erin nicole

I just think that you’re not getting any younger. I mean you’re pretty, but like you were prettier last year.
—  Candidly Nicole

Sleepy Hollow AU - Reverse

Abigail Mills is smart, determined and strong; despite the prejudices of her time and the torments of her past, Abigail fights for justice, her intelligence and resourcefulness making her invaluable to Sleepy Hollow Law Enforcement. 

However, after she is called in to investigate a string of mysterious be-headings, Abigail is forced to confront the culprit - an impossible headless man. Her life ends by his hand, but she is saved by her husband, Luke, who sends her far into the future. It is there that Abigail meets the strange Ichabod Crane and realises her role as a Witness in the impending Apocalypse.

(Ichabod Crane)

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