erin carr


Guardian eye.

He watches over me and my room, helps me to keep it free of evil and negativity. The eye was hand embroidered by me. Sewn with care and filled with herbs and seeds, I breathed life into him and hanged him proudly in my room.

Creosote branch tied with hemp rope, obsidian, cloth, and embroidery thread. Also all the secret herbs inside my little friend.

considering erin’s proclivity for knife throwing/fighting if you think she hasn’t taped each of her knives to whatever passes for 300-years-in-the-future roombas aboard their ship and let them fight to the death you’d be mistaken

alix starts taking bets on which spaceship roomba is going to win, carr says this is a pointless and dangerous exercise (but the roomba with erin’s second knife is definitely going to win, alix, shut up) and fiona has been the most frequent victim of getting accidentally stabbed in the ankles and feet, so she tries to put a stop to the whole thing by taking the knives off whenever she finds them but somehow they always end up making their way back to their respective ship cleaner and the duels continue

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Once we reached our milestone of followers we wanted to do a follow forever. We follow a lot of people so if you did not make the list I am sorry, we had to cut it down by a lot. These are all our favorite blogs! The Pixie and I follow typically the same people so this list will be divide up differently. First its divided between our follow forevers. Then we will have a list of whom we follow together. Then last but not least our friends list. [ Mutuals are bolded ] There is also a special mention at the bottom for someone very sepcial to us.

The Elflet’s ( meritinpu ) List:

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These are our friends whom have been listed above somewhere. We have been mutuals with these guys for a long time and love them to bits. You may not be friends with both of us, but you mean the world to us! <3

[fleurdehades] [its-samuella] [kissedbythe-moon] [kyrahgrey] [letbewild] [morganna-pagan-raine] [rednefed] [shadowspoken] [slushystraw] [swampseer] [watchful-tigress] [witchofkeys]


We would like to specially mention someone. This person has been a great friend to both Maya and I. They have followed us ever sense we have first joined tumblr, and we still stay in contact with them. If none of you follow her already please do. This wonderful person would be:


gayaltmer  asked:

💕 How easily do they fall in love?💖 How do they say ‘I love you’ without really saying it? 😕 Have they ever said ‘I love you’ without meaning it? for Erin!

thank you!! <3

💕 How easily do they fall in love?

In short, not very. Erin’s trust issues run pretty deep, and to her love means being able to be vulnerable around someone and not being uncomfortable about it–and she takes a long time to trust people before even getting close to that point. When she clicks with people, though, she clicks–Erin plays for keeps, and that’s part of why she’s so guarded with herself.

💖 How do they say ‘I love you’ without really saying it?

Erin doesn’t say the actual words very often. She likes to express her love through actions. Usually, the simplest way she shows her love is by just…being there. By taking care of people. Examples: Carr has insomnia. Erin found out about it early on in their professional relationship because of her own sleeping habits, and she remembered it–she can’t always help him sleep, but she can keep him company while they’re both awake. Another: Alix has cybernetics in his lower spine from the mission that got most of his friends killed or severely injured, and they seize up. Erin knows where he keeps his medicine, and she’s about the only one Alix will listen to when she reminds him to take it. Despite how she sometimes wants to be viewed, Erin keeps track of her people, friends and romantic partners, she learns their habits and remembers them.

😕 Have they ever said ‘I love you’ without meaning it?

Actually, no–since Erin doesn’t really say the words very often, even to people she actually does love, saying them to anyone she doesn’t is just…unfathomable. It’s an admission, a vulnerability, and even around people that have proven they accept her unconditionally, she’s still terrified of rejection.

It is, as they say, time to put away childish things. Or as I sometimes say, put on the big boy pants. So much can come so quickly from this and if you act as if you are in the midst of building your future, the world will unfold in wondrous ways and bury you in promises you never dreamed of. Be equal to the path you have chosen.
—  the late, incredible David Carr, in an email to his daughter Erin in 2010. From a deeply moving essay that could not have been easy to express. Thank you, Erin.