him before, and Spencer and Luke had come together on their road to recovery. “Recuperating from everything that’s happened this year isn’t going to be easy. The journey is going to be long and arduous. Sometimes we’ll take one step forward and two steps back, but as long as we’re here for each other, we’ll never being walking the road alone. To family.”

“To family!”

Wounds don’t heal the way you want them to; they heal the way they need to. It takes time for wounds to fade into scars. It takes time for the process of healing to take place. Give yourself that time. Give yourself that grace. Be gentle with your wounds. Be gentle with your heart. You deserve to heal.

                                                                                   -Dele Olanubi

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Don’t Know How- Jillian Holtzmann

A/N: I’m Holtzmann trash and I needed somewhere to express that. I don’t feel as though I’ve done it justice, but it’s one of probably many to come.

Prompt: Jillian’s been ignoring the reader for awhile and not acting like her normal, goofball self, so the reader tries to figure out what’s going on.

Pairing: Jillian Holtzmann x Reader (gender neutral)

Warnings/ Word Count: The good stuff’s at the end, just some makin’ out/ 2,150

“Alright ladies! What’s on the agenda for today?” You loudly announce your presence as you burst through the doors of the Ghostbusters HQ (otherwise known as the upstairs area of the Chinese restaurant). You notice all of the heads in the room turn to you and simultaneously look down at the boxes of pizza in your hands.

“(Y/N)! Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes? We’ve been stuck here for hours and we’re starving!” Abby greets you and meets you halfway into the lab to take the food out of your hands and sets it on the booth in the corner of the room. While you weren’t an official member of the team, you were definitely their backbone and support. You met Abby and Erin in college and stuck by Abby’s side as she continued her interest in the paranormal.

“Well, why didn’t anyone call me? I would’ve come sooner had I known.” You reply grabbing a slice of pizza from one of the boxes and walking over to the table where Erin and Patty were standing before they rushed to the boxes on the table. Kevin greeted you and came to grab a slice before he sat back down at his desk in the other room. Jillian was still standing at the table, eyes fixed in concentration, focusing on the wires that were sticking out of one of the proton packs and cutting some out. “Hey Holtzmann. What’cha workin’ on?” You leaned over the other side of the table and took a bite from the pizza. It took a few tries of calling her name before she heard you. She snaps into reality and frantically looks up at you, keeping eye contact for only a second before she drops her wire cutters and stands tall, shifting her balance from one leg to the other.

“Oh, hi (Y/N)!” She grins widely and laughs an uncomfortable laugh. She refused to look at you, her eyes shifted from the table, to the wall, back to the table, literally anywhere else n the room except at you. “I, uh, have to do some rewiring in the packs because for some reason, every time we try to turn them on, they, um, shock us. Like, badly. There are still some kinks I have to work out.” The smile disappears from her face and she immediately hunches back over the dissected pack laid across the table. “Okay, well there’s some pizza at the booth. Take a break, get something to eat.” You say kindly, hoping she’d at least take a break so she didn’t starve to death over a damn proton pack. She doesn’t say a thing and continues working. Walking over to the booth, the girls are indulging in pizza while they sit and chat. You scoot in next to Patty and glance over where Jillian stands just working away.

You turn your head to join in on the conversation being held, grabbing another slice of pizza and hearing Erin and Abby playfully bicker. “Hey, Jill doesn’t really seem like herself today. She’s always one for warm welcomes, especially when food is involved. Is she alright?” You quietly say so Holtzmann doesn’t hear. “I don’t know, she’s been acting a little weird recently. She’s not that loud, joke-cracking girl that she usually is. And she won’t say what’s going on.” Patty leans into you to say. You look back over at the lonely girl and bite the inside of your cheek, letting out a deep sigh.

Everyone stopped for a second to look at her and you as well before returning to their conversation, but you kept your eyes on her. You made your way out of the booth and took one of the almost empty boxes of pizza with you as you made your way over to her. You held the box in between the space where her hands and face were and she jumped in surprise.

“Please eat something.” You said when she didn’t make a move for a piece. Jillian let out a small sigh. “C’mon, I know you’re hungry; you’ve gotta be.” Her hand slowly reached for a slice and you let out a chuckle, setting the box to the side. You pulled a stool towards the table and she did the same. You noticed the change of expression, a smile growing on her face as she took her first bite, but she still refused to meet your gaze.  It didn’t really matter though because you got a smile out of her, and you loved her smile. The two of you finished eating the remaining slices in that box, and you reminded her that there were two more and she just chuckled, staring out of the window at nothing in particular.

You stayed for the rest of the day, keeping Kevin company until his shift was over and he left for the night. Then you went back over to the girls just in time for Jillian to make the final adjustments on the first of the four proton packs. Everyone walked to the alley behind the restaurant and played a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who’d test if the pack was truly fixed. Erin was the unlucky victim, but reassuringly, there was no shock when it was turned on. She shot a couple of practice targets to make sure nothing else went wrong. Once the pack was declared fixed, everyone went back upstairs and got ready to head out for the night. All except Holtzmann. She hung the fixed pack on the wall, grabbed another and set it down at the table and began working. The rest of the team was too tired from all of the other work they did during the day, so they didn’t bother arguing with her to call it a day. But you agreed to stay with her and keep her company after the others left.

