erin is stupid


“What the hell is wrong with you two” - Patty when she walks in on them half-naked with a fire burning on the floor, probably.


tell me more about jay halstead’s past [28/∞]


Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: After 4.17
Genre: Pain (I feel this should a specific genre)

A/N: Let’s face it, every fanfic writer in the fandom had to fix it, so this is my way of doing that. I hope you guys like it, and if you do, let me know!!

Title song is Unsteady by X Ambassadors and I’ve been obsessed with that song since the Lucifer mid-season finale.

@allenting you my muse girl!!!!

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linstead + 1x06 3x06


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LINSTEAD APPRECIATION WEEK • Day 2 - favorite friendship/partner moments

“Thank you for being here. Today was a rough one. You’ve been there for me before.

Kissing Dylan

Waking up was always hard for me. My alarm went off and I hit snooze, 5 minutes seemed to pass by as it went off again and my father entered the room and softky shook me awkae. “Y/N wake up,” he tried not to laugh but looking at my morning hair he couldnt help it, “You look like a lion go take a shower stinky.” I laughed as he left slowly sitting up and grabbing my towel and walking to the bathroom.

I turned the water to hot and looked at myself and I did look like a lion. I got in the shower and washed my hair and my body. By the time I got out the water had run cold which really woke me up. I hopped out drying off pulling on a black skirt with some random shirt from my closet. I slipped on my socks and then my sneakers and did my makeup finally walking down and grabbing my bag and kissing my parents goodbye I hurried off.

I got to school roughly 25 minutes before first period. I parked my car hopping out and locking it. I walked to the smokers pit and sat down looking crossing my ankles and finally my friends walked up. I wouldn’t say I was popular but I had a good reputation around school and a lot of friends.

“Y/N do you have a lighter I left mine at my house.” I looked at her and chuckled, “Again? You seem to forget it like every morning Y/F/N.” I opened my bag handing her a zippo. I didn’t smoke but i always kept a lighter on me. That’s when the jocks walked up elbowing each other and laughing. They looked at the boys standing at the end of the pit glaring at the jocks. That’s when Erin decided to open his stupid mouth and talk to us.

“Look at those fucking faggots looking at you guys like they have a chance!” He looked at Y/F/N, who he was dating might I add, then he looked at the boys throwing a cigarette but at them. “Hey fags! Stop looking at them like you actually have a chance!” I looked at them as the bell rang and everyone hurried off to class.

Later at lunch I realized I had forgotten my drink in my car. “Guys I think I left something in my car I’ll be right back!” I hopped up and walked out. I hadn’t realized it was raining. No not raining pouring! I walked out and my car was all the way across the lot. I walked and grabbed my drink plus a pencil. That’s when I saw him. Sitting in his car his wipers on and eating lunch all alone.

This guy was Dylan Klebold and I had seen him time to time, I mean his locker was next to mine. I knocked on his window and he rolled it down and froze looking at me. “Uh.. D-Do you need something?” I looked down at the ground and spoke my voice shaky I was holding my lunch which was in my bag. “Do you mind if I eat with you? It’s kinda raining and I cant bear to walk all the way back.” He nodded unlocking his doors and I got in the passengers side.

“Sorry for the mess. I didn’t realize someone was going to eat with me today..” I giggled and looked at him “It’s okay” He handed me a towel from hid back seat and I placed rubbed my hair dry. I set it in the back and started to eat. The radio was playing but not very loud. That’s when I cleared my throat. “Sorry about what Erin said earlier to you and your friend..” He looked at me confused. “You don’t agree with him?” I looked back confused as well. “Why would I? I think your really cute but I’m always to scared to start a conversation.” He looked down at his food, “You’re pranking me. Someone must have set you up to this. Was it Y/F/N? One of the jocks?“

“Dylan no! I’m not some brainless zombie who does whatever they say,” I paused and ge was sniffling and I felt really bad, “Dylan are you crying?” I lifted his chin so he looked at me and the tears just poured out and I wiped then away with my thumbs and leaning over I looked at his big blue puppy eyes and tucked some hair behind his hair. I leaned in and kissed him and his lips were kind of chapped but that was okay. He hesitated for a moments and kissed me back.

The kiss seemed to last forever but it felt so good. He finally pulled away as the lunch bell rang. I wrote down my number on a napkin and kissed his cheek leaving a pink kiss mark and got out. The rain had stopped and I walked in and he walked in too. “Where were you Y/N?” My friend questioned me and Erin looked at me confused. “I ate in my car it was raining really hard and I was soaking wet.” Y/F/N nodded and so did Eric as the walked off. I looked at Dylan who was talking to Brooks, Eric, Chris, and Nate. Dylan and them were walking off and they were laughing not telling him about the pink mark on his cheek and the little bit of pink that stained his lips. I walked to class smiling and the rest of the day felt amazing. ~

Why I’m All Of The People From The Office

Michael- Horrible sense of humor, and just looking for love and acceptance.

Pam- Sweet and can be friends with anyone if I try hard enough.

Jim- Funny, sarcastic, comic relief. Falls in love with people I can’t have.

Angela- A bitch and obsessed with cats.

Dwight- Pretty much insane, but everyone accepts it. Farm boi.

Andy- Sings a lot and has minor ‘anger issues’.

Erin- Kind of stupid, but still cute.

Kevin- Hungry and a perv sometimes.

Oscar- My gay, but rational side.

Toby- Serious and boring side, that the rest of me hates.

Stanley- Sassy and stubborn.

Meredith- Avoidable. People use me for my van.

Creed- Creepy and mysterious.

Phyllis- Sweet, but scary sometimes. Can be manipulative.

Jan- Just a bitch.

Kelly- Annoying and doesn’t. Stop. Talking.

Ryan- Complete asshole sometimes. (All the time.)

Darryl- Musical, and done with my own shit.