erin block

Klaine fix-it for 6x07. How that blasted choir room scene should have gone.

As soon as Blaine was parked at McKinley he wasted no time.He leapt from the car and barely paused to lock it before he was racing into the school. Thankfully Kurt’s car was in the parking lot, a sure sign he was still here, where Blaine had instinctually gone. He sprinted down the corridors elation spurring him on, flashing past the familiar halls to the choir room, the room where he and Kurt had loved each other despite the environment they were in.

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Yo I'mma need Ella and Erin to write, direct and star in a movie based on their relationship and all the nitty gritty details no one got to see in the beginning. Y'know, like how did Ella act around Erin before she came to terms with a her sexuality? Did she avoid her or were they friends? I wanna know tbh