erin and kelly

hey guys this is my submission to the choices giveaway thing! i remember a while back seeing a post about drawing the endless summer crew in a more realistic style and i was like hmmmm! so i decided to start off with quinn. sry it looks bland af, i plan on giving it a background eventually! (of the hartfeld art studio prob)

headcanon that the white shirt is a men’s shirt and the shoulder seams go way past her shoulders and she has to roll the sleeves like 6 times

(sry for deleting and reposting, the first time the photo was really bad)

°everyone fights so hard to have some say in their own life… to have some control over themselves. but in the end, all we really have control over is whether we appreciated what we had. I haven’t always, but I do now. And when you finally make it to the other side, you’ll be the queen you always carried inside you.°

°Quinn Erin Kelly (✿◠‿◠)


PROMPT: “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

Requested?: Yes.

Triggers; mention of abuse.

“Female, potential victim of abuse. Broken ribs and fractured wrist.” Halstead was pulled out of his daze as his eyes averted to the female laying on the stretcher.“No, no. I can’t be here. Take me back. Please.” Halstead heard the female.

“Calm down, sweetheart. What’s your name?” April asked her, head tilted to the side.“Y/N. Look. Just make them take me back. Please. I’m fine. It doesn’t even hur-  ah.” She whined out, hand gripping onto her side.“Yeah, totally looks like it doesnt hurt.” Will commented. Earning a glare from Y/N, he smiled sadly.

Moving her from the stretcher to the bed, the paramedics left.“Wanna tell me what happened, Y/N?” Halstead asked, an eyebrow quirked. Snorting, she looked up at him.“I just fell down the steps.” Shaking his head, he spoke,“You sure about that?” He sat down on the chair, taking a look at her ribs.“Positive. I’m not in an abusive relationship. Shit, i’m just clumsy.”

Taking her wrist in his hand, he looked up at her.“You get a handprint on your wrist from falling down the stairs?” Gritting her teeth, she stayed silent.“Look, it’s none of my business-” “Damn right it isn’t. Just stay out of it.” She told him, tears burning in her eyes.“Look, my brother’s a detective. The best. He can help you” “I don’t need any help. God. Don’t you people listen?” Halstead stood up with a sigh.“Some one will be in her to wrap you up. No serious injuries.”

With that, Halstead left. That was the last time he expected to see her, but oh boy was he wrong.

“Female, twenties, broken nose, broken jaw, suspected concussion, unconscious upon arrival.” April looked at her before looking at Halstead.“I guess she fell down the stairs again?” Halstead bit down on his lip before moving her back to the bed.

After a few hours of multiple x-rays and surgery, Y/N finally fluttered her eyes open, both of the Halstead’s standing over her. Her swelling in her face had finally subsided, but the bruises were nasty. “Y/N. This is my brother, Detective Halstead. You NEED to tell us what’s going on, Y/N. We can help.” Jay looked at her with sad eyes.

After a long explanation of her boyfriend using her as quite the punching bag, Halstead left, ready to take the asswad down.

“You okay?” He asked her as she sobbed her little heart out.“Hey, hey. Calm down. He can’t hurt you anymore.” With that, her wrapped her into a tight hug.