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Former Power Ranger actors to star in new film, The Order. Get the reunion you’ve been waiting for!
When the cast was approached to join The Order, they realized quickly that this meant we would be getting the band back together and taking it to a whole new level. After just one meeting, 18 cast members agreed to work to shoot a sizzle reel to help promote the project through crowd funding and private investors . Enter to to watch the full trailer of this amazing project, and to contribute for make it possible…
The cast includes: Austin St. John, Walter Emanuel Jones, David Yost, Karan Ashley, Johnny Yong Bosch, Deborah Estelle Phillips, Jason Faunt, Erin Cahill, Catherine Sutherland, Azim Rizk, Dan Southworth, Nakia Burrise, Paul Schrier, Steve Cardenas, Blake Foster, Alyson Kiperman Sullivan, David Fielding, Hilary Shepard, and more cast announcements are coming soon!


Pink and Yellow Rangers are up to something!

Alison MacInnis: “This is going to be exciting!!!! ‪#‎ladyrangers‬ ‪#‎powerrangers‬ ‪#‎secretproject‬with @secretskyproductions!! Look at this crew!! And there’s even a couple more joining the fray! @alysulli @ejcahill @alisonmacinnis @nakiaburrise @officialkaranashley @Catherine_Sutherland @deborahphillips @stevenskyler ‪#‎gold‬ ranger ‪#‎yellowranger‬ ‪#‎pinkranger‬ 💗💗💗💗😻😻😻” (x)

Deborah Estelle Philips: “I am soooo excited to know these beauties…If you love pink and yellow…then you are in for a real treat ;)” (x)

Karan Ashley: “Shhhhhhh….. don’t tell anyone that me and these talented people are working on a secret project that you will all LOVE!!!! More details coming soon…. To Be Continued
@Deborah Phillips, Erin Cahill, Catherine Sutherland (Official), Alyson Sullivan, Steven Skyler, Alison MacInnis, Karan Ashley and Nakia BurriseSecret Sky Productions” (x)

Erin Cahill: “This is going to be exciting!!! ‪#‎ladyrangers‬ ‪#‎powerrangers‬ ‪#‎secretproject‬with Secret Sky Productions!! Look at this crew!! And tehre’s even a couple more joining the fray! ‪#‎yellowrangers‬ ‪#‎pinkrangers‬” (x)