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It seriously needs to be Oct. 26th

Oh my God crying over the new Silent Hill revelation featurette. I’m so excited, and i just caaaaaaaan’t hide it. 

Oh btw, remember this pic in the background of the first film?

They replaced Jodelle’s face and put in the new girls face.

(I know it’s hard to see, but you can tell it isn’t Jodelle. Jodelle’s smile is bigger)

Kind of rood and uncalled for! 

BTW, here’s a link to the vid:

Confirmation! Alessa/Sharon will be in Silent Hill: Revelation

This will serve as a follow up on my other post, here:

Alright, we knew Dark Alessa will appear in the film, as proven by numerous trailers and TV spots. 

But we’ve yet to discover if Sharon or Alessa would appear in the sequel, as discussed in my earlier post. Turns out, I was correct (no shit, Sherlock)! Silent Haven posted information that child actress Erin Pitt was credited as Alessa on the updated IMDB page for ‘Revelation’. What does this mean for Sharon? Behold! When comparing the photo I had questioned in the post above with Sean Bean holding a young girl with a photo of Erin Pitt, the profiles match to a T. 

This must mean that the film will show us what exactly happened to Rose and Sharon. Did they both survive the 'otherworld’? Did Sharon only survive? What does this mean for the ending of the first film? A lot of questions to be asked! Still counting down the days until we all have a revelation of our own! (omg corny). I’m looking forward to seeing Miss Pitt’s performance and how it stands up to Jodelle Ferland’s extraordinary skills!

PS- Do you all think that Adelaide Clemens is portraying the Memory of Alessa? I’m leaning on yes, she does, with the help of green-screen so she can converse with herself.