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How I Plan

Hey guys x I’ve been thinking about doing a post like this for a long time already :) recently some people have been interested in my planner, and I finally decided it was time to do this. My planning ‘style’ is by no means very special or perfect, and it changes all the time, but currently I’m really enjoying what I’m doing :)

1. My planners

I have two planners. The one that I mainly use for planning in its traditional meaning is the one on the left. It’s by Letts, and it’s one of their free design planners so you can choose your own cover. and It’s really small (A6) and it’s nice and easy to slip into my schoolbag. It has one day a page appointments which is really handy for uni. It was pretty affordable, so I don’t mind if it gets scratched etc,. The only downside to it is that it’s only from 8am - 6 pm, would prefer it to be from 6 am - 11 pm. This is the one I always have with me at uni and I have my daily schedule with my lectures and classes and other appointments here. Then I also have my kikki k teal planner, which I just bought this summer. This contains my full year plan and some lists and recipes I want to remember. I would love to take it with me, but I think it’s SO pretty and too expensive to carry around. But I think it’s still useful for other stuff :)

2. Colour codes

Colour coding is really my thing haha! I do it everywhere from organising my clothes to planning my day. I have 7 different colour codes for my Letts planner. It’s really helpful because I can see with a quick glance how busy my day is going to be and where I need to be. Bright pink is for lectures, baby pink is for exams, red is for deadlines, dark blue is for other school-related events, baby blue is for our subject association events, light green is for other events outside of school and dark green is for language classes. For example, I have my law lectures in a different building than my German classes. With the colour codes it’s easier to see where I’m going to be and when.

3. To do lists

I love to do lists. I didn’t use to, but I have gotten into the habit of using them over the past few months. My favourite is the very simple one by Muji that is on top of the pile in the photo. Affordable and cute :) The gold and white one is by kikki k. I like that too, but it doesn’t have lines or check boxes so it’s not my favourite. The one with the flowers is by GoStationery, and I like that one as well. I like to use washi tape to stick them into my Letts planner, just so I have everything in one place and I can add stuff to it during lectures, etc,. It’s also nice to not have random paper around. If you’re bad at using a traditional planner, but love to do lists, this is a pretty good way to get into the habit of using your planner more :) it’s also nice to keep track on tasks I still need to get done, wherever I am.

Hope this was helpful/interesting to anyone! Will most likely make a new post like this in the future, as I’m always changing my mind on my planner :D Thank you for reading x


{ 5.26.2017 }


 nothing better than coming home to an erin condren package! had to test out my ec wet erase markers! I didn’t get the pastel colors because I was afraid they would be too light. this gemtone set is very bright, but I still like them. I didn’t take the dashboard out before I erased and it got a little smudge on the paper, but oh well. 

 plus my sweet kitty Koko in the background

My very first Erin Condren planner arrived today! 

I hadn’t planned to get one originally but after looking at everything going on in my life right now and the multiple planners I’ve been using, I decided to go for it and I’m absolutely in love with everything! 

There’s a full unboxing of what I purchased in my instagram story if you’re curious! 

Do you use a planner? Have a favorite kind?


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aside from having a studyblr tumblr blog, i’d say my planning obsession is the most nerdy thing about me. but friends, i’ve come to realize an important life truth (and this will blow your mind); stickers are the key to organization, less stress, and cuteness.

my essential sticker collection (because i’m 5 years old and would love to share this hobby with you) is featured in the pictures above. (read the picture captions for more details about each one.)

- customized sticker labels from Erin Condren

- pre-cut washi tape from prep2plan on Etsy

- college stickers from LillyTop on Etsy

- do-it-all dots from Erin Condren

- checklist stickers from Planner Gems on Etsy

- mini arrow stickers from prep2plan on Etsy

- classic sticker book from Erin Condren

hope these inspire you! if you try any of them out, you’ll have to be sure to let me know what you think. study on ~ sarah

Dynamics exam coming up tomorrow, so I’m working through the problems suggested by my professor, which I’ve written down in my planner. As I work through the problems, I annotate the solution with major notes or equations, so when I go back through and can create my cheat sheet, it’s all right there waiting for me.

I’m nursing a sore throat right now (occupational hazard of cheering on a football team that is now 9-0), so I’m drinking Sleepytime Throat Tamer to get me through the day.

Heading to work in about an hour, then it’s off to a friend’s to continue studying. So far, I’m feeling pretty good, so I’m hoping that feeling continues on into tomorrow.

7-29-17 | 1/100 Days of Productivity

Finished my last mandatory summer reading book - now only an essay to write and 2 optional books to go :) Feeling pretty meh today but I managed to get out and play some tennis and get some exercise in. I also finally ordered my Erin Condren planner which I’m very excited about, and made a list for school supplies.

anonymous asked:

can you recommend any cheaper alternatives to the Erin Condren life planner? they are sooooo beautiful but i just can't justify their ridiculously high prices :(


So if you go here, this wonderful human has put together a wonderful, in-depth look at the most popular planners on the marker right now.

