erin parker

”Charlie Parker”

by Erin Kelso


For the Month of Love challenge. The theme is ‘Heroes’, so I picked a very dark hero from John Connolly’s Charlie Parker book series. Charlie’s mission is to destroy human (and not-so-human) evil, sometimes with the help of his dead wife and daughter.

The Reid Family,

Parker and Erin Reid, a young newly married couple that were stumbled upon by Ewan McGowan. Parker had just become the youngest detective in the county, and Ewan snapped him up quickly offering him a large home, and a life of luxury for his family and all future family to come. Of course Parker would snap up the opportunity, and both him and Erin agreed to the expectations placed on them, as they had already begun to discuss starting a family.  

Not long after moving into their newly built manor (Reid Manor like all the other founding family homes, in respect to their lineage), Erin told Parker she was pregnant with their first child. Both were overjoyed with the news, they both always wanted a big family and couldn’t wait until their first was born. No matter a boy or girl, they would love them unconditionally.

However, two months into the pregnancy Erin miscarried their baby and both were torn apart by their loss, barely even able to walk past the nursery they had begun to decorate. They withdrew from the community, Parker still attended the council meetings every Saturday but barely spoke unless called upon. Parker and Erin didn’t know what to do with themselves, they had so much love to give, they wanted a whole bundle of children. So, after two years of them mourning the loss of their child they decided to try again, it didn’t take long before Erin was once again pregnant. This time they made preparations, regular doctors’ appointments and doing everything they can to maintain a healthy environment for their little miracle.

One June 8th little Lila Ava Reid was born on the bathroom floor, Parker almost missed the birth as she wasn’t due to arrive for another two weeks, but she was ready and she didn’t hang about. Lila came storming into the world, kicking and screaming before they even knew what was happening. However, a few minutes after Lila was born and safely in her father’s arms Erin began to bleed drastically, an ambulance came and took her away to the hospital. There Erin and Parker received the news that Erin would not be able to have any more children, and they saw their dreams of a large family dwindle. They still had their perfect little Lila, and they were the perfect parents but they wanted more children.

So, when Lila was two years old and independently walking and talking they decided it was time to expand their family. If they couldn’t have children naturally, they were going to adopt and give as many children as they could a loving home. After months of waiting for a child in the system, a young baby boy had been taken into custody after the parents left him in his crib for days whilst they were gone. The Reid’s were overjoyed that they had been chosen, and got their son Aspen who little Lila adored along with her parents.

Parker and Erin are already planning another adoption once Aspen is old enough to be more independent, their manor has lots of empty rooms that are just waiting for laughter and love to fill them.

Fic Idea- Superfamily deals with Peter being Spider-Man (and his love triangle)

[Because The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had me asking hard questions…Parksborn or Spideypool?]

Peter knows he was never destined to be normal: what with one dad being a billionaire genius and the other…well, the other being Captain America (because that’s enough explanation for some people). The radioactive spiderbite didn’t help, that was a very awkward conversation…

“Dad…Dad…I have superpowers”

“Where did I go wrong? I thought you were just going to rely on your genius!”

“Tony, you are not helping! Peter, your dad and I will support you no matter how you save the world.”

Of course, things only get worse when Harry comes back to town and rekindles their friendship…and hints at something more… not to mention the new mercenary in town who won’t leave Peter alone.

So, suddenly Peter has two suitors and neither of them could be considered normal. And his dads are absolutely no help.

“I refuse to see my son date the head of Oscorp! And the whole "I need Spider-Man’s blood” thing is way too kinky for you to be dealing with right now"

“Tony! Harry is Peter’s friend! And are you seriously suggesting our son get involved with a mercenary who may not even be mentally stable?”

So how can Peter decide, when one dad ships Parksborn, and the other ships Spideypool?

anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky meeting Peter Parker and being super stressed by this dumb teenager swinging around New York City without any actual training or back up or anything

“But what do you do if someone shoots at you?” he asks, increasingly frantic.

"I uh, try not to get shot at, mostly,” the kid answers, and that response is so bad that Bucky actually throws his hands straight into the air.

“Oh, you just try not to get shot at!” This is exactly like talking to Steve. It’s exactly like talking to him. It’s been seventy years since Bucky was babysitting a scrawny do-gooder with a death wish but Peter Parker is bringing out all of Bucky’s protective instincts, and it’s everything he can do not to rip the kid down from the strand of web he’s casually hanging on and drag him back to the Tower to ground him until he’s old enough to not swing around the city hoping not to get shot at.

“Hey, I get by okay! I mean, I balance my schoolwork, my social life, my job, and crimefighting, and I haven’t been shot yet, so-“

"Have you even had any formal training?” Bucky cuts him off.


“Yeah, we’re going to fix that now. C’mon.” Bucky grabs him by the shirt collar and heads off, same as he would with Steve when Steve was five foot squat and throwing himself into fights way above his skill level. The kid squalls, but Bucky is having none of it. “I’m gonna give you some half-decent hand-to-hand training, and we’re going to talk to Stark about your uniform.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my - I made that myself, you asshole!”

"Exactly. We’re gonna find you something that won’t turn you into hamburger if someone shoots you.”

