erin blakewood

House of Anubis 30 Day Challenge

Day 16: What I wish would happen in season 4?

I’ve recently warmed to the idea of a spin-off with Erin, Cassie and Dexter in it. In the first episode Peddie will come to see them on their way to college and bring a box full of diaries where all the old members of Sibuna (including Nina and Amber) wrote down their sibuna experiences so that the newbies could learn all about the history of the house and it’s dangers. They’d be loads of appearances from old cast members randomly (like the picture of Alfie and my terrible edit that shows Nina, Amber and Mick). Derin would happen quicker than Fabina did and there’d have to be a new American. Then obviously something mysterious would happen (Erin and Cassie hiding under the table) so they’d call in the original sibunas for help and some newer members. Derin would have some cute, scary moment. The sibunas would figure out the mystery (more bad edits) and then there’d be a happy ending. 

I spent way too much time thinking about this.