“You don’t have to feel obligated to stay here you know?” She said in a plain voice, already way too deep into her work. “Well, what if I want to? I want to keep you company, I love being around you.” You replied.

This made her look up at you, some shock in her expression and you sat up a little on your stool, taken back from her sudden interest in a conversation.

“You do?” You saw her swallow a lump in her throat and laughed. “Yeah, of course. You’re a genius Holtz, and a damn fantastic engineer. You don’t give yourself enough credit.” She quickly looked down, her hands fiddled with the wire cutters and she laughed, wide smile on her face and a blush on her cheeks as red as the tomato sauce on the pizza from earlier. “You know you’re smart, but you don’t know just how smart you are. Kind too. Sweet. Funny, hilarious actually. And beautiful.” You tilt your head to the side and look at her, hoping to regain eye contact.

You notice the smile fade from her face, a more serious look taking its’ place and her eyes widening. You straighten your head and look back at her, cleaning the smile away from your face as well. “D-Did I say something wrong? If I made you uncomfortable, please let me know. I’m sorry.” “You think I’m beautiful?” Was all she replied, smirking slightly and giggling. You felt the weight lift off of your shoulders, knowing you didn’t somehow offed her or put her in a bad situation.

“Duh, you’re gorgeous!” You two laughed and at this point Jillian’s smile stretched from ear to ear, the blush returning to her cheeks, which you found amusing. She didn’t know what to say, so she just turned her head back to her work, trying to focus on the situation at hand.

You watched as she attempted to work after what you just told her and smiled, biting your lip. She seemed to be fine now, and maybe she was just hungry earlier and that’s what had her in such an odd mood, but you couldn’t help but say something. “Hey Jill,” “Hmm?” She questioned in response, looking up at you again. “What was going on earlier? You were acting pretty strange when I came in; you wouldn’t even look at me.” You said worriedly, looking in her eyes as if they’d tell you anything. “Actually, now that I think about it, you’ve been so distant from me for the past week or so.”

She grunted in frustration and furrowed her eyebrows, sealing her eyes shut before very quickly replying. “I really wanna hug you and kiss you and touch you and I have for a long time and I don’t know how to tell you that without sounding weird and scaring you away.” It was almost inaudible with the speed she was talking with, but you somehow understood it and your eyes widened. Jillian was cringing, eyes still shut tight, but she opened one and glanced at you in time to see you smile. She relaxed her face and looked down as your hand reached across the table for hers, pulling the wire cutters out of it and holding it tightly.

“You could have said something, anything.” You tell her softly, seeing her eyes linger up to yours again.”I told you, I don’t know how to. I just started to try and push you away because I don’t know what to do about my feelings towards you. You drive me nuts.” “All of that flirting and winking, and you couldn’t ask me out?” You laugh at her sudden awkwardness. “Honestly Holtzmann, you’ve had me hooked since the day I met you. I’d say yes if you were to ask me.” You dropped an obvious hint, yet Jillian missed it anyway. “Okay, cool.” She smiled at you and looked back down at your hands, rubbing her thumb over your soft skin.

“Uh, Jill?” You waited, but she still didn’t ask. “Yeah?” She looked back up at you, smiling casually. “Are ya gonna ask me on a date?” “Oh! Yes! Sorry, my bad! Do you wanna go out with me on a date sometime, (Y/N)?”

“Hmm, tough decision.” You paused, staring at the wall behind her, your free hand tapping on your chin and you pretend to think about your answer. You looked back at her before replying. “Only if you kiss me right now.” Jillian quickly dropped your hand and rushed over to the other side of the table. You didn’t have time to prepare yourself before her lips were on yours. It was needy, but felt so natural as if the two of you had kissed hundreds of times before.

You felt the material of her finger-less gloves as she cradled your face with her hands to make sure you didn’t go anywhere. Your hands reached for her shoulders to pull her closer to you,  but sitting down made it a bit difficult, so you stood up, lips still attached together. Holtzmann broke the kiss, the two of you finding it hard to breath. She pulled her head back, a smile unlike any you’ve seen appeared on her face, both overjoyed and overwhelmed, eyes wide, yet somehow soft with a look of love in them. Neither of you said a word.

Your hands moved from her shoulders, down her arms, and over her hands that still held you as you leaned into one of them. You closed your eyes and hummed lightly, savoring in the contact. You leaned back in and your lips were met halfway with the woman in front of you. Her hands moved to your hips and you wrapped yours around the back of her neck. This kiss was a lot slower, but still just as passionate. This time you were the one to pull away, nudging your nose with hers before pecking her lips, dropping your grip around her and walking towards the door.

“You can pick me up tomorrow at 8.” You wink at her and continue walking backwards until you’re almost out of the room. “Wait! (Y/N)?” A very confused and frustrated Jillian stands alone in the middle of the room, cheeks flushed a bright red color. “Yes, my darling?” You smirk and shift your body weight to the door of the lab and cross your arms. “What do you wanna do on our date?”

“I don’t know, surprise me.” You started to head down the stairs, but quickly turned back around and when you walked in, you saw Holtzmann dancing to herself in the middle of the room with her back turned towards you and laughed. “Holtz!” You called, making her turn around, but she just kept on dancing. “Yeah?” She asked with a smile on her face. “Don’t stay here too late, you workaholic. Go home!” You chuckled and walked down the stairs again, hearing Jillian shout after you, “I won’t!”