“Do I get a say in this?”


raptorific  asked:

also w/r/t gal gadot, it bothers me that people are complaining that SHE didn't alter her body enough to fit the role (even though every male superhero's physique is 90% shaped foam and 5% CGI), plus she is an irl martial artist and athletic trainer, so without getting into the politics of the military she was in, even if she totally phoned her fitness regimen in I guarantee she did more to prepare herself for this role than Ben and Henry combined but people still focus on ONLY her body.

this is 100% ridiculous and 100% unfair. gal gadot even talked avidly in an interview (in hebrew) about her intentions of building muscle mass for the role back in december, nearly two fucking years ago, a fact I literally saw used against her for apparently lying and not following through. 

literally just a couple seconds on google and I can easily see that gadot HAS been training, has been working out, has even specifically been lifting weights. I can see that she’s been rockclimbing with jason momoa. I can see that she’s been posting progress pictures. I can see this photo from a year ago that clearly tells me she understands what’s being asked of her and is trying to live up to those expectations.

I know that a lot of actors in superhero franchises do actually commit themselves to the intensely physical (or visually physical) aspects of the job. I know that it’s seen as almost a requirement, especially and almost exclusively for men. henry cavill has trained and trains for his role quite diligently, if I’m not mistaken. but this is absurd. gal gadot most likely has more than twice the athletic ability and history of the majority of the significant cast members. these criticisms are coming from bloggers online who just want to see her bicep eclipse the size of their overinflated heads while having absolutely no understanding of the physiology or methodology behind building muscle mass or the way most women (and people with low testosterone in general) struggle with it. 

I’m not taking anyone’s opinions about this seriously when they think that you need to “gain weight to convert to muscle mass”. I’m especially not taking anyone’s opinion on this subject seriously when they want women to participate in the kind of rigorous physical transformations that superhero franchises (and a lot of action movies) seem to demand of their actors under the banner of feminism and representation. these practices are unhealthy when men are doing them. they’re literally unhealthy. why push them onto women. there are numerous accounts from bodybuilders, models, and actors that list the dangers and often appalling reality of what it actually takes to look that lean and cut. did you know that before shoots a lot of men will starve themselves and not hydrate for days, even weeks on end? it’s the only effective way to lose water weight very quickly and cause the kind of lean, skin-tight muscle look. even hugh jackman, the man best known for his huge changes in size for roles in the superhero genre, has talked about this. I know that tumblr generally isn’t that dedicated towards protecting men and protecting men’s livelihoods, which is understandable, but there is a huge issue with this and with this unhealthy approach to looking ripped. 

I’d like to say again that physical strength and ability is not equivalent to muscle size. I’d like to say it again and again. there is often significant correlation, and in a well-rounded, natural routine you’ll build both muscular strength and mass, but I have to stress that there are at least two different kinds of weight-lifting: hypertrophy and strength. hypertrophy is dedicated almost exclusively towards the aesthetic. it makes you look ripped. the methods used in hypertrophy differ from those used in strength training. strength training involves training your muscles (and your brain, literally your brain) to be able to lift more, to lift more effectively. bodybuilders are not the same as olympic weight lifters. you’ll notice that bodybuilders have the most muscle mass. their skin looks stretched over massive biceps, massive quads. weight lifters don’t necessarily have that kind of definition. in fact, a lot of weight lifters appear to be quite chubby. but they do incredible things, lift incredible loads. their appearance is not a significant indicator of their ability. I need to stress this – bodybuilders are weaker than weight lifters. they are significantly weaker.

this is where tumblr is exceptionally misguided in their approach to this. gal gadot may very well be stronger than most of her fellow cast members. ben affleck may very well be weaker. the opposite could also be true. but it is a very, very complicated issue when you are speaking to the physical prowess of a woman based off of what she looks like, when the very idea of what you’ve been taught looks powerful is both inaccurate and toxic.

we’re talking about wanting an equivalent power fantasy when that of men’s isn’t all that fantastical. 

this is brenda villa! she’s the most highly decorated athlete in women’s water polo. she scores a metric shitton of goals. she’s been team captain. she’s won four olympic medals. 

this is erin parker. she’s less than five feet tall. she doesn’t weigh much, either. but she’s an olympic-level weight lifter. 

this is kacy catanzaro. she also doesn’t clear five feet. I remember watching the entire internet justifiably losing their entire minds watching her dominate the american ninja warrior course. 

this is santoshi matsa! she’s 5′1″ and a little over a hundred pounds. she lifted over two hundred in the 2014 commonwealth games. over two hundred fucking pounds.

these women do not look like an artist’s depiction of she-hulk. they do not fucking have to. their physical feats are not defined by their appearances or how large their muscles look or fail to look. there is a fundamental misunderstanding of the way this works. yes, women are encouraged not to be strong, to instead be thin. to spend more time on the treadmill burning calories instead of heading over to the free weights. the way woman constantly voice worries over looking too “bulky” when it comes to exercise is reflective of an intensely worrying climate of misogyny. these are all things that need to be talked about, and that I was glad to see addressed in some of these call-out posts, even if the execution demonstrates to me only shallow understanding of the issue. but to shame gal gadot specifically for not having throbbing veins in her forearms is incredibly, incredibly misguided. and it’s incredibly, incredibly rude. 

it is policing her body. it is demeaning her efforts and her abilities, and borders a little too fucking closely on reducing her only to her physical appearance. 

from left to right: marco, jake, tobias, rachel, cassie. i tried to make jake look half-aisian, cos him talking about his blonde cousin reminded me of my half-puerto rican cousins and i just. wanted to draw mixed-raced families. i don’t know. moving along. it’s hard to make 12-year-old faces distinctive. they’re all just baby-faces to me.

*strokes tobias’s baby-face*