erin carr

It is, as they say, time to put away childish things. Or as I sometimes say, put on the big boy pants. So much can come so quickly from this and if you act as if you are in the midst of building your future, the world will unfold in wondrous ways and bury you in promises you never dreamed of. Be equal to the path you have chosen.
—  the late, incredible David Carr, in an email to his daughter Erin in 2010. From a deeply moving essay that could not have been easy to express. Thank you, Erin. 

Still working on this piece. I haven’t been meditating since I got here to my mother’s. it’s had when you don’t really have a quiet place & time all to your self.

Any way, on the left is a phot of the piece as it right now, I imported it to ArtRage and painted over the top of it. Trying to give myself some direction on it…. I’m still not sure about it.