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Imagine Bucky meeting Peter Parker and being super stressed by this dumb teenager swinging around New York City without any actual training or back up or anything

“But what do you do if someone shoots at you?” he asks, increasingly frantic.

"I uh, try not to get shot at, mostly,” the kid answers, and that response is so bad that Bucky actually throws his hands straight into the air.

“Oh, you just try not to get shot at!” This is exactly like talking to Steve. It’s exactly like talking to him. It’s been seventy years since Bucky was babysitting a scrawny do-gooder with a death wish but Peter Parker is bringing out all of Bucky’s protective instincts, and it’s everything he can do not to rip the kid down from the strand of web he’s casually hanging on and drag him back to the Tower to ground him until he’s old enough to not swing around the city hoping not to get shot at.

“Hey, I get by okay! I mean, I balance my schoolwork, my social life, my job, and crimefighting, and I haven’t been shot yet, so-“

"Have you even had any formal training?” Bucky cuts him off.


“Yeah, we’re going to fix that now. C’mon.” Bucky grabs him by the shirt collar and heads off, same as he would with Steve when Steve was five foot squat and throwing himself into fights way above his skill level. The kid squalls, but Bucky is having none of it. “I’m gonna give you some half-decent hand-to-hand training, and we’re going to talk to Stark about your uniform.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my - I made that myself, you asshole!”

"Exactly. We’re gonna find you something that won’t turn you into hamburger if someone shoots you.”

“Do I get a say in this?”


”Charlie Parker”

by Erin Kelso


For the Month of Love challenge. The theme is ‘Heroes’, so I picked a very dark hero from John Connolly’s Charlie Parker book series. Charlie’s mission is to destroy human (and not-so-human) evil, sometimes with the help of his dead wife and daughter.