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EreMika, MikaSasha, and JeanSasha


No. I actually really really don’t like this ship at all. It’s my NoTP. Anytime I see it on my dash I turn my nose up at it. I’ve mostly touched basis on why I don’t like it. If you ship it that’s cool, but I just don’t. At all. I only see these two as brother and sister. That’s it.


I freaking adore this ship. I ship them a lot because their personalities go so well together. They balance each other so well. Mikasa’s quite, reserved personality and Sasha’s more outgoing and exuberant. Plus Mikasa seems to loosen up around Sasha. Sasha is the only character we see Mikasa joking around with. Sasha also isn’t afraid to point out Mikasa’s mistakes (ie. the whole gun thing).


I actually started shipping these two as a joke and then it became more serious when I thought of their personalities and as I explored Sasha as a roleplayer. I like the idea that their personalities kind of clash. I feel like Sasha is really stubborn around Jean, and Jean is naturally hard-headed. To me they always seem like those who argue often, but they never last that long and soon all is forgiven. But when their personalities aren’t clashing, they do get along very nicely.

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My NOTP is ErenxMikasa and I don't know why x~x

my NOTP too | I don’t ship it it’s okay I ship it hardOTP

I mean I can never see Mikasa and Eren becoming anything more than what they already are to each other, because Eren is not romantically interested in Mikasa but he still cares deeply for her, like family would.

I don’t really understand why I don’t ship it either but I guess ^that’s^ the reason ://