For a brief overview of my personal favorites, stay put.

Also, keep in mind for reference: an Erin Condren Planner can run you anywhere from $55 (if you leave it entirely un-customized) to $75 if you go full on metallic and add the remaining months of 2016. So I’m just going to say that most planners that can compare to an Erin Condren are going to be expensive, just most of them won’t hit that $75 mark and will stay around the $55 end. If you’re really on a budget, your best bet will be to go stalk the planner aisle at Target, Staples, Office Depot, etc and find the best deal. But for one that’s specifically comparable to Erin Condren, stick around.

So for me personally,  I LOVE the Passion Planner. It’s clean, it’s inspiring, and you can slap stickers (like the vinyl kind you stick on your laptop) all over the cover and not feel bad about it.

Passion Planner $29.99 (8.5″ x 11″) or $24.99 (5.5″ x 8.5″)

This was the planner I switched to once Erin Condren planners got too expensive for my broke college student self. I like the Erin Condren because it’s weekly, not daily, and while my days are busy, I have no need for an entire page dedicated to one. Also, because my schedule each day is primarily based on classes, work, and meetings, it’s helpful to have an hourly layout.


  • The compact version is a terrific size
  • Insanely durable. I carried this thing around for an entire school year and it was in near perfect condition by the time I was done.
  • This is perfect for someone who has a concrete, hourly schedule, like a student
  • Comes in Academic versions (August - August), Yearly (Jan  - Dec), or undated, so you can use the planner in whatever way best fits your needs.
  • Space for notes at the bottom of each week
  • Walks you through goal-planning
  • Has a reflection space for each month
  • Simplistic, not extra bells and whistles
  • A pocket in the back (!!!)


  • You’re not able to customize it, though sometimes limited edition styles will be released (which are always awesome).
  • The lines are small in the compact version, so sometimes you may run out of room.
  • The full size version is almost too large unless you’re leaving it at your desk, and not carrying it around everywhere.

Simplified Planner by Emily Ley $58

So this one is still on the pricey side, which is a downer, but it offers a daily layout, which is something the Erin Condren is lacking. I’ve been wanting to try the Simplified Planner, but for $58, and times that are on the hour, not the half hour, I haven’t been able to make myself do it.


  • Beautiful
  • Daily layout with both an hourly schedule, as well as a section for your to-do list.
  • Metal corner covers to protect it in your backpack.
  • Nice paper quality (or so I’ve heard?)


  • Hourly increments, not half hour
  • Goodness knows I don’t need that much space each day, I’ll just fill it up with junk that isn’t important
  • Still pretty expensive
  • Not customizable

Purposeful Planner $52 (on sale for $41.50!!!)

These are beautiful, and come in daily or weekly editions. They’re still a bit pricey, but are currently on sale. They look classic, and the layout is neat.


  • Daily layout goes from 6am to 10pm
  • Weekly spread is an option!
  • Place to log your water intake.
  • Brain dump space.
  • A tip for how to make your life better/more organized/healthier for 15 minutes every day.
  • Did I mention pretty??


  • Still expensive.
  • Hourly increments, not half hour (though there’s a second line for each hour so it’s pretty much half hour)
  • It’s apparently pretty large, so if you’re looking for something small you can tuck in a purse of a small book bag pocket, this probably isn’t the one for you.

Other honorable mentions

So as you can see, most planners like the Erin Condren are going to be expensive, there just isn’t a way around it. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, Passion Planner is the way to go, but there are plenty of planners that will run you the lower end of Erin’s price range.

Happy Planning!!

Unboxing: Erin Condren Life Planner!

This beautiful package arrived yesterday and I was so eager to open it I even took a peek in the car before I drove home.  I decided to take some photos during the process of opening the box so you could unbox it with me and see how things are package and what all the Life Planners come with.

On top of your life planner, Erin Condren includes a variety of stationery cards, labels, etc. to make gift-giving and packages that you ship even more adorable with that Erin Condren touch.

Inside the carefully wrapped package is your planner.  Mine also came with a small cardstock freebie sheet for their anniversary that says “Things Are About to Get Really Good”.  It’s the perfect size to pop into a frame and set on your desk to inspire you every single day.

The planner that I chose is a personalized planner with my name on the bottom that says “There is Sunshine in my Soul”.  I thought it was the cutest colors and the saying would brighten my day, no pun intended, every single day.  I chose the vertical planner.

Above are a few pages from the inside of the planner, just giving you a feel for the kind of planner that it is and the way it is set up.  Each month is set up this way and it has note pages in the back, a pocket for holding various items, and a zip pocket in the back with a few more freebies.  The back of the planner has stickers in it that fix the boxes of the planner perfectly as well.

Overall, I’m currently obsessed with this planner.  I’m sort of bummed at myself for not paying the extra five dollars to get the rest of this year’s months so I could start using it right away.  But I’ll start using it in January when my Plum Paper Planner ends, and I can’t wait!

What planner do you guys use?