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who attended beside Jeff, tommy, glenne, xander, James Corden and his family, Cameron Crowe, Jeff Bhasker, The azoffs, Ben Winston, Christopher nolan?

I made you a list! Let me know if i missed anyone:

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They have familial connections to reality-TV royalty (think “Hadids” and “Kardashians”)—but from day one, the medium didn’t appeal. Lampooning it, however, did. As the second season of their tongue-in-cheek show, Barely Famous, prepares to air, sister Erin and Sara Foster talk to Vanity Fair about growing up in Hollywood and not selling out.


erinfoster: Chris Martin doesn’t know how to play it cool around a camera.

How many times have you been home on a Saturday night, with nothing good on TV, digging into the ice cream you swore you wouldn’t eat, and staring at your phone building up anger over the fact that he hasn’t called or texted… and then the second your phone beeps across the room, you literally can feel the adrenaline rushing to your face (probably not scientifically accurate of what happens) and you start smiling too big for your teeth (personal problem I have), and consider shouting out, “Everything is AMAZING! I love life!!!!!” And then you see the text is from your mom (personal problem I have).
—  Erin Foster
No matter what you have been through, you aren’t dead inside like you think you are. You haven’t given up yet. You’re hopeful, not cynical. There are people out there who have given up. There are people who live with someone they don’t love anymore. There are people who are stuck with someone they don’t know how to leave. There are people who know exactly what tomorrow is going to look like. You don’t. Thank god for THAT. Stay neurotic. Stay frustrated. Stay emotional. Stay excited. Your life is happening.
—  Erin Foster, Single Girls Guide, Valentine Shmalentine.
It’s important to know that there is a difference between listening to your instinct and listening to your gut. Your gut knows everything. But your gut isn’t cocky. It isn’t loud. It doesn’t force you to listen to it. It subtly lets you know what’s right, and then it gets quiet while you figure it out the hard way. Your instincts are trained habits that you created somewhere along the way. And they are usually just what you’re comfortable with. And some of us are comfortable being unhappy, being taken advantage of, being walked all over, ignored, overlooked, under respected, being made to settle. Your gut tells you the truth, it tells you when something is off. It tells you what no one else will…
—  Erin Foster (hello giggles)

Every woman I know – scratch that, every person I know – has wasted years of their life stressing over someone they would eventually find to be awful and overlooked someone who would have devoted everything to them. If I could have any super power it would be to love that desperate ass person who would be my bitch throughout this life. But, alas, I’m only human. Fine as hell, but a human all the same. And I like the struggle. You can’t force these things. You can’t love someone for reasons. You can only love them for feelings. And our feelings always seem to just do whatever they want, go where they want to go, spike when we want to hide them, hide when we want to show them. Give up now, you are at their mercy.”

- Erin Foster, Single Girls Guide (I Am A Bad Person)

The absolute truth! That struggle is my life. Erin Foster is doing good things.