erin can you not!!


You don’t have to say anything. I’m just so glad you came back.


“should i caption it ghostagram?”

“erin, please.” 



Historical Paints Series - Combeferre + Synthetic Ultramarine

Natural ultramarine, a pigment made from the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli, is notorious for being extraordinarily expensive. However, advances in chemistry allowed the pigment to be analyzed in the early 19th century, and observations were made of similar blue deposits forming in kilns. This led to the offering of a prize in 1824 for the artificial production of the color, which was successfully done a few years later. This new version of the color was a fraction of the price of natural ultramarine, and quickly surpassed the older pigment.


“getting recognized on the street is fine, but I never really wanted to be famous.”


How to know if you’re a perfectly innocent specimen:
*name is Jillian Holtzmann*

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“If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?” smut and some fluff maybe? With Sam x reader

I got this request twice and it was identical, so I hope y’all don’t mind if I only answer it once :) 

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The golden liquid hit your throat, but this time it didn’t burn. You’d given up pouring it into the tumbler and opted instead to drink straight from the bottle, knowing you’d regret it later, but not caring. That last hunt had been tough, tougher than usual, and you were self medicating. 

You looked up at the sound of footsteps to see a sleepy and confused Sam round the corner, eyes squinted against the bright lights at this late hour, or early, depending on which end you were looking from. 

“What’re you doing up?” He grumbled. 

“Couldn’t sleep. Too wired. What about you?” 

“Same. I tried but I give up.” 

“If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?” The words were out of your mouth before you could think and you simultaneously thanked and cursed Jack Daniels for the liquid courage. 

“Excuse me?” Sam said, shaking his head, like he hadn’t quite understood what you said. 

“Ignore that, let’s pretend that didn’t happen.” You stood up, leaving the bottle behind and tried to skip past Sam and forget about how embarrassing of a moment that was. But a hand stopped you. 

“Or let’s not ignore it.” He swooped, faster than you could think, and he pressed his lips to yours, his sleep mussed hair falling in your face. 

Whether it was Jack, or the fact that you hadn’t gotten laid in a while, or the fact that it was Sam, his hands suddenly every where, his lips leaving a hot trail down your neck. 

“I like this not ignoring it thing, let’s keep doing it.” 

Your hands worked up under his shirt and he walked you backwards, pressing you up against the nearest pillar and giving you a sexy smile that had you weak in the knees. Yes, this not ignoring thing was a good idea, a very good idea indeed. And one you would not regret later. 

Hamilton half genderbend high school AU or something

  • (Holtzmann walks out in a red dress, hair down, purposely doing model poses everywhere in the living room for the last 5 minutes my I add)
  • Abby: Geez Louizz! Jillian
  • ERIN: r-red.
  • (Everyone stops and looks at Erin.)
  • Erin: ....
  • Abby: Holtz, you broke Erin again
  • Patty, shakes her head laughing: gurl you can't do this every time we go to a fancy dinner, were late again
  • Erin, staring: ...
  • Holtz, walks up and winks: Aye, hot tamale, like what you see??
  • Erin, flustered, quickly grabbing all her stuff: .. You know what Holtz quit messing around we have to go!
  • Patty: mhm.

Watching all the GB Bonus Features inspired me.

Holtzmann probably;

- Les go *licks gun* Nope, that’s my water pistol *throws*
- (introduction to Erin) Holtzmann, first name Jillian, middle name highly flammable.
- (introduction to Erin) Nice plaid, I can tick that off my list.
- (introduction to Erin) Well I’d definitely share a de-contamination shower with you.
- (introduction to Erin) I can explain, I was just borrowing that equipment.
- (introduction to Erin) Holtzmann, resident fixer upper. I’m good with my hands.
- (introduction to Erin) *coughs* I have all the necessary licenses.. somewhere.
- (in the Mayor’s office) Yeeeah, I just have a question about the aforementioned cats?
- (when Erin saves them) Knifely done.
- (walking through the frozen crowd) Aww guys, not cool. Where was our party invite?
- (walking through the frozen crowd) I can only rate you at a 7.5/10 because you forgot to wear the flares.
- (about the hearse) Aww guys, Happy Hearsery!
- (about the hearse) They’ll never see us coming in this.
- (about buying things) I once accidentally ordered an army of rodents, I still need to take down their leader.
- (Kevin’s interview) Are you patent approved?
- (Kevin’s interview) Hey, weren’t we on that spaceship together?
- (Kevin’s interview) Do all aliens prefer our skin suits? Are they comfortable?
- (hanging off the window ledge) I don’t know parkour!
- (hanging off the window ledge) I knew I should’ve flirted with Erin more.
- (hanging off the window ledge) Don’t worry, Patty, I’m made of potato chips.
- (hanging off the window ledge) It’s alright, I have excellent stamina. Tell Erin.
- (”What year is it?”) 3000, but we do not live underwater.
- (Abby’s head turns) ARGHHHH! Where were the tubular bells to warn me?!
- (Abby’s head turns) Ookay, no more horror movies for me.
- (Abby’s head turns) Could you maybe stop haunting my friend and jump into the tall blonde robot?
- (backstory) I remember nothing before I was age 6, just woke up one day in a corn field.
- (backstory) I’m not at liberty to discuss my previous whereabouts.
- (backstory) Small town, big poof. I’m banned from entering the state.
- (”We’re dating”) Not ready to go public, gotcha *winks*
- (”We’re dating”) Like you haven’t thought about it.
- (”We’re dating”) Friday at 7, my house, wear the tiny bow tie.
- (”We’re dating”) Oh shoot, *whispers* Are we just sleeping together?
- (about Kevin) Poor thing shoulda stuck to modelling Abercrombie.
- (”He covered his eyes”) Still wanna tap that, Gilbert?
- (”You truly scare me”) Just doin’ my job, Pattycake.
- (Olya’s snl voice) When I blow this place up it’ll be so beautiful, I will die smiling.
- (”Very impressive”) Do I tally above the puppy?


~I’d talk to you at an AA meeting~

Take A Seat

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Chris Evans, Sara (OFC - Reader’s friend), Dean (Mechanic - yeah I might have done that on purpose), big dude in diner (nameless).  

Pairing: Chris x reader (well sorta)

Warnings: Awkward first met, cheeky friend, cheeky handsome stranger, crowded places, language.

Wordcount: 1500ish

A/N: This is a lesson in don’t tell Sara stuff, less you want fic prompts thrown in your face and being forced to write them :P In other words I completely blame @bkwrm523 for this.

I tangled a few easter eggs for my other fandoms into this one. Catch them if you can ;) And I left a small nod to @blacktithe7 too, I bet you can find that one Erin ;)

Thanks to the amazing, sweet @percywinchester27 for betaing this for me.

Today was one of those days where everything just seemed to be working against you. You had overslept because you, in your tired haze the night before, had set it to 6pm rather than 6am. When you had finally gotten your ass out of bed it was because your co-worker had called you to ask what was keeping you. There was nothing more embarrassing than admitting you had overslept to her. You knew she was going to be joking about it for weeks, making you feel worse than horrible about your mistake.

Still that wasn’t all that had gone wrong that morning. Your water heater had broken which you had found out the very cold way, as a wall of ice, or what felt like it, rained down upon you. You had had to call your super as you ran down the stairs, still shaking from the freezing cold bath, you had, had to endure.

Again, had that been all the bad luck you had had that morning, you would have been lucky, but it wasn’t. When you got to the garage your car wouldn’t start and you were close to tears when you called your, luckily understanding boss, asking for a personal day, so you could get your car to the garage.

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