erin c carr


Guardian eye.

He watches over me and my room, helps me to keep it free of evil and negativity. The eye was hand embroidered by me. Sewn with care and filled with herbs and seeds, I breathed life into him and hanged him proudly in my room.

Creosote branch tied with hemp rope, obsidian, cloth, and embroidery thread. Also all the secret herbs inside my little friend.

Elflet & Pixie’s Follow Forever

Once we reached our milestone of followers we wanted to do a follow forever. We follow a lot of people so if you did not make the list I am sorry, we had to cut it down by a lot. These are all our favorite blogs! The Pixie and I follow typically the same people so this list will be divide up differently. First its divided between our follow forevers. Then we will have a list of whom we follow together. Then last but not least our friends list. [ Mutuals are bolded ] There is also a special mention at the bottom for someone very sepcial to us.

The Elflet’s ( meritinpu ) List:

[acequisitor] [amber-skies-with-dragons] [andrastes-tits] [andromedaeffect] [angsthound] [asphodel-grimoire] [aulirowitch] [avenging-devil] [bookemmcdanno] [cassandras-cheekbones] [cccrystalclear] [chargeofanubis] [cheshirexcatxgrin] [christophercarrioned] [clockchimesthirteen] [confessionsofasolarii] [corvi-scripta] [crossedread] [daydreamsonacloudyday] [deertaur] [elfstiels] [erin-c-carr] [faerychild] [fawn-and-fang] [foolmoonrouge] [forestsandfoxes] [frozendarkember] [girlandfox] [grimoire-of-geekery] [hanarcantwearpants] [holdasown] [intaier] [intothenightandbeyondthemoon] [jackalyte] [java-dragons] [kgmarie] [kitsunare] [knightcommanderalenko] [lelupa] [lil-hawke] [lokeanconcubine] [lostlorien] [obsidianservant] [lvinglonely] [madcrowinatophat] [melaye] [anubis-devotee-mumblings] [meritset] [mscairowednesday] [mtmoonsquare] [no-shepard-without-vakarian] [obeloved] [offorestfires] [owlsgrimoire] [peatro-minimoss] [phenris] [phoenyxangel] [popculturepagan] [queenofswords] [ruinofeventide] [runicentropy] [samdoeswitchery] [sarahyatzee] [sekhmetsfox] [selkiesea] [smarmychristopagan] [spectre-of-thedas] [synthesizingcinders] [the-darkest-of-lights] [thepurplegazelle] [thewhimsicalwolf] [vinterskald] [winds-of-terra] [witchy-tips] [wolvhen]

The Pixie’s ( trthsprk8 ) List:

[artemisiangryphon] [beansiwitch] [blacklikemagic] [commander-of-foxes] [crystalwitchery] [fae-sidhe] [fyrepixie] [klingykiwi] [letbewild] [moonlit-daydream] [nettlewildfairy] [obsydian] [offaeriesandfawns] [papaya-cvlt] [pinewitch] [redefinenormal] [rmscatfish] [scienceisadesiretoknow] [silachan] [skyvales] [slushystraw] [spoofyghost] [spottedbats] [streakingfate] [the-ankh-is-life] [the-bloodless-arcanist] [thesansasnark] [usetheforcebabe] [vainvann] [vixen-soul] [yule-cat]

Elflet & Pixie follow together:

[Mutuals won’t be bolded as this is a combined list]

[amethystmagick] [andromedasfolly] [astralokean] [cosmic-crystal-witch] [crystal-kitten] [elvensongbird] [filia-luciferi] [fleurdehades] [functional-friction] [grayladyofthewell] [i-keep-the-company-of-wolves] [igamuinacra] [innerselfnotes] [jade-witch] [kissedbythe-moon] [kyrahgrey] [luingilfea] [lunaslunatic] [morganna-pagan-raine] [knowitch] [rednefed] [seafoambeauty] [shadowspoken] [sugarcatillustration] [swampseer] [teawitch] [thefaeriegarden] [thejackalsdance] [vennsgods] [watchful-tigress] [whi-sps] [whimsically-intuitive] [willowbambi] [witchofkeys]

Friend List:

These are our friends whom have been listed above somewhere. We have been mutuals with these guys for a long time and love them to bits. You may not be friends with both of us, but you mean the world to us! <3

[fleurdehades] [its-samuella] [kissedbythe-moon] [kyrahgrey] [letbewild] [morganna-pagan-raine] [rednefed] [shadowspoken] [slushystraw] [swampseer] [watchful-tigress] [witchofkeys]


We would like to specially mention someone. This person has been a great friend to both Maya and I. They have followed us ever sense we have first joined tumblr, and we still stay in contact with them. If none of you follow her already please do. This wonderful person